I would suggest that you go on with python or PHP... Just to think that Linux is more favorable with these languages... and we all know that Linux is much better than windows when it comes to server stuff.

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Btw about the <?= Output ?> thing, They could have been depreciated or infact just a setting on the server. Also, <? ?> doesn't usually works until you set it on php.ini I think

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Is a computer an animal?


Is there anything missing here?


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Hi! Welcome to DW!!

For us Web Developers, I think the best approach would be like this:

<h1><?php echo "Hello there!"; ?></h1>


Doing this kind of approach could be more coding rather than echo-ing it all. But the advantage of doing this is making it more easier to edit the HTML tags by means of any HTML editor(Dreamweaver for example). Making it more convenient for development :)

Hope this helps! :D

Psssh...[B] I hate to say it,[/B] but it's another Filipino Spoon Feeder... Please, don't be like this... You are already a 4th year student and you should BE ON YOUR ON NOW...

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~Albert Einstein

[QUOTE=pseudorandom21;1601895]Now you guys are depressing me, I'm 21 already and haven't even got to use my skills for money. 50 - 21 = some wasted time, <sigh>.[/QUOTE]

Dude I'm already 23 and still not using my skills to earn some money. =/

[QUOTE=wenbnet;1601206]Will go my Native Village n do Farming.[/QUOTE]

Sick! :) I wanna do that too :) just live in a farm... so quiet... so peaceful...

[QUOTE=pseudorandom21;1600460]I don't even like using facebook, I get online to see if I have any messages, if not I just close the window.

I guess I just have no friends ;)[/QUOTE] Well you got friends here! :P

Hello Sisters and Brothers from Daniweb (The greatest Devshed forum out there, hell yeah!)

Last month, I was thinking about quitting my Facebook.... I've been a member since 2008 and was really enjoying it. But lately, I discovered that it already affects my life. [B]A lot.[/B]

I realize that as a Web Developer, it has really affected my productivity and my self progress and development as a programmer. But it's too late, I was already poisoned by this social networking and now I'm trying to cure myself... by [B][U]QUITTING FACEBOOK[/U][/B]

My life revolves around Facebook. There are lots of weeks that I just facebook all the way... and do nothing.

...and then one day, I stumbled upon a blog of a developer, and I saw the comment box where one visitor was saying [I]"Why aren't you going online in IRC?"[/I] and the owner of the blog said [B][I]"It's poisoning my work as a developer. I was afraid that it could really affect my development"[/I][/B]

[B] Damn he's right... He is really really right...[/B]

I could've gotten better... I could've improved myself... I could've gotten alot of project and already finished it.

I also realized that as a developer, [B]our laboratory is our computer[/B] like any other laboratories out there. In fact, when you go to the laboratory, you just do your experiment. And there is no other thing you can do. When you are a doctor, you only go to the hospital and deal with the patients. And there is ...

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[QUOTE=jingda;1598976]Me or the original poster?[/QUOTE]

Oops sorry brother. That was some Tagalog there. She lives in my country so I just greeted her in our language :)

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these are my resolutions:

[]Less Games
]More Coding
[]I will learn how to code in standards
]I will learn more about cURL, Jquery and LOTS of new technology in Web Development
[]I will learn JAVA programming and replace VB as my software Primary Language
]I will continue developing my projects and sites
[]and lastly, I will finish my Thesis and,

so, what's your new years resolutions guys? ;)

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hmmm. okay you just have to use your imagination.

first, there is a split function in JS: that is [url]http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2049033/how-to-split-string-using-jquery[/url]

so, you can just put delimiter on the echo'd data coming from the PHP script.

for example

var str = html; //assuming the data is hello||john||world
var arr = str.split("");
//now doing this will give you 3 separate data


Hope this helps

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try this one instead


echo '<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="0; URL="../../index.php">';


[QUOTE=MosaicFuneral;1316139]Thought: That similes induce nausea.
Worry: That I'll vomit.[/QUOTE]
I never thought that [I]smilies[/I] induce vomiting. I think you should worry about that more coz it's not normal you know =/

wow coool eyes! I'd like to have one too :( Nice meeting you btw :)

yeah just add " " I guess that will do :)

No problem and Anytime :)

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