[QUOTE=gbuxton;1281686]My name is Glenda and I currently live in VA west of DC. I am almost 50 years of age.

Hobbies: camping and reading. I like anything with Science Fiction/Fantasy. I read every vampire book I can find.

Education: Business Computer Information Systems, Accounting[/QUOTE]

Hi Glenda, welcome to the Daniweb forum! IMO, the huge directory of knowledge, watching your age, atleast we can learn something from you hopefully. Have a nice time and see you in other threads as well. :)

Why not? And if you don't want untargeted traffic then i think not even a single social site can help you.

Still if you are not satisfied then play in relevant forums and work on banner advertising.

There are many effective ways to drive targeted traffic. Find some relevant blogs and comment on them but make sure the blog is dofollow. Get some high traffic relevant forums and start participating on them and put signature links on them. But, you have to stay active on those forums to get benefit from it. Create you profile on social networking sites like twitter, facebook, myspace and meme.yahoo.com and build a professional network. Share your links and services with the members. Try to be friendly with other memebers. But, the best way i know is to build the website content so that you will have something worth in your site to show the people.

Well, twitter is a fast growing social networking site which has got the potential to boost your business effectively. You just need to be active on it and keep tweeting your site links Re-tweet others as well. Build a network with people relevant to your business. Also, request them to connect with you on other social sites too. The more friends and followers you have, your traffic will be according to it. Good Luck!!!

In my opinion, reciprocal linking can cause you loss of visitors, so you better use the free techniques like article submission, social bookmarking, forum signatures, RSS feed directory submission, web directory submission and blog comments. Also, creating free pages on sites like hubpages, squidoo and vox will help you to build strong backlinks. These are some free techniques to increase backlinks.

Indeed, if you have something worth in your website you will definitely rank not in 30 but top 10 results very soon. If you go for SEO you still have to wait few months to get top 30.

Do you mean Organic Traffic? If you want organic traffic then you need to work on the on-page activities, because search engines can provide you the organic traffic. All the other techniques can't bring you the genuine traffic.

Yes, you are right high PR has nothing to do with traffic. To drive the traffic you need to work on off-page activities and use all the promotion techniques. At last, traffic is what concerns for any business. To run a business successfully and to get tremendous income the only thing you need is traffic.

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[QUOTE=quicktpgo;987648]Write articles that could pique the attention of people that have interest in your product. Try writing articles that will provide tips and guides to other aficionados.

Writing articles that provide good service and knowledge to other people would provide the necessary mileage your traffic flow needs.[/QUOTE]
yes definitely, if you provide good information to the visitors they would come back for new and updated info. This way you will get long term visitors back. And remember that more than new, the old ones are more important.

[QUOTE=snapshot;978942]The PR of the websites might not be that important nowadays anymore because many times having even low PR links from high quality and relevant sites could help the rankings better.[/QUOTE]
Completely agree with you, for better ranking you don't need high PR, you just have to build relevant links and the site has some quality. Also, i have noticed that Google nowadays is giving importance to the sites which are being updated frequently with unique and fresh content.

Linking to inner pages will increase you the link popularity of those inner pages.

Thanks for the reply... But, how should i find those country specific niches? Also, are the niche directories better than general directories?

Robdale 39 Practically a Master Poster

Like global audience, i want to target local audiences via local search engines. Could anyone please suggest me, how can i do that?

I think instead of linking only to homepage, link each page so that every web page will get similar boost.

[QUOTE=hireaprogrammer;978125]Promote your blgo in forum , blog comment , other blog and try to use maximum keyword in content[/QUOTE]

what are suggesting, man? you are saying maximum keywords, there should be some keyword density or else it will be consider as spam.

Its so simple, without optimizing a website for search engines you can top it. To get good results and output from search engines you need to work on on-page and off-page activities. Thats why the SEO is popular and necessary for a websites success.

People think that to get noticed by visitors high PR is needed, but there are many successful bloggers which have proved that there is no need to have high PR. They are successful only because of the unique and fresh content. The unique content is the thing which attracts and visitors and the search engine spiders.

You can use all types of promotion techniques, but to make the visitors stay on your site you need your site to be look nice and attractive.

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[QUOTE=snapshot;964547]If you take a look at the SEO trends running on the net since several years ago, you would notice that the off page elements have been gaining more power shares of the on page items and so links have remained the key elements in top rankings issues.[/QUOTE]
But i have heard that now google is no more giving importance to backlinks.

Yes, google penalizes sites which are copying content from others sources. But, i have also seen some sites having duplicate content and still having good page rank. How?

Yes, there is no fastest and quickest way to get top 10 ranking, you need to work hard to get on first page. I read that article but i am not satisfied with it.

Blackhat methods are good for instant traffic but can harm your websites credibility. You may get banned by major search engines like google and yahoo. Using organic SEO can ensure you that your site will last longer on internet and will receive benefits from search engines for long term.

Informative content is what you will need to drive traffic to your blog. RSS feeds are the great way to get new content on your site. Optimizing the websites for search engines is must to get the benefit from search engines.

Definitely blogs are the great way to drive lots of traffic to the sites. It has been proved by bloggers and search engine specialists that blogs are the best source to drive traffic to your websites. Also, more than a separate blog, a blog which is on your site as a sub-domain benefits much better. Every changes on your blog will be consider as the change in your website by search engines. Also, the visitors coming to your blog will get the benefit of your website too.

Really great tips, canadafred.

Use the "All in One SEO Pack" plugin. It really helps in search engine optimization. Use short titles of about 4 to 9 words and include your main keywords in it. Also, mention the meta keywords, however google don't give importance but yahoo and other search engines does.