been playing with the project, trying to break it,
and have come to a better determination than advertising is crappy, your product does work, all power to ya

the sharing contains just the right amount of enthusiam, it got me to look and try it

your project works excellently

party on dude

A short note about age
I have it

The modern definition of age
"I am so old I have to page down twice to find my birth year on date pickers"

A woman visits a fortuneteller who tells her, "Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent and horrible death this year."
Visibly shaken, the woman takes a few deep breaths, steadies her voice and asks,

"Will I be acquitted?"

his source/editor appears functional, the W3 validator picks a unicode fault thats hard to find, 'cause its not really there.

A priest is sitting with his monseignur chatting. “I used some horrible language this week and feel absolutely terrible about it,” the priest said.
“When did you use this awful language?” the monseignur asks.
Answered the priest: “Well, I was golfing and hit this fabulous drive that looked like it was going to go 280 yards, but it struck a phone line hanging over the fairway and fell straight down to the ground only 100 yards from the tee.”
“Is that when you cursed?”
“No, monseignur,” says the priest. “After that, a squirrel ran out of the bushes and grabbed my ball in its mouth and began to run away.”
“Is that when you swore?” asks the monseignur.
“Well, no,” says the priest. “As the squirrel was running, an eagle came down out of the sky, grabbed the squirrel in his talons and began to fly away!”
“Is that when you swore?” asks the amazed elder priest.
“No. As the eagle carried the squirrel away in its claws, it flew near the green and the squirrel dropped my ball.”
“Did you swear then?” asked monseignur, becoming impatient.
“No, because the ball fell on a big rock, bounced over the sand trap, rolled onto the green, and stopped about six inches from the hole.”
The two priests were silent for a moment.
Then monseignur sighed and said, “You missed the &!#&%#%! putt, didn’t you?”

what is the difference between a hippo and a zippo
one is very heavy
the other is a little lighter

try wrappingthe cyriliic in АБВГДЕЖЅ

w3c declaring language

diafol commented: Good info +15

I think I know:
how to decrypt it,
how it is seeded,
what algorithm is used,
what the software is
who wrote it
that they are really pissed,
I forwarded a link to this thread

you should pay the license fee, its cheaper than the legals

Real+life+applications_47b529_5831605.jpg just loving it

You advertise in your signature


and ask this question, proving bullshi
the google algorithm is able to determine web services perfectly, that is what they do
that is what you pretend you do and fail at

a "web developer's" own site has to be perfect,
every one of your potential clients has access to SEO tools, the first thing any will do is examine what you produce, Your Initial Contact, Your Gold Standard, the best you can do:: Your home page
Google 'how do I tell if my web designer is any good'
When it fails, you fail

115 css files too many and dont validate
15 javascripts too many and dont validate
a mix of html5 xhtml html4 it won't validate
animations? its a business not a kindergarten

go away, learn something about that which you pretend to offer as a service, correct the errors, and things may improve

don't know who -1 ed hericles reply,
whoever did is a jackass,

If you need to ask this, you do not have the skillset to do this. <<whatabitch<<
I'm having a good day, don't be stressed, asking the q is how you get theskillset

take time, to work out what features and support your desired site requires, and add those to your question
"file repository" would be a better search term than "file sharing" filehippo et al are repositories

jyraphe works for me

rproffitt commented: Remembers folk asking for Facebook WP theme. +7

I know its old, but, it popped in "Articles recomended for me" so I looked at it

Now that the display errors are repaired
You might like to consider

  1. Html5 not xhtml , easier, less extraneous crap
  2. Replacing mysql with mysqli, or PDO ; mysql is deprecated(1) and a little dangerous

(1.) Deprecated: adjective, :: will cease to function in the near future with catastrophic results for the user and humor for everyone else

1p, not as much value, but:

Ask a lot of questions.

when you are trained up in all the skills needed to create the site, as above
you will still have to deal with the client.
Clients never know for sure what they really want,
ask a lot of questions
codify the answers into a design plan
have the customer sign off on the spec
and there will be less rewrites and "but can it" later

when you create your SMpresence,


the instructions for optimising your facebook page, twitter feed, linkedIn account, are comprehensive and uniformly good

get it wrong, and the negative results are powerfull
get it right, and the positive results are powerfull

A Farmer Was Selling Peaches Door To Door.

He knocked on a door and a shapely 30-something woman dressed in a very sheer negligee answered the door. He raised his basket to show her the peaches and asked, "Would you like to buy some peaches?"
She pulled the top of the negligee to one side and asked, "Are they as firm as this?"
He nodded his head and said, "Yes ma'am," and a little tear ran from his eye.
Then she pulled the other side of her negligee off asking, "Are they nice and pink like this?" The farmer said, "Yes," and another tear came from the other eye.
Then she unbuttoned the bottom of her negligee and asked, "Are they as fuzzy as this?"
He again said, "Yes," and broke down crying.
She asked , "Why on earth are you crying?"
Drying his eyes he replied, "The drought got my corn, the flood got my soy beans, a tornado leveled my barn, and now I think I'm gonna get screwed out of my peaches."

CSS is a tiny rodent that lives inside the monitor, and Crawls Silently and Stealthily behind the display tweaking the way things look, they have to be fed the proper amounts of CSS food to make them survive

let me google that for you

diafol commented: he he +15
<?php date_default_timezone_set('America/Halifax'); 
echo '150916124549  = '.date("Y-m-d" , 150916124549); ?> 

150916124549 = 1988-10-07

I get bored easily

the "dot" in a php text variable is concatenation, it means the variable is appended directly to the preceding text
The above codes "images/". $image_name
if your photo name is ABC.jpeg, the URL to the image will be "images/ABC.jpeg"
normally used with 'single quotes' :: "double quoted" text is parsed for variables ,, so may equally look like this "images/$image_name"

you see the .dot in declarations

$a = 'ralph';
$a .= ' wiggum'; // eq to $a = 'ralph'.' wiggum';
echo $a; // ralph wiggum

and many other (non-trivial) instances where it is important to see the development of variables $c=$a.$b;

works under all circumstances, not just for SE, server redirects

boss lady made me take it off the wall
projecting the pdf on the wall,
For me this is perfect timing, updating,
made so many headslap errors,
where you just type what you have been typing for years and don't notice it is pure a-grade WRONG

Thank you

the first time you load the page, $_GET[] is empty, not populated until the form is submitted,, code not checked count {braces}

if(isset($_GET['submit'])){if($_GET["uname"]){echo "your name  is".$_GET['uname'];}}
  else {echo"please enter your name";}

changed my meds, tolerate some, not all

diafol commented: heh heh +15

look at padding sizes in the css

jonsan32 commented: I've been going through with the Inspector one by one changing those. Still, no dice. I think it's either line-height or the ul style being indented +2

New meds, calmer

Place the article, solely in relevant forums where it is a correct response to a question posed
There are not many of those, so the total number is not significant
If the artice is good enough to be reposted by somebody else it will have SE merit, otherwise it has almost zero value
EVERY post made by you about your site with your link, has almost zero value, the bot algorithms are intuitive and discount "me" posts
a single repost of your article by somebody else, is SE gold >>> the article has to be good enough to be reposted

News articles, posted by the subject, when theya re reasonable, get picked up by every station, paper, radio
they justs have to be good, (or sleazy enough)

php has multiple formats for echoing out plain html in single lines, up to book-amounts of text

heredoc or nowdoc format can do pretty much what you want

if(condition) echo <<<endofmultiquotedhtml
this is some huge block of static html
elseif(condition) echo <<<somethingelse
<input type="doublequoted">'singlequoted'
and carriage returns
and $php_variables
any amount of html code
and any amount of more lines
all kindds of stuff
more stuff
\x41 (capital A)

php strings heredoc
nowdoc continues under heredoc in the linked page

swift works on IOS osx and WATCHOS,
swift does not work on the web
swift is useless as a web development tool,
swift can be used as an app development tool, but the web access of that app is through web protocols
When in doubt, read the instructions: Apple instructions are uniformly good,

the OPM don't care, because its