As usual, toxin-free drinks. To add life and zest all the time.


Reading all posts: have noticed that the reason for rampant obesity: the popularity of softdrinks and all process not healthy food. :( .

I only knew the age of the mouse after reading your blog. Thanks for the information-its wood before huh...very environment friendly (lol)

Places of origin doesn't matter. What matters most is the ability to mingle with people from different countries - from all walks of life and never do any thing that will harm not only physically (which is impossible here) but emotionally.

Just bear in mind that no matter the hindrances are if you have the guts, the urge, the burning desire to learn, in a span of two or three months you are already ready to face the challenges of IT world. Who knows you might be one of the best in your chosen field. Just be prepared for the "worst" before reaching the best.

For me, its not the place that we are referring to. It should be the quality of people who do the outsourcing works. The name India was just synonymous with big populace. Naturally, more people there are into outsourcing as their means of livelihood. But to be considered as King, is another story.

Logmein is good. Anyway, there are more choices to choose from and of course money matters count.

Uppsss, don't want to be tag as spammer - you know sending mails to whom you did not a blatant spamming...nevertheless, just make sure your mails are worth reading for.

Just another way to boost your presence in this very competitive world. Coupled with perseverance and lots of sweating and probably tears...:'( ..just kidding. Surely you will get there.

There are thousand directories, article submission sites in this wide web world. The only thing that you need is perseverance. Start now and waste no time.

Nothing can beat the hard way to earn a good reputation. Automatic is good but not in this techie world. We are dealing with humans here but computers. So its better to do the usual hard way - manual. In the long run, you will learn the trade of sending it fast, just like automatic.:)

Blogging also is a great way to unwind thoughts after a hard days work or anything of that sort...unwinding. It also helps a person connect to all his friends around the globe.

How about writing an amusing and quite unique article with your links spread on it. This is another way of getting traffic to your site. Your links here are also considered quality links because its natural and of course you are to submit your article to HP rank article submission sites or bookmarking sites.

Did you get your answer or still you need some additional info? I think the answer was already been well-said here. I was supposed to add mine but I noticed the complete replies ... so I just want to ask if you are okay now or what.

Lesson of the day ---> use only the natural way of healing. Never over-indulge on something. Old folks way of treating sickness is better than the modern ones - unsure if genuine or not. For health guru's advise - seek [COLOR="Red"]Ernährung[/COLOR] way.

Radio under repair, cellphone still charging, hmmmm...what else, sterio? already a thing of the short, no music for today. so sad.

This is the most "ridiculous" thing a person could do in this techie world. It's like doing the "annihilation of one's self". Mere thinking is enough to make me shiver. So never never try doing this "bad idea". Not only will it ruin another's site, it will ruin yourself too.

There is no such thing as overnight career. But I can only suggest this : surf and rigidly study what you are aiming for. If you are inclined to be a webmaster or a programmer / designer, the internet is the solution. There are vast tutorials here that are free and very easy to understand. You need-not shell out your hard earned money doing this way. All you need are -> perseverance and patience.

Different criteria for different expertise...just my suggestion. And who are the "judges"? or the searching committee?

Try to make the most out of "not playing games" for the meantime. Do some exercise and you will refresh your "stagnant" ability to know what's the real score of your computer's malfunctioning. I often heard Vista's incapability to run on games. but since I'm not that expert in game playing problem, I suggest to think positive instead and then do the exercise thing ;) just my two cents.

I learned to "learn new things in a snap" - another way to be a superb multi-tasker. Got to apply this "super power" in all my undertakings - not sacrificing quality of course.

Anything that is meat is a big NO NO to me. Yaikkksss... feature veggies instead and we'll all be healthy and stress-free SAS sylt style.

You are dealing with a "program" here so better follow the rules. You might have been included in the "yahoo dance" (like google dance:D .) Just keep your cool and study further - "what's the fuss all about".

When you purchased that video card, did you care to ask for the instructions on how? If you failed to seek help before, then why not go back to the store where you bought it - just a practical way to solve your dilemma ;)

I'm still not at-ease in giving credit card information through the net, and any personal information whatsoever. How safe are the safety "nets" you are referring to here? Might be useful in my future dealings though.

He is only after the welfare of the Americans and it's a good sign of a leader. But I know not all Americans can work the way third world country workers work..."die hard way".

A timely discussion to start with. With economic chaos here and there, no wonder the time travel thing is a great idea. Everybody will buy this time machine...and yes, why not - through programming...hmmmm... still hard to fathom though - but just an idea of another related "thing".

I equipped myself with lots of confidence, positive thinking, embraced with knowledge on the field applied, and most of all, prayers to help keep me up with the latest.

For a start might do. I believe those high traffic forums started also from scratch. So why not give chance to those who are still at the starting phase? Who knows ... that lowly forum will reach the high pedestal in the long run.

Hello Sir:

I'm sorry for the wrong place. Anyway, thank you for informing me of where I supposed to address my problem.