[QUOTE=sunandoghosh;137525]POSSIBLE windows registry error - urgent attention

Hi friends,

I dont know why but every now and then i am getting these two error messages...



would really appreciate if someone can throw a light about what exactly needs to be done and what exactly is the problem....

anxiously awaiting for the solution and advice....

thanks and best regards,

Hey, that is reallyu something new... i think you can contact these guys they will be surely able to help you out in this

Salem commented: 5 years too late -4

[QUOTE=Eager_Beever;831609]@"caperjack", Which one will be better in terms of performance, reliability and portability? A regular external HDD like from Seagate/Iomega etc. or a Laptop HDD in a casing? I am not asking about a particular brand or model as I will have to choose from locally available units, just comment or the difference in general.


Lalit Kumar Barik[/QUOTE]

You can try these two

Last i heard was that google has discontinued PR, so thre wont be any updates for the time being!

ist simple, it means that the links have not been cached by google, i would suggest you to build some links from high PR pages

have you personally used it? i think it is good for creating a buzz, you can really not get great traffic from it

i have beusing all the major tubes but i think the best and most content is available on Youtube only!

yep! i agree with you, there should be an ethical way of putting in links, but i had to shutdown my blog (i had one blogger blog) and i removed a ll the no follow tags from it. in 7 days time my blog was full of 236 comments! i had to make it a no follow again, bu still they didnt stop coming. eventually i had to turn it off

i had started off with Blogger, but off late i have been finding WO better, the best part about WP is the a mount of Plugins available on net today, it makes blogging so customizable and easy!

You can use Yahoo to check the back links just type link:[url]http://www.yoursite.com[/url]
or instead there is a site called baclinkwatch, search it on google and you can determine the exact no of backlinks to your site

i have been using social media, Youtube and flickr, tell me how to use DIgg and Twitter for maximum advantage?

see, getting links from any site is good, if the site has a good PR. i would urge you to look for relevant links. coz in the longer run relevancy does play an important role!