Interesting, please try to stick to the Standard.
It's int main (void), not void main()

Hello to all,

I didn't find informations about what is overall limit to store documents in Google/gmail online documents. I have fond only how big files can be in orderd to be able to upload them, but didn't find how many. Is it possible that capacity is shared with Gmail which is now about 7 GB?
Thank you

Thank you all for your replies. I wll use third party software, of course. I know that one way to repartition drive is when fresh copy of Windows is installed. However I wan't sure if that is possible after windows is installed (to move part of free space from one partition to other).I thought there is some option in Admin. Tools ->Computer Management, but now I know there is none.
Thank you

is it possible to resize partitions under win XP using Disk management tools, or I need special software for that? I know there are couple of software tools such as Partition Magic. However, I'd like to know if this is possible to be done in Win XP itself.

Hello people,

I wonder if there are free web space that can be used. Basically I need storage (ftp) if possible to place materials and worksheets. For example I participate on sci groups and I do math proof of something and want to show this to others. Do you know such web sites that can offer a couple of MB free storage to place my pdf and excel files?

Thank you

Hello to eveyone,
I'm reading one article about CPU utillisation in programmable logic controllers, which are also computer based systems. In article is stated that CPU's time is spent on executing both instructions and no-ops (no ops). I cannot uderstand what this no-ops means? Why they exists?
Can anyone explain me this in simple terms?

Thank you for your reply,
I have PIII board with SCSI disk. I want to buy backup disk. SCSI controller and all other hardware is there. I don't have here configuration to post, but I can do it tomorrow. Since this board is relatively old, I don't know if it is possible to use newer SCSI disks on older boards...

Hello people,

I wonder why many business machines such as servers and process computer (I work in one power plant) use SCSI disks? I noticed that practically all computers that do a lot of processing use SCSI disks. These computers are rather old (4 years and older). Maybe today, situation is changed, maybe SATA disks replaced SCSI disks. Do you knoe more about this?
Is it possible to buy today's hard disk (SCSI) that will work on older Pentimu III motherboard? Is there any way I could know it in advance before actual buying it?


I only have entry for localhost, so my computer is clean, I suppose.
Thank you for your help.

Gereetings everybody,
I'm reading this article:
I must admit I cannot understand how this is possible? Is this problem affects only users computers or Google web site.
"acts by modifying the infected computers' Hosts file " Where is that hosts file? is it on my computer?
If my computer is clean, is it still possible to see hijacked google advertis. on some web pages?

Hello, do you know where to find drivers in order to use USB flash disk on machines with Win NT 4.0.
I have found drivers for win 98 and once I installed them, I was able to use three different USB sticks (different manufacturers). Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky when I tried to find drivers for NT 4.0.
Do you have any suggestions?


Yes, I see now, what a stupid mistake.

Thanks Narue

[QUOTE=Salem;381949]> mat1 = malloc(cols sizeof(int));
You've got the rows and cols mixed up in a couple of places.[/QUOTE]

Hmm, this is important part:
mat1 = malloc(cols sizeof(int));
for(i = 0; i < cols; i++)
mat1[i] = malloc(rows * sizeof(int));
First I allocate array of pointerts to int. Every array member will point to new array of integers (columns). In every columns there are exactly "rows" elements.
Still don't understand, why this code works on windows machine and fails on linux.

Hello guys,

It's been a while since I last time posted in this forum.
I have strange problem regarding matrix allocation. I was asked to write code that includes 2D array dynamic allocation. I write two version of matrix allocation.
Here is in my opinio relevant part of the code:

include <stdio.h>

include <stdlib.h>

int main( void )

int rows, cols;
int i, j;
/int mat1Blok;*/
int ** mat1;

printf("Enter number of rows: ");
scanf("%d", &rows);
printf("Enter number of columns: ");
scanf("%d", &cols);

/memory allocation/

/ mat1Blok = malloc(rows cols sizeof(int));
mat1 = malloc(rows
for (i = 0; i < rows; ++i)
mat1[i] = &mat1Blok[i

mat1 = malloc(cols sizeof(int));
for(i = 0; i < cols; i++)
mat1[i] = malloc(rows * sizeof(int));

printf("\nEnter elements row by row:\n");

for (i = 0; i < rows; i++)
   for(j = 0; j < cols; j++)
free (mat1);
free (mat1Blok);

for (i = 0; i < cols; i++)
    free (mat1[i]);
free (mat1);
return 0;



I have tested both versions with Dev-Cpp on Windows platform and sent to my friend who discovered that if he uses version which is commented, everything is OK, but if he the use version as in the above code he gets segmentation fault when entering elements. He tested it in Linux. I don't have linux installed and i ask you to test this code and check if it ...

maybe this is not the right forum, but I hope you'll be able to help.
How many of you used google groups? I have recently signed in but I'm having problem posting new topics. Every time I post it is written my email address (it's partially mask)- I see that other user just use nicknames and if I want to see their email I need to click on "view profile". I'm posting in science groups and these groups are on Usenet. My question is that why my email is used instead of chosen nickname in my profile? I hope there is somebody who had similar problem and can help me.
Thank you very much!

Hello people,
I have one interesting problem and need your advices.
A few days ago, my friend called me and asked for help. He said he had problem with internet connection. It is old computer 400 Mhz on which win98 is installed and he use dial-up just like me. Problem was strange: after few minutes (5-10) internet traffic just stop. Connection is still active (computer is connected) but send/receive traffic just stop in internet browser. In the same time it is possible to ping [url][/url] or similar. His antivirus was up to date and I solved problem by installing ZoneAlarm firewall.
Yesterday, I turnd off my firewall (ZoneAlarm too) and experienced similar thing. I have winXP+sp2, my antivirus is also up to date and no viruses are detected. I just wonder if maybe some new internet worm is actual, but didn't find anything new on forums. Problem is solved by turning on the firewall. No file transfer occured between our two computers.
Did anyone have similar experience?

Hello guys,
I want to buy DVD player for home use (not computer DVD device). I want DVD player to be able to play DVD+RW 8 cm double side disk. I assume most of today's DVD player support this feature but yet, I'm not sure. How to check that if seller don't know it and I cannot try before I buy?

Hello guys,
I have formated hard drive at my neighbour's computer. It's relatively new computer with Pentium 4 processor and intel motherboard. Installing windows Xp passed all right, but there was a problem when trying to install chipset drivers. Since sound card and network card are integrated, autorun option offers to install all software pack together. First chipset drivers, then audio and then LAN. However when trying to install first thing (chipset) I get error message that usbechi.sys file cannot be found and installation fails. I didn't installed Service Pack 2 and since it is file for USB I suspect that maybe I need to install SP2 first since it has support for USB2.0 (if that has something to do with this problem at all).
What can you recommend?

I disagree. Many people thinks bubble sort is easiest just because it is usually first sort algorithm teached in many books and classrooms. It's performance are bad for large lists and it's much better in my opinion to get used to better algorithms. Insertion sort is more natural and i don't see why it is harder to understand comparing with bubble sort.

If you need to write sort code, I would recommend insertion sort.
Read this:

Have a look at this:

include <iostream>

include <fstream>

include <string>

include <vector>

include <sstream>

using namespace std;

struct Record
int num;
string name;
int score;
Record(int n, string nam, int s):num(n),name(nam), score(s){}

int main()
vector <Record> v;
string tmp, name;
int num, score;

ifstream infile ( "studentresult.txt" ); 

while ( getline ( infile, tmp ) )
    stringstream os ( tmp );
    os >> num >> name >>score;
    v.push_back ( Record ( num,name, score ) );

double avg_score = 0;
int i;

for (i = 0; i < v.size(); i++)
    avg_score += v[i].score;
avg_score = avg_score / v.size();
cout << "Average score is: " << avg_score << endl;

cout << "Students who have score below average are: " << endl;
for (i = 0; i < v.size(); i++)
    if ( v[i].score < avg_score )
        cout << v[i].name << endl;



My test file contain records in format:
1 Name1 20
2 name2 23

I hope you might find it useful and you'll learn something new.

Indeed, it's not clear what you want. If you need to make program to perform some kind of matrix calculation, why not using two dimensional array defined something like this:
int matrix[10][10];
This code will create matrix 10 x 10 (10 rows and 10 columns).
I can give you example of matrix multiplication but you need to explain what you want to do first.

Please, can you post you results and conclusion?
Did you manage to see voltage pattern for 'a'?

Of course you can.
[url][/url] is your friend...

[url=]This[/url] is definitive guide to major sorting algorithms:

[QUOTE=hay_man;255068]nicko, thats my post. thanks anywayy[/QUOTE]
Yes, I know. That was my answer!

P.S. You should distinct [url=]union[/url] and [url=]intersection[/url]
And one more thing, I'm Micko, not nicko :)

I assume your compiler is rather old.
Look at this code (modified loop)
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
out<<&(ptarray[i])<<"\t"<<ptarray[i]<<endl; // (10)

And this is my output:

0x22ff30 0x22ff58
0x22ff34 0x22ff5c
0x22ff38 0x22ff54
0x22ff3c 0x22ff50
0x22ff40 0x22ff58

This makes sense. First column represents addresses of array elements. Since arrays are continuos in memory (on most compilers I work with, althought I'm not sure if this is guaranteed by the Standard) and on most 32 bit machines size(void*) is 4 bytes (this is also not guaranteed) first column rows are evenly spaced by 4 bytes.
Second column is a different story. First two rows represents addresses of array elements and difference is 4 byte. Also, last element of array hold address of first element of "ar" (same as ptarray[0]), so that's ok.
Other elements hold addresses of variables var1 and var2. There is no guarantee they will be evenly spaced, and probably in most cases they won't.
Is this clear to you?

what is the difference between &ptarray[i] &
ptarray[i] due to that the address location of output 2 & output 3 is changing .


You defined an array of pointers to int named ptarray. Array's elements are pointers. So ptarray[i] represent array element which is actually address of some variable elswhere. For example, if address of variable "var" is placed to ptrarray as i+1 element, ptarray[i] referes to address of variable "var". On the other hand, &ptarray[i] is memory address of ptarray[i]. Arrays are also placed in memory and each array's elements has it's own address. So, &ptarray[i] represents memory address of array's element, and it's value (ptarray[i]) represents memory address of variable "var" because ptarray is an array of pointers. Remember, pointer is nothing more than variable that store memory address of some other variable.
I hope it helps.

Well, according to this:
cin, cout are defined in iostream.
And this will also help ypu understand what is going on.

I hope it helps!