My problem was described exactly above. I cannot open programs or download programs to fix the problem. It always says: Choose the program you want to open this file. so I cannot run the fixes. HELP

Hi, I paid them the $50, and got the replacement cds. When I put them in, the exact thing happened when I reached the middle of the 2nd disc. Toshiba told me I probably need a new hard drive. and its a 3 year old laptop and the hard drive would cost $250. So, I gave up. Then the next day I tried again 5 more times. And one time, it just went past that point and told me to insert the third disc and I did. And now I have the system working to some degree. I put my linksys software, so I could get the internet working and somehow it went in. But when I put other software it won't read it. And then I put a Dell imaging software program in that I have. And the ones that went in, it took a few hours, and I kept tilting the laptop so maybe it will read it in a different position. The trouble is that I cannot put anymore software in now, it won't read it. One guy told me, it may be the software. Maybe it needs something, the cdrw, some different drivers or something. I don't know. but it works a little. I cannot even put the software from my printer on. it won't go on. So I think it probably is the cdrw. And that costs $300 to replace and I do not think its worth it.
Anyway if you have any info that ...

[QUOTE=chrisbliss18]I don't think you mean reboot. Rebooting is when you shut the machine down and start it back up.

It would make sense if you were talking about reinstalling your system's operating system and software using the system restore CDs that came with your system. Is this what you are trying to do?

What is the model number of your laptop?

Was your computer running Windows XP? If not, which operating system was it running?

Please answer each of the questions.[/QUOTE]

It is a Toshiba 5105-S501
You are correcti. I was using the 3 cd's that came with the system to restore it back to the original state because of had alot of junk popping up.
I was running windows xp.
Can you help?

I was trying to reboot my laptop because it has alot of popups and junk on it but it was working.
I put in the 1st boot cd and all was fine. When I put in the second cd it read 1/2 of it, then said application error, cannot read cd. I repeated this 5 times. Then I paid Toshiba $50 for replacement cd's. Same thing is happening. My expensive 2 year old laptop is garbage. Can anyone help?
Toshiba said a new hard drive is $275. This is ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with my hard drive. Any suggestions I would appreciate.
Remember, the first cd erased everything on my harddrive so I can only open the laptop up to boot it up.