If you need to ask this, you do not have the skillset to do this. <<whatabitch<<
I'm having a good day, don't be stressed, asking the q is how you get theskillset

take time, to work out what features and support your desired site requires, and add those to your question
"file repository" would be a better search term than "file sharing" filehippo et al are repositories

jyraphe works for me

rproffitt commented: Remembers folk asking for Facebook WP theme. +7

What course is this homework for ?
better $unique = asort(array_unique($numbers));

thoughts for the thread starter

the "dot" in a php text variable is concatenation, it means the variable is appended directly to the preceding text
The above codes "images/". $image_name
if your photo name is ABC.jpeg, the URL to the image will be "images/ABC.jpeg"
normally used with 'single quotes' :: "double quoted" text is parsed for variables ,, so may equally look like this "images/$image_name"

you see the .dot in declarations

$a = 'ralph';
$a .= ' wiggum'; // eq to $a = 'ralph'.' wiggum';
echo $a; // ralph wiggum

and many other (non-trivial) instances where it is important to see the development of variables $c=$a.$b;

the first time you load the page, $_GET[] is empty, not populated until the form is submitted,, code not checked count {braces}

if(isset($_GET['submit'])){if($_GET["uname"]){echo "your name  is".$_GET['uname'];}}
  else {echo"please enter your name";}

look at padding sizes in the css

jonsan32 commented: I've been going through with the Inspector one by one changing those. Still, no dice. I think it's either line-height or the ul style being indented +2

php has multiple formats for echoing out plain html in single lines, up to book-amounts of text

heredoc or nowdoc format can do pretty much what you want

if(condition) echo <<<endofmultiquotedhtml
this is some huge block of static html
elseif(condition) echo <<<somethingelse
<input type="doublequoted">'singlequoted'
and carriage returns
and $php_variables
any amount of html code
and any amount of more lines
all kindds of stuff
more stuff
\x41 (capital A)

php strings heredoc
nowdoc continues under heredoc in the linked page

I agree with you, jkon, a perceived benefit, not a real benefit,
I have logs back to 99, transferred server logs from one pc to another as the pc got replaced,
working backwards its not hard to trace bot algorithm changes by page hits (1)
there was more rapid indexing of static pages, until Sep 2002,
since 2005 indexing speed, and depth, have equalled regardless of pagetype
extra processing needed to display static html pages from php asp jsp is not needed
make generated uri display in friendly form, definitely worth it

note(1) 20/20 hindsight, would be great to have 20/20 foresight

The point is im in one Team project, and one of our member he suggested to files be renamed with .html, so in mind i come confuse, why he suggested files with this extension.

the delay added to every html file by the directive 'addhandler server-parsed' to get php files to function when renamed,
far exceeds the non-existent SEO benefit,
ditto jkon above: there was a perceived benefit to serving html, multiple generations/iterations of SEbot ago, back in the 00s

and jazz up the token, relative to request time, ip, browser etc, so the token becomes one-shot. many security tokens are ineffective

For example, if I want to make someone pay lots of effort to get my logo. I make and then in CSS, I would assign base64 based image with background-image:;

everything displayed on the page, is downloaded to the user
nothing in any code prevents that
everything visible is accessible
you don't want it copied, don't put it on the page
the "lots of effort" described above, is about 3 seconds

Content is king, nothing else matters

any uri that is readable will be indexed
logical structured uri make it easier for people, and faster to index

the language(s) the site is written in, English
the OS underlying the language, English
English rules the computer world, the blokes who began it spoke English, and its easier to keep

content languages will be indexed, in that language as long as header/directive referencing the language is correct, or if the language is unique enough that the bot can determine it from structure
If there is no language directive, other languages may be determined by SEBots to be misspelled English

two minute mobile friendly
Its a quick and dirty fix, that WORKS, till you go for full redesign

I still prefer "Do your own effing homework"
to all the above

Its not necessary to change 99% functional code,
If you do use the above, paste the sanitising lines in

or Just change the filename and application-type

14$filename = "Piante_" . date('Ymd') . ".csv";
17header("Content-Type: text/csv");

The above code outputs comma separated values (tab separated values)
the .csv file is saved as .xls
(.xls contain way more headers etc than just the data)
excell reads .csv so the function works, but there is an informational warning about the file type
If you save the file as .csv the warning will cease, and still open in excell

$insertedData = mysql_query("INSERT INTO customertable(CustomerID, FirstName, SurName, Address, PhoneNum, Email, PurchaseProduct) VALUES('$_POST[Customer_ID]', '$_POST[First_Post]', '$_POST[Sur_Name]', '$_POST[Cus_Address]', '$_POST[Phone_Num]', '$_POST[Cus_Email]' '$_POST[Product_Purchase]')",$serverConnection);

"deprecated" : will stop working in the near future

wear glasses to read, the lightest ones again,
buy em 4-5 pairs at a time, lose em in the bush, falling out of a plane, run over by a quad, buried in a trench or lawn mowed
havent got used to putting em in POCKETs
am long sighted, or my arms are too short

changed the focus on my laptop to my prescription, it looks like 3d movies to everyone else, my ladylove hates it when she picks up mine instead of hers

% percent|modulus ?or? / division by

are you sure it isnt $product_data["image"] seems strange to have one column not from the same array ($row[]) as the others

OR. are db images already encoded base64 in the db ?
not common, most images are stored in blob, but there are many very quirky programmers, security by obscurity etc.
Print "<div class='image_panel'><a href = 'products.php?prodid=" . $product_data["ID"] . "'><img src='data:image/jpeg;base64," . $row['image'] . "' alt='' /></a></div>";

cereal commented: nice catch! +13

FÜ etc
in utf8, there are 1408 (thus far) ways to write eff ewe see kay and get past filters
If you are going to try to catch all possible forms of all comon profanities
:: a gigabyte sized array, processing will take so long your site will shut down

as said before, does not really work, even with a good filter, policy and policing is required
This comes up often, in classes
students seem to enjoy finding homographs for swear words

$_POST is available
a superglobal, it is not affected by the register_globals directive
perhaps the error is elsewhere in your code

You need to find a different, better, online resource
one that is more complete in its references
it can be straightforward, without leaving out important stuff, like

Check for XAMPP or WAMPServer. Both packages install a full stack.

If it does not link to the most effective resources, it is NOT an effective resource to learn from

Really lucky here, football ; nothing,
get the ads, they're a blast
nobody watches boring, the networks don't play it

leave the form as it is
validate in the form handler, serverside
let the scumbags think they have bypassed the checks and balances and they will give up, thinking their crap has gone through


  • anything containing javascript, can be recoded by the user;
  • is not for form submission or validation,
  • is for one-way page updates server->user in response to user triggers
header('Location: home.php');
echo "Email and Password Accepted";

header redirect before text output, will never provide confirmation
put confirmation in home.php

can't see any code trying to output array values.
what: values are,
where: not showing

I don't think anyone minds a 'bump', people who may answer are in all 24 timezones


I think, therefore of coffee

There is nothing to counter,
a misrepresentation of my post was made by you, to further your argument
Your ramble, just your inability, to make concise argument.
I have not bothered to read it, it does not relate to my only discussion with you, about falsifying my post

every 0-10 scale needs a zero


RobertHDD commented: Your quite queer taday take a rest from machines mate +0

The same effect can be obtained, more simply, by going to the nearest farm, picking up a small piece of cowpat, and dabbing behind each ear. The aroma of bullshit will then follow you without you having to do anything else.

Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once.

@Agilemind, selective editing of a quote, is not particularly agile, not much mind, when the original is in plain view.

I was playing the fool, as stated, using statistics to demonstrate anything.
It has never reached 66 degrees anywhere the other side of Australia

unfortunately you seem to be one who isn't playing the fool
put brain in gear before mouth in motion

'The stupid, it burns'

RobertHDD commented: idiot and dumbfounded +0

I didn't mean to post this.

That took absolute genius

Sometimes I wonder, with so few brain cells, can they multitask, do they have to stop breathing when they type, and oxygen starvation is the cause