I think download sites initially helped software companies who offered evaluation versions a good channel to sell more software. Now they are irrelevant. As far as how freeware is impacting software sales, I think people are learning you get what you pay for, and little in life is truly "free".

Sounds like you have Malware on your computer or a virus that is hijacking your browser. Do some scans.

In order to perform well, you must also have backlinks from relevant reputable sources that relate to your content.

Why not use a ready-made script like RSSmesh to merge the feeds? It seems it would be much easier.

[QUOTE=yanti;833667]hi guys, just want to know how to do alert via email when a new record updated in database. i use php and mySql. thanks.[/QUOTE]

You could use something like PageGate with the commandline/ascii to send alert when a record or something is updated. Does not have to be an email could be a text message as well.