I agree. We cannot assume for something that has not even proven yet. And that is the main reason why I cannot debate the existence of God.

A simple solution to many problems or conundrums would be to assign them to the workings of a Divine Being. Then build up some rules around those ideas. Hey presto you have a religion. Now all you have to do is convince some of your mates that you're right.

I've also taken this point. Though people that are in dept with religion also mess up science and may sometimes slow it's progress.

I am sorry for what I have stated. I hope you can forgive me. You guys have proven me that you guys are smart people, and I came to the right place to ask this. Thank you for entertaining me and answering my questions. I am nothing compared to your level of knowledge and still you humbly answered my questions. Thank you!

Ardav: What the... You're a MODERATOR now?? NOICEE!! Congratulations mate! Drinks on you!


@Everyone: Yes Science and Religion can co-exist! Let me demonstrate:

First, let us assume these variables:

God exist;
God = The developer of this website;
Daniweb = Universe;

If God really exist, then just imagine that the developer of this website(God) telling us how he created this website. How he programmed and how he designed this website.

Now imagine we are living inside this website. IF the developer just left and took a break, and we started to discover this website and no one found the developer, are we going to doubt the existence of a God just because he left? Can we really assume that if we can't find it, does that mean we can prove that God never exist?

Now for the record, I know you guys will not assume that this website just poof out of nowhere. As we browse and interact with it, we all know that someone created this website.

I have seen bugs and exploits on this website, but I have never seen one in real life. This universe, is too perfect to assume that no one designed it, it just came out of nowhere. Are you telling me that this website is more complex than the universe? I reckon that our technology and knowledge is still primitive(Based on Kardashev scale) and yet we conclude that there is no God.

Science had never ever proved that God never existed. Until now, it just tells us how God created everything(Assuming there's a God).

I am ...


@GrimJack So do you believe in God of Spinoza? What I'm pointing here is do you believe that all of these came from something regardless of what kind. As for all the mathematical equations points out that you cannot conclude an equation if all the values are null or has no value at all. That is the point of singularity.

@Ancient Dragon I am also a Christian. But just like you I don't believe in the literal interpretation of the bible. What I believe is Science and Religion are different but collaborate with one another(like Yin and Yang). And I also believe that Science alone can prove the existence of a God. Religion tells us what kind of God is that.


Before anything else, I would like to remind everybody that I am not here for a debate. The mere purpose of this is for me to know different beliefs of people around the globe. Specially for people from IT community.

So my question is, If you're an Atheist, would you believe in what science define as God?

PS: The God I am talking about is a God who's God of spinoza, Just a Creator. or the point of singularity, where all the things we know came from. It does not care, does not love, can just be a "Thing".


[QUOTE=happygeek;1726938]It's either a phishing scam (the old dating game one two - he/she sends photos of someone, builds a rapport, asks for money...) or a malware exercise where the photos are actually infected executables.

One thing is for sure, nothing good would come from it and DaniWeb bans all such scammers as soon as they are brought to our attention.[/QUOTE]

That would be an idiotic move. Come on, I'm a developer. And this is a Developers forum. How possible for someone here to fall for that trap. And Plus, Witch please. I'm using Ubuntu Linux. [URL="


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Yours in miss Marcy wth??? Is this a spam message from adosa86??


It all comes down who uses it alot. Most of the servers uses PHP because it was really linux based. IMO, I would say choose PHP or atleast programming languages based on linux servers. Honestly, I don't see ASP servers more often than PHP. Plus, they have better Frameworks (which I think is crucial) than ASP. But some companies are partners with microsoft (which I think is pathetic). So choose wisely


I had a terrible grade when it comes to mathematics. I do suck at it{Except Trigonometry}. But Seriously {Not to brag} I've been the best kid around when it comes to programming.

To add another point, My Mathematics teacher laugh at me when I told her that I wanted to take Computer Science. She told me that I cannot handle the intense mathematics there{Oh God knows she's sooo wrong}. So guys, What do you think about it? :)


Paying? I think this is a thesis, am I right?

I would leave paying away from my project but as far as I'm concerned, when your intention is for the student to pay through the internet, it will be an headache for you and if you're living in a country that exchanging money systems like paypal is not being used, it would really cause you alot of headache.

But you can try to database everything. Example, when a student wants to know information about his/her balance to the school or how much the student needs to pay that would go.


[QUOTE=cscgal;1641302]The site is called DaniWeb because I wanted to create the site as a hobby when I was in college, and I happened to have had the domain name daniweb.com that I used to use when I was 13 years old to post photos of my dogs, and I didn't feel like spending the ten bucks on a new domain name.[/QUOTE]
You already had your own personal domain when you were 13?? I was like playing Counter Strike when I got into that age O_O


[QUOTE=ardav;1647421]Cookies are the usual way to enable this. But problem with this if cookies turned off by browser.
Sessions - I don't know how these would help you with a persistent login. Sessions are also a problem if cookies are turned off.

You could log an IP address, but they aren't unique and they can change for an user. So, no they're useless...[/QUOTE]

No, that would be a problem if they are in the same IP address (Ex: Internet Cafe, Home with multiple computers). When that happens, even the other computer in the same roof will be logged in

I suggest the cookies will be the best, he just have to indicate something on the page like "You must enable your cookies to login"


What's the difference between Sessions and Cookies? They both do the same job but has different limitations. But nevertheless, if storing data on the client's side is your problem I'd prefer to use Session instead of Cookies. Some browsers block cookies for security purposes.

Anyway, If you like to automatically logged in then forever logged (something) there is no way that you can tell your scripts that this is the user. You have to log in once. Well maybe you can use Cookies for this.


This is what we call Session{Search Session PHP}

In for example: You have a table in your database that has:

UserID Username Password
2332 User1 demo

If User1 log in, Store the UserID in a Session variable. Then like this

if($_SESSION["UserIDCurrentlyLogged"] == "")
//Not login

// search the database and then poof!

  1. The returning value is incorrect

[CODE] function getSiteName($SiteID){

    selectSiteName = "SELECT siteName FROM site WHERE siteID = $SiteID";

    return $this->siteName;


Why are you going to return a null value?

  1. Yes I think it's better to use unique IDs to avoid conflicts