replace your ??????? with *

How are you calling function update?

Looks a little like jquery or some other Javascript library is being used.
Libraries like jquery make javascript so much easier to use.

Instead of writing getElementById("createuserprofilecheckbox")
in jquery you'd write $("#createuserprofilecheckbox")

I'm guessing the above function may have been written for a different library, personally i'm only familiary with jquery.

Can you try replacing your GetXmlHttpObject function with this one?

function GetXmlHttpObject(handler)
var xmlHttp=null;
if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
//code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
} else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
//code for IE6, IE5
xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");
} catch (e) {alert (e.description);}
return xmlHttp;

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You're saying it works in IE but not firefox?

Might be an idea to post all your code up, my raw ajax is a little rusty as I always use jquery. But I have some older code lying around which I can compare your code to.

I usually find that when I float a load of images or list items, the containing div or list needs to have overflow:hidden added to the CSS.

Floating disrupts the natural flow of the document, adding overflow hidden to the container allows the document to re-flow after you've disrupted it. (That made more sense in my head)

Try adding this to the start of your css


Might help, if not post back

Also this is a great tutorial on how to make rollover images appear.


Doesn't sound healthy does it?

Can you whip the hard drive out and connect it to another computer.
Then run chkdsk from that computer? That's how I found out my hard drive was snafu'd

I could be wrong as my php is not that strong, but your echo statement looks incorrect

try <?php echo($price); ?>

Also are you setting the value of $price? i.e. you're not sending a null value are you?

Does your page members.php have some code that checks the session variable is set? If so can you post that code?

There is no CSS solution to this problem
Your answer lies in javascript

This site should help you out

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Gald to have helped.
Sorry, I should have highlighted the += thing.
I'm so used to writing it, I did it without thinking.

Open the table, check each field by sorting them A-Z then Z-A and look for any dodgy or blank entries. Start with any date type fields you have.

use onclick="showupdate()"

then in your javascript


var var1 = document.myForm.MyDate2.value;
var var2 = document.myForm.Classification.value;

var url="getupdatePromo.php";

That's a surprise, the main culprit for data mismatch is a date that has been entered incorrectly.

Is "Client Info records" a query or a table?

Is it debugging at the openform stage?

I think i just answered this in the post above this one, but just in case.

However, I would highly recommend you learn jQuery. You'll find ajax requests so much easier.

okay, within your head tags type this

body { color:#cc00cc; background-color:#ffff00; }

Notice I specified what I wanted to apply the style to in this case body. The styles I applied are encased in curly brackets {}.
Then you enter what you want to change for the text color it's just color, then a colon : then the value, I use #values. Finally a semi-colon.

If you ever find when playing with CSS that something is not happening, double check your semi-colons and colons.

I've give you a snippet of CSS, I would highly recommend [url][/url] for the full run down.

Hope that helps and good luck

Are you trying to enter your CSS in the same page or an external page and then link to it?