Where is the code where you try to use My.Computer?[/QUOTE]

any code. normally if i type eg system. vs2008 will offer autocompletion. it doesn't do this for a lot of the common libraries on my system like "My.Computer.FileSystem" (or other my.computer....) and system.data.etc...

Which error message do you get?[/QUOTE]
Name "My" is not declared

system.data: data is not a member of system

If you're sure everything is well, try to re-install the .net framework!

I tried to uninstall 3.5 and vs.net2008 and then installing them again, but no luck there :(

vampke Light Poster

I'm following a course on vb.net and have visual studio 2008 from my school (msdn program)
Unfortunately I'm having serious problems: apparently I can't use a lot of the common references.
Eg.: If I try to use My.Computer.... the IDE does not recognise this. Same thing for System.Data...
He gives an error but without proposing a solution for it, the thing is just not recognised.
I can't add these references in the project's references either.

Anyone an idea where the problem could be?