1. go to google, read "Google 101: How google crawls the web"
  2. get Google webmaster tools account
  3. follow Google instructions
  4. ignore all other instructions
    google make the rules, google offer you correct personalised instructions for your web site
    why listen to us, when you can listen to them

google will paraphrase evelyn above "relavant keyword and content"

Answering that question, would be a paid service, this is a HELP site, the users here help out with problems from sheer kindness
Kindness does not translate to stupidity
Nobody should do this for you, show some effort
Look up the apis for the hardware you intend to use, come back when you have a specific problem, not a "do all my work for me"

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a penalty is something that is done manually

think about what you wrote,
the largest, most automated, technology company in existence. codes and recodes its algorithms to be aware of manipulation attempts,
automatically scans trillions of web pages
automatically determines which breach it's TOS
then manually de-list each breaching page
Bullshit, the time required to read the list of breaching pages, would be man-years each day

the algorithm does not provide a penalty,
how your site responds to the bot operating under the algorithm determines whether there is a penalty

perhaps read the article series "How Google crawls the web" by Google and ignore speculative imaginings
SEresponse to the bot algorithm; automatic, has very little to do with manual penalty applied after a verified complaint

a google search would have informed that these are names given to search bot algorithm updates
search bots change, what was 'grey' SEO today, is black tomorrow,
the algorithm does not provide a penalty,
how your site responds to the bot operating under the algorithm determines whether there is a penalty
the benefit is always the same from grey SEO, temporary enhanced SEresults
the penalty is always the same from grey SEO, delisted from SEresults
the benefit is temporary, the penalty is permanent

This would be a good time to get a google webmaster tools account, and have them that makes the rules tell you personally where or if, you break the rules, and how to generally improve SER without breaking the rules

There is nothing to counter,
a misrepresentation of my post was made by you, to further your argument
Your ramble, just your inability, to make concise argument.
I have not bothered to read it, it does not relate to my only discussion with you, about falsifying my post

every 0-10 scale needs a zero


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@Agilemind, selective editing of a quote, is not particularly agile, not much mind, when the original is in plain view.

I was playing the fool, as stated, using statistics to demonstrate anything.
It has never reached 66 degrees anywhere the other side of Australia

unfortunately you seem to be one who isn't playing the fool
put brain in gear before mouth in motion

'The stupid, it burns'

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run the css of a div {z-index:0;} through the w3c css validator if you care to.


The stack level of the generated box in the current stacking context is 0. The box does not establish a new stacking context unless it is the root element.


In the following example, the stack levels of the boxes (named with their "id" attributes) are: "text2"=0, "image"=1, "text3"=2, and "text1"=3. The "text2" stack level is inherited from the root box. The others are specified with the 'z-index' property.

the stack levels of the boxes.. .. "text2"=0 ∴ 0 is valid,

In this case I am one of many who Wrote TFM

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Then, why didn't you put in a little effort?
Nobody else should until after you do

I didnt bother helping you, you came across as a petulant R-sole

You can't fix stupid

One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
In google where the searches are


cant always think of .., but a possible explanation of why ..

IE builds the box model for nested elements differently to other browsers.
padding margins etc is inside each element on ie, outside the element on more standards compliant browsers
. . so . . .
when IE creates an element there is a bare area at the border, not part of any element, not present in other browsers, just big enough to cause the :hover effect to fail.

you may be able to repair it by altering padding and/or margin in the css for the nested lists

OMG, A female

it would be better not to use proscribed characters

The following printing ASCII characters are not used in Python. Their occurrence outside string literals and comments is an unconditional error:$ ?

$ is proscribed,
$0-$9 are used in python internal structure, if the executing program set $3, that value would be printed
As strings, they SHOULD be printing, is there anything elsewhere in the code that could cause the interpreter to assume the reference is to the internal variable
it could be as slates idea,
without the proper declaration in the first line the interpreter is throwing "spasms"

because: it looks like they've been asked to make changes to existing code for a web site. the poster being unversed in coding xhtml, and not wanting to make changes outside of what was asked

the OP asked for what may seem redundant questions, for an outdated language version.
I still have code in html4, no need to change them they function as required
some pages in xhtml, ditto
some pages in html5 playing with function, that dont work on my POS terminals since the embedded OS has IE7 (and its ugly)
just saying, cut em some slack

I know the answer, you do not
I know how statcounter operates
I know how google analytics operates
I am not going to do it for you,
I have instead pointed you at the source, to accomplish what you want.
You will then have the tools neccessary to make your site behave as you wish, and not have to ask the same question the next time you wish to make any alteration
the googleads api, mentioned in many prior posts, contains instructions on how to interact with adwords ads
API = Application Programming Interface

last time, : does the googleads api have anything to say ?

kmayoyo kōhai

telling you to check the google adwords API to find how to interact with the code
google publish instructions for their systems
ergo, 'does the googleads api have anything to say?'

the google search would probably be 'google adwords api'

Your code is irrelevant. An iframe is not part of your page, it is external, a complete page from doctype to /html rendered in a little box.
the code of the iframe is by google
the terms of service are by google
the API to manipulate the iframe is by google
ergo, 'does the googleads api have anything to say?'

and even if the href of the iframe is ON your server it is still external to the page that calls it, just for reference.

Does the googleads api have anything to say?

the googlead is outside your page, the clicktrack is already written to report to google, so your code will have no effect
if it did, you would break the googleads TOS,

I would not want to argue an intellectual rights lawsuit against google

Sites promising SER, share one thing in common, they do not work, most penalise
the place to submit to SE is as the first reply, mark, wrote
submit to the search engine

Current standards and best practices suggest that pixels are not an appropriate dimensioning tool for laying out a web page.
a crt uses approx 96 px/inch
an lcd approx 120 p/inch
a current hi-res plaasma, cell phone /tablet approx 267 px/inch
a printer up to 4000 px /inch
depending on the device used to lay out the page, it will appear from vainshingly small, to ridiclously large on different devices
NO fixed dimension site works, on any device except that which it was laid out on
best practice is to lay the site in em or % scalar dimensions that auto adjust to screen resolution, window size device capability and user preferences. this ensures the page loooks as similar as possible, within the display capabilities of the device it is being viewed on.

A page laid in pixels, looks ridiculous on this widescreen monitor,
1000px column in the middle of a 2600px screen
the same page looks worse on a phone or small device, or partscreen window, the content is pushed offscreen right and all the user sees is the pretty blank border. Users do not scroll sideways to view content, they leave.
with a body { width:100%; margin:2%; } or similar, all users have the same experience.
font-size set in em, the site becomes visual disabiliity friendly, emphasised text adjusts around the user's preference instead of an arbitrary XXpx, which may be vanishingly small on the Ipad-etc at 267px/inch (12px=1/25inch high) or a printer (12px=1/333 inch)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge"/>

just a thought, I'm not going through a few hundred K of file

is it htaccess or .htaccesss

<?php header ('content-type:text/css');
ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?>
/* <style type=text/css> */ 
@media all {.dontall {display:none;}}
@media handheld { img { display:none; } }
@media print {
 body {font-size:10pt; font-family:verdana, arial, sans-serif;}
 .dontprint {display:none;}
 .lt {float:left;text-align:right;width:30%;}
 .rt {float:right;text-align:left;width:65%;}
 .bk {clear:both;width:97%;border:#778899 solid 0;margin:4pt 1% 4pt 1%;padding:4pt;}
 .bkb {width:95%;border:#778899 solid 1pt;margin:4pt 1% 4pt 1%;padding:4pt;}
 .block {float:left;border:#778899 solid 1pt;margin:5pt;padding:2pt;}
 .blockr {float:right;text-align:left;border:#778899 solid 1px;margin:5pxpadding:5px;}
 fieldset {border:none;}
 p {padding:1px;margin:0;list-style-type:square;}
 p:first-line {font-weight:bold;}
 p:first-letter {font-size:100%;}
@media screen {
 .dontshow{ display:none;} 
 .doshow{ display:inline;}
a {text-decoration:none;padding:0 3px;}
a:hover {background-color:#66cdaa;text-decoration:none;}
a:focus {background-color:#66cdaa;text-decoration:none;}
<?php ob_flush();?>

the first 2 and last 1 lines, style.css as style.css.php

assuming the DB is designed with a colum for the submitted date/time
When submitting the upload to th db populate it with the sql keyword 'now'
when executing the query populate the date-time with the returned value of that column

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If BS were music, this would be a Symphony orchestra.

Ignore BS kills, BS,
PX Hacks are no way to make the site appear as you wish, they do not work.
current best practice is em & % as layout tools, pixels are device dependent, and change size a 15inch monitor used to be 800px, now a 7inch tablet is 2600px, px are not user friendly
read a 'box model' tutorial and continue what you are trying

Then DO your coursework. the course is to teach you, Nobody does your homework for you. *expletive deleted* lazy students

I din't have a magic invisible friend who lives in the sky and grants wishes.
I cannot conceive of a possible reality where a magic invisible friend lives in the sky and grants wishes
I cannot convieive a reality where multiple magic invisible friends live in the sky grant wishes, and tell their corporeal friends to kill each other.
Religion, cult, insanity, are synonymic

'49 I apologise snide comments are unfair, and mine were snide

I would like you to consider as well, I am your potential employer, the ceo of a below fortune 500 company, we do our 1 thing, and do it very well
assuming the resume submitted was syntactically and grammatically correct enough to not be binned
If you begin any part of your in-person interview with 'like', you are out the door.
my generation are remarkably, as demonstrated by me, intolerant.

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I did use the intervening time learning how to read,
and think,
a simple search, either of Google or the search box on this site,
would return the consensus, current best practice, and negate the requirment for such a question.
Perhaps the rudeness of the reply is balanced by the ignorance of the question.