I thought of that myself and had disabled my comodo firewall and the same thing happens.
Windows firewall is disabled as well.

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my synology NAS that I can not seem to figure out myself.
Everything seemed to work like a charm before, but when I took out my router from my network and put it in again things got ugly.
Before I was able to ping the NAS and add it as a network disk in windows explorer.
After, pinging goes wrong accept when I go to the web interface of the NAS at the same time as pinging. The disk can not be accessed through windows explorer anymore.


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=63 <-- this is when I accessed the web interface of my NAS in my browser
Request timed out. <-- interface loaded
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

thanks itg
I didn't realize this. I will try to figure it out from here, but I might be back if I mess up again :)
thanks for your help, it's much appreciated

no, i only have thrown my router out
I do not know how to change the ip addresses, i think the switch can not be configured in any way and uses dhcp to assign addresses, i cannot seem to ping these addresses for some reason, allthough ipscan can find them

Hi Itg, thanks for your message.
There seems to be something wrong in my setup: I have scanned the network and found there are 4 devices linked to the switch.
If I try to ping them however I cannot seem to reach the other 3 devices, I always get the message

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

I can ping the PC I am working on though.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect my PC to my NAS by using a network switch.
My previous setup worked like a charm:
|--> router
--------|--> NAS
--------|--> PC

I could connect from PC to NAS without any problems.
My new setup is no longer working:
|--> NAS
|--> PC

I cannot see my NAS in the list of devices that are connected to the network.
Anyone any ideas?
Or is the router absolutely necessary for what I want to do?

how would that work? How to solve it?
It works after first accessing the folder in explorer, but this obviously shouldn't need to be done

the latter: direct access to ms access file

vampke Light Poster


I have a strange problem on a computer.
I use a program that connects to a database that is located on the server. When I run the program, it can not always find the database and it returns an error. When I open windows explorer and go to the network path I can access it without problems. When I relaunch the program after doing this it can find the database.

I do not have this issue on another PC.
Anyone any ideas how to solve this? I assume a windows networking or settings issue?

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with interfacing with a poct-1a device (specs on iso90.ir/phocadownload/csli/POCT1-A.pdf).

I am a bit confused by this protocol: it specifies communication with POCT-1a compatible devices, but I don't see any communication protocols in this elaborate document, just descriptions of how it should happen and ASCII encoded files. Shouldn't there be any hexadecimal or bit code that describes the commands to and responses from the device?

Kind regards,


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Hello peoplez,

I am writing an application in vb.net using a mysql database.
I need it to be multilingual.
I have not found much useful info on this so I thought I 'd go ahead and work it out myself.
I have started making a translation table in the mysql database consisting of the fields id, description, lang1, lang2
I would then use the proper language column according to the configuration. Not too hard upto this point.
I was wondering if there is a good reason NOT to use the database, but in stead use plain text files. A good reason would be speed for example.
anyone any thoughts on this?



@G Waddel: I understand the concept of databases, this is not what I meant.
@adams161: thanks for the answer, I'm gonna google on that

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I was wondering about something: is there a way to communicate with another program/process on the PC without using files?
What would this look like? Is there a search term I can use to get more info?
This is not a vb.net question per se, but a general software question.



[QUOTE=sknake;986481]but I am perplexed why it doesn't work when using the datetimePicker.Value.[/QUOTE]
as am i :)

[QUOTE=sknake;986481]As long as it works though :)[/QUOTE]
I guess so :)

I found a workaround using [code]
Dim intDay, intMonth, intYear, intHour, intMinute, intSecond As Integer
intDay = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Day
intMonth = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Month
intYear = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Year
intHour = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Hour
intMinute = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Minute
intSecond = (DateTimePicker1.Value).Second
_cls.myDateTime = New System.DateTime(intYear, intMonth, intDay, intHour, intMinute, intSecond)

is this an acceptable solution? Is there a reason why I should not be using this?

thank you for your help guys.
I've tried parameterized queries but I got a datatime mismatch error while executing the insert query.
I figured it would have been a globalisation problem.
Apparently the error occurs when I set my classes datatime to the value in a datetimepicker with custom format(dd-MM-yyyy H:mm:ss)
It is weird though: if I return a messagebox with the month of the datetimepicker value, it will return what I need, but if I set my classes datetime, it goes wrong.
I managed to solve the problem using
[CODE] Dim strCurrentCulture As String = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.ToString
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = New CultureInfo("en-US", True)
_cls.myDateTime = DateTimePicker1.Value
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = New CultureInfo(strCurrentCulture, False)
I'm not sure if I will run into problems on other machines with different culturesettings.
Could anyone enlighten me on this?



edit: Hmmmm.... apparently this only works now and then :(
I don't understand....

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I'm habing a problem with an access database i'm trying to fill programmatically with vb.net.

I have a datatimepicker to set a date with a custom format like "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm"
If I insert this date in my access database the days and months are switched (mm/dd instead of dd/mm).
What could be causing this?



addition: the generic hid tester sends out 2 bytes to the device which can be configured: eg.: byte 0 = 00, byte 1 = 80.

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I'm trying to communicate with an external hid-compliant USB device.
I've been looking for a way to do this, but I'm not getting anywhere.
With the [url=http://www.lvr.com/hidpage.htm]Generic HID Tester[/url] I did not manage to get proper communication, allthough I got the application to recognise the device using the porper vendor id and device id
I'm not sure how to translate (part of the communication protocol):
[CODE]Type REQ Value Index Length
81 06 00 22 00 00 67 00[/CODE]
into something vb.net undertands. the generic hid tester sends out bytes to the device.

Anyone any ideas?

kind regards,


Excellent! This solved the issue.
Would you mind explaining why this problem occurs?

edit: hmmm... apparently I cannot get the splashscreen like I want now.
Would you care to give me another pointer for that?

vampke Light Poster

Hello good people of vb.net,

I'm experiencing problems with an application I'm writing.
I have a login dialog that is loaded in the main form's load property, like this:

Private Sub FrmMain_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
' show login if configured
If My.Settings.login Then
Me.Visible = False
Dim dlg As New frmLogin
End If
End Sub

I make the main form visible from the login dialog if the login is correct. This works perfectly in another app I've written.
In this one the main form automatically gets set to visible again after FrmMain_Load is finished. I am cluelees to why this might be.
I have been trying things with a splash screen, maybe something went wrong there, but I can't find what. Disabling the splashscreen all together doesn't do much good either.
Anyone know where to look?


in case somebody would be interested: after days and days of looking into this issue I have found the solution.
The form I was working with was an MDI form. VS puts some menu items by default, among which undo and redo. There are keyboard shortcuts asigned to these default menu items: this was the problem.
For some reason, the shortcuts do not work in child forms. Removing the menu items from the MDI form fixed the problem.

I want to use these default key settings on (rich) text boxes
ctrl+z = undo
ctrl+y = redo

right clicking seems to work in a regular textbox, but only 1 undo is possible. I want to have multiple undo's in a (rich) text box.

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I writing this vb.net app using an mdi form.
I want to be able to use ctrl+z and ctrl+y in my forms' controls.
This is not working by default, allthough I read that it should.

What could be the problem here? I do not have any code in my project for the keydown function so this can't be it i guess

anyone any ideas?

Hello again,

I'm sorry for my late reply, but I have been very busy at work :(

Here is some sql to create and populate the 2 tables:

[CODE]CREATE table subjects (
subject_id counter,
subjectname text
CREATE table visits (
visit_id counter,
subject_id number,
parameter1 text,
parameter2 text

INSERT INTO subjects (subjectname) VALUES ("r");
INSERT INTO subjects (subjectname) VALUES ("p");
INSERT INTO subjects (subjectname) VALUES ("q");
INSERT INTO visits ( subject_id, parameter1, parameter2) VALUES ("1", "123", "121");
INSERT INTO visits ( subject_id, parameter1, parameter2) VALUES ("1", "223", "221");
INSERT INTO visits ( subject_id, parameter1, parameter2) VALUES ("2", "532", "128");
INSERT INTO visits ( subject_id, parameter1, parameter2) VALUES ("3", "372", "936");
INSERT INTO visits ( subject_id, parameter1, parameter2) VALUES ("1", "231", "721");[/CODE]

thanks again ramy, unfortunately i get the same %£#@# error!
this is very frustrating :/
Now i get the error on Subject_ID
I'm running this query directly in ms access.

ok, here it is:
SELECT Subjects.Subject_ID, Subjects.SubjectCode, Subjects.SubjectName, Visits.Date, Visits.Comment
FROM Subjects INNER JOIN Visits ON Subjects.Subject_ID = Visits.Subject_ID
GROUP BY Subjects.Subject_ID
HAVING Visits.Visit_ID = Max (Visits.Visit_ID)

Thanks again Ramy,
I tried Group By already, but I always get an error on the other fields that I need in my resultset:
[QUOTE]You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression 'someotherfield' as part of an aggregate function[/QUOTE]

Apparently I always get this when querying a field that I don't use in the group by statement
I don't understand this at all :(

Thanks for your help Ramy,

Your suggestion will only return 1 result. I need one result per subject.
So far I managed to get a resultset that returns every subjects every visit using:
SELECT Subjects., Visits.
FROM Subjects INNER JOIN Visits ON Subjects.Subjects_ID = Visits.Subjects_ID

I guess I'm halfway there, I only need to get only the heighest result of Visit_ID for every subject

I tried the group by statement, but got an error that I could not work out

vampke Light Poster

Hi guys,

I'm stuck at this query I'm writing. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.
I have 2 linked tables: subjects and visits with a relationship on subject_id:

table subjects:
Subject_id, name, birthdate

table visits:
Visit_id, Subject_id, parameter1, parameter2

Now I need to query that will get a result set of all subjects with the parameter1 and parameter2 of the latest visit_id.

I could do it using a select all query for subjects and than querying the visits table for every subject, but I'm sure there is a way to do this in 1 query. Could anyone be so kind to offer me some free consulting? ;)