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I have a request form that calls an file to email request to my account.
My web hosting is on Could someone help me find why it does not work? It worked on my old hosting.

Part of my form:


<form action="aspmail.asp" method="post" name="frmRFQ" id="frmRFQ"
onsubmit="MM_validateForm('txtcompany','','R','txtemail','','R','txtphone','','R'); return document.MM_returnValue">


Condition      ... Part of my ASP file:

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I have created a flash menu that shows the background is changing and then I am trying to drop a menu and select from it.
I was trying to make my button such that, if I click on Home it take me to home page. And if I move my mouse on menu items it lets me click on those submenu options and go to other pages such as my introduction.
My sample page is here: [url][/url]
My fla file is here: [url][/url]

When I try to move my mouse on sub menu it disappears and when I click on sub-button where I have my getURL action written, It does not take me there.

Please help.