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Can u tell me more about BULK INSERT, also I am not inserting any bad data.. It's just that the insert query has to run 1000000 times in a loop with different input data as read from a file into appropriate tables. I am doing a simple INSERT into TABLE query.. but its the sheer number of transactions with the data base thats slowing down the process.


I have a SQL Server DataBase and have about 10,00,000 entries to be inserted into the database before the database becomes operational. I am currently performing an insert query for each entry, as they have to be read from a file and decided into which table they should be put in. To update all the entries it will take a long time to complete. Can anyone suggest a faster way to do this ?

Anyone any suggestions ?

Thanks for u r reply..
Correct me if I am wrong.. but are'nt SqlLite and MySQL Relational databases and not Object oriented databases ?

Thanks for the reply..

I want an open source OODB as this will be free to use.

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Does anyone know good and reliable "Open Source"object oriented database for use with c#.
My Database will contain about 500 mb to 1 Gb of data.


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By using the Tag property of treenode how can we display a table in a treenode.I have used the tag property to store information regarding the treenode.

I want to have a tree view control with tables as treenodes instead of labels that.
For this I cant use third party controls even though they r free
So I want write Owner drawn treecontrol can anyone give me the links to any tutorials that explain this concept with an example or any pointer as to ho to get this done??

Thanx DoubleD it solved my problem.

I get a input from the user and based on this input there will be corresponding node in my tree view(Can be at any level inside the treeview),and I will know only its name .Have to find this node and append my child node to it..
Where I add my child Node depends on the user and has to be done at runtime..
Hope this Helps..

IF I am using Treenode.Name then how can I proceed to search for a given Node and append a child to it..??

Thanks for the Quick response..
If I do TreeView's TreeNodeCollection Find method it will return me a treenodecollection and any changes I do will not be reflected in the actula treeview.Please correct me if I am wrong..


I have a treeview control and want to add a node to it at a desired location or as the child of a Certain Node X.The problem is I will know nodename[or the Text displayed ] of X only at runtime.

How do I Iterate the tree to find the given Node and add a child to it ??

Do I have to write a recursive function that iterates the nodes of a tree,find the given node and add a child to it OR is there an easier way to do this..


I wanted to know as to how to pass an object of a class with a number of member variables across aspx pages.

What is the lifetime of session variables in a application..

Also can someone give me any links to good articles on session variables in which give information on advantages and disadvantages of using the same.

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More inof on Matlab please...

Hi, thanks for the replies
I want to compare only two small files may be about 10 to 15 seconds what would be the ideal option..
Also I have a little knowledge of programming in matlab.
So can we make a dll in matlab and how to call it from c# code ??

How do I modify an audio file( say mp3 or wav) using c# .
I want to compare 2 audio files if they are same..
Also if someone could tell me how to record an audio using code would be great...

Got IT
Thanks a Million

Thanks Ramy Mahrous..

I tried this but it shows only whts between the summary tags and not the ohers
I tried a lot of combinations but doesnt show the whats inside other tags

How do I make a tooltip with summary appear for cutom defined functions just like the one that appears for inbuilt functions with
VS 2008

Like when I type List.Add() a tool tip says what the inpute params are and what the add functions does
I have tried writing comments above my functions in the same format as written in microsoft code but does not work

Anyone please help me get this done.......

It is something like this...
I am automating a process and one of the steps is to install aniother application so I have to run Install.exe and automatically click on next,accept etc.. buttons when they appear by code or any ohter way to complete the installation and proceed furhter..
Any Guidence on this???


I am developing a C# Forms Applications that will run a process
install.exe of a certain application. I want to click the NEXT,ACCEPT,etc buttons through C# code. The Install.exe is not something under my control..
Any Hellp please...

I am using msxml4 for my project with an xml file of about 10mb.
I read this xml file multiple times as it gets modified a lot during the application run. So I am using xmlDoc->release() after reading the xml file and performing the required operation on it . But the Memory allocated to the DOM tree does not get released on xmlDoc->release() and after about 50 to 100 operations entire memory is consumed and application crashes.

So how do i release the memory allocated to the xml (DOM TREE) in the memory with MSXML4.

when creating a new xml file using xercesC++ all the attributes are ordered alphabetically at the output, how to see to it that the attributes are written in the order they are appended??

also how to associate with an xsd when creating a new xml with xerces C++

I Want to develop a forms application that coverts a 3gp file to avi using a froms application with c#.
How to go about this ??
I know there are a lot of freewares available but i still want to do it,
Can anyone plz help me out??

I have a a function that is written in pure unmanaged c++ .
i want to convert this to a dll and use this in a c# application ..
Is this possible and if so how?
Can anyone please give some sample code to do this or any links.
I have only a day to do this guys so please help me..

How do i read an xml file with unmanaged c++??
is there any built in classes with VS 6.0 i.e with unmanaged code..
Please help..