This is my first time actually providing an answer on these forums so here goes..
A class is something like a template.
There are a few special method associated with classes and the init method is one of those. (more on that later).

Imagine a class representing a person.
This person would have several "attributes" like name, age, gender etc.

In such a situation, an object created by a class (with the necessary code in the init method) would have the attributes name age and gender.

So, in the init method, you would include the following.
class Person:
def init(self,name,age ,gender): = name.
self.age = age
self.gender = gender[/CODE]
when you make a person by typing
Josh = Person('josh',10,male)
the arguments you provided will be used by the init method to create attributes of josh.
so, = josh.
Josh.age = 10
and josh.gender = male.

I hope I did a good job explaining this.
I would highly recomment "a byte of python" by swaroop CH. A free PDF manual for python. Explains classes beautifully.

how do I do that?

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