Method is Infix[B]2[/B]Postfix instead of Infix[B]To[/B]Postfix

Your question doesn't make any sense at all do you understand that ? When you say "difference" it could be like what is the "difference" between iPad and iPad2 or between Windows XP and Windows Vista etc The difference is what the difference is between any two successive versions of software/hardware etc. It could be as simple as "x.x is an improved version of x.(x-1)". If you want a list of all changes, fixes, enhancements, additions etc I guess Sun/Oracle better answers the question. So google.

[QUOTE]how to create a program?[/QUOTE]
What do you think are you doing ? Just read the original post and the answers before posting blindly.

Please take time to read the sticky at the start of the forum. It does mention a lot of stuff beginners might need. Also read some of the forum rules. Before you ask a question it is always a good thing to see whether it is already answered. In the case of your question it has been asked so many times as to be qualified to put in a sticky at the start.

[QUOTE]How long can some take to Master java programming?[/QUOTE]
No one can answer this. Because the true masters are so deeply engrossed in what they do, they are so blissfully doing the thing that to them it no longer is work, it's play. Those ones would have lost the track of time long before the thought even crossed their mind or may be it never did.
The others who can tell you the time it takes to master would be incorrect, because they are to put a lot more time than that, precisely the amount of time that would make them lose the track so that they qualify in the first category.

So to sum up there's no right answer, and the good thing is you don't even have to worry about it. Start doing it and if you find it so good as to being thoroughly enjoying it, you won't need an answer.

and BTW please do take time out to read what s.o.s points to "Teach yourself programming in 10 years" it's one essay every aspiring programmer should read.

In addition to what masijade said:

Write a manifest file which could be as simple as
Version: 1.0

Put this manifest file inside the JAR so that it runs when double-clicked if that's what you are looking for.

That is because this code does not read each n from the file, it just reads once from the file and sets it to maxDen thats it. You would require to read n and set it to maxDen every time so that it would require another for / while / do-while loop. Thats what the assignment statement reads

[I]Requires nested loop with the inner loop summing up series and outer loop allow inner code to repeat once for each n read in from file[/I]

@ Nikhil: Wouldn't it be better to check the date before posting. the question was asked almost 5 years ago.

What is the name of the file you have written this code into ? It should be named exactly what the public class in it is named which is [B]ImageDrawingApplet[/B].

The compiler clearly tells you the error and also marks the line in error:
[QUOTE]\src\javaapplication19\ class ImageDrawingApplet is public, should be declared in a file named
public class ImageDrawingApplet extends JApplet {[/QUOTE]

Read and try to look for the errors.

What is the name of the file you have written this code into ? It should be named exactly what the public class in it is named which is [B]ImageDrawingApplet[/B].

The compiler clearly tells you the error and also marks the line in error:
[I][B]\src\javaapplication19\ class ImageDrawingApplet is public, should be declared in a file named[/B][/I]
[CODE]public class ImageDrawingApplet extends JApplet {[/CODE]

Read and try to look for the errors.

What is the output you are getting ? Tell us where exactly are you facing problem.

It works !!!

My current project needs me to include the facilities of an email client into the system in order to keep track of all communication done through email. Designing an building an email client would be sort of re-inventing the wheel especially since thats not one of the core modules of the system.

What I need here is an open source email client that could be integrated with our system to keep track of & process the mail communication. It should, preferably, provide features that all standard mail clients provide so that our clients do not loose on any of the functions of a standard mail client.

Can anyone suggest a mail client that could be used in this case, if needed we can even buy a license for that.


JButton class inherits the [icode]setFont[/icode] method of the JComponent class, you could use that. Check the API reference.

String objects are immutable and you can always reuse something that is immutable because you know that it isn't going to get modified. When you are writing "[I]String s = new String("hello");[/I]", you are creating an unnecessary object; not only that it is also inefficient cause objects creation itself is. Moreover an object created this way cannot be reused. If this statement gets called in a loop or in a method it would unnecessarily create several objects which could all have been represented by a single one. So always use the "[I]String s = "hello";[/I]" version instead of the other, this way any other string object with the same string literal can reuse this one.

PS: You seem so intelligent when parotting intelligent people....Here the intelligent person is [B]Joshua Bloch[/B], psst...but let this be sold on my name.

EDIT : Beaten, Peter has pointed out the exact article/item I was mentioning from.

No actually running itself was his problem, since he was using the .java extension to the filename while running.

[QUOTE=mrk_chiz;1130305]whats the format inside ur employee.txt??[/QUOTE]

Whats that gotta do with the "ClassDefNotFound" error in java?

What does your info say ?

If you are compiling from a different location then you'll have to specify the path where the class Dog is supposed to be found by using the -cp (classpath) option. By default it would only search in the default directory and the paths specified by classpath environment variable.

Read more about [URL=""]classpaths and packages[/URL].

[QUOTE]offending by making fun of my word "SolvedThreads" - musthafa.aj[/QUOTE]

And where in your post did you use this word could you show us ?

[QUOTE=musthafa.aj;1128680]i don't know you pursuing me and put negative marks..
is really giving pleasant to you?
i am ot technical expert...
i learning through by analyzing other problems...
just i asked for "Mark it solved" to know whether i am useful or not...
you may giant in technical but i am not...
what i know that i suggested to others that may helpful or may not be..
so plz make it correct if i done wrong...
otherwise it will not be good always for you...
so be careful before put negative mark as unnecessary...[/QUOTE]
I am not asking you to be a technical expert, I don't expect you to be, but what we and the OP expects is you not guiding him incorrectly. Whether you do it on purpose or by accident is irrelevant. In [URL=""]this[/URL] thread I found your advice wrong to which I replied correcting you. That post was down voted by you know who. Here too you seemed to be leading him incorrectly and I tried to advice him the correct way. Again this post was down voted by... you-know-who. You could go back and check on both posts and try to figure out who was the one giving the wrong advice, who was the one correcting the wrong advice and who, if at all, should have been down-voted. But that is ofcourse if you [I]can[/I] actually figure out the right from the wrong.

What is that that you are upset about that someone corrects the mistakes ...

[QUOTE]strtokeize with '.' symbol...
so it will be
java is an object oriented language.
it has many feature including 1
.1 robust 1
.2 inheritance.
java is a interesting language.
when you get each string like this..
so you check if else condition to rearrange this statement...[/QUOTE]

Why not on ". " (period and space character) then ? It would avoid all the trouble for one thing.

[QUOTE]plz mark solved previous post String array to will encourage me...[/QUOTE]

Does seeing your "SolvedThreads" counter go up the only thing that encourages you ? So that you keep on repeating the same thing after almost every post. Whatever happened to the good feeling of having helped someone solve something.

@OP: To split sentences you would need to check for either of the two things. First ". " (period & space character) as mentioned above and then the period and the new line character for sentences starting on new lines or paragraph as these would not be necessarily be having the space character after the period character.

musthafa.aj commented: offending by making fun of my word "SolvedThreads" +0
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Ahhh.... You write a post about something that seems to you as though it would be helpful, but then someone down votes you. So much for the trouble. :)

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[QUOTE]in DogTestDrive class check whether you import Dog class or not ..[/QUOTE]
Not at all necessary. If both the classes Dog and DogTestDrive are in the same directory then it isn't required that the referring class requires to add an import statement. This is true even if the Dog class is not mentioned as public. If you do not mention a class as public it's access specifier falls to 'default' i.e package access but since none of the classes are within a package and rest within the same directory the access is permitted. Both OP and you can try it for your self.

Now if your class Dog is in a package let's say "" and your DogTestDrive class too is declared within the same package then the case goes back to the first one as explained above. Then effectively both these classes are in the same directory and nothing needs to imported and in fact, as mentioned above the Dog class doesn't even need to public in that case. But if your DogTestDrive is in a different package or more specifically not in the same package as that of Dog (since it can be in no package at all) then there are 2 things required for the DogTestDrive class to compile successfully. Firstly it needs the Dog class to be public, because if it isn't then it simply isn't accessible to outside packages so the import statement even if it exists isn't gonna do you any good. Secondly, if ...

[QUOTE=jwenting;1127701]Or the one I read requiring 15 years of NT4 server administration, in 1996.[/QUOTE]

When Narue made a statement about 10 years java exp in 1998 I couldn't believe that, I was literally asking myself could that be even true or would she have read the ad incorrectly. But believe my surprise (or shock rather) when just yesterday I saw a company making the ridiculous demand on one of the job portals here where they required an experience in Java/J2EE for 15 years. It is still the start of 2010 and even if do assume that Java was out at the start of 1995 yet still who would be the guyz with a 15 years "hands-on" experience of a langauge that itself is barely 15 years old. C'mon if you need the James Goslings and the Bill Joys why not write to them directly ?

Have you heard about Google ? Cause it certainly must have heard about both the terms, I am sure.

[QUOTE=sujithy15;1127883]hai this thread is posted by me
i just signed into the site n i am shocked to see the arguments
n someone marking unclear to masijade!!!
i am new to this site n as far as i know he is highly talented n has good patience in clearing the doubts of people
and i think this site is for people to develop their programing skills and so i think its not so good to spend our time in this way instead of discussing and improving ourselves
thank you[/QUOTE]

All this, by the person who started this crap in the first place. When Salem wrote "Have you ever heard of a search engine ?" He meant to ask you in a very polite way that why wouldn't you consider searching something on the net first. Not only this, we have a lot of such threads started by you. Consider searching as the first option before you post anything, read the rules of the forum about posting and asking for help and while you are at it up vote the post masijade so kindly wrote for you.

If it gets tougher than nothing like it because I've seen a lot of SCJPs who couldn't answer the very basic of the questions. Making it tough enough or even very tough causes very few, only the very deserving ones, pass the exam. This again adds to the value.

So overall that would be a very welcome change.

[QUOTE=TheGhost;1127501]who cares if people should know about concurrency, synchronisation and other stuff? [/QUOTE]
Organisations hiring Java professionsals do. Smart people who yearn to write correct programs do.

[QUOTE=TheGhost;1127501]people can read up when they need it, and forget about it after they are done. and when they need it again, simply use/modify the classes they wrote the previous time. that is the beauty of OO and Java. write and forget.[/QUOTE]

That isn't so easy at all. It seems to be easy, but it ain't that much.

PS: Somebody please mark this thread as solved before we start discussing Perl, Python & LISP here. ;)

[QUOTE=anishakaul;1127489]I have been called a stupid poster here , and I wanted to know why ? That's all !![/QUOTE]

Just try and understand what he's saying if you can.