Have you not realized that anything posted on the Internet is considered free? There is a major paradigm shift going on here.

YouTube, MySpace, etc. only copies those porn sites. Every is looking to make money trying to offer a free product. Then cash into the big money.

I see no success here. I've posted about my 15 year old son here -

[url]http://jjmacey.net/blog/[/url] Free Is Good For Me.

The guys that develop these sites are far, far more creative than most. The US is very restricted in regard to programming and server speed, and operations.

Freedom is the name of the game. The internet makes us free!

Sex sells, but everyone is trying to make money out of it.

Hi All,

This is the third time this evening that I've posted about this FUD.

But, not on my Blog yet.

Keep everyone in the "Stone Age". Get with the real world.

These stupid Microsoft (M$) responses p*ss me off. There is no freedom there - Run Linux, Run Open Source, Run Free!