[QUOTE=joeprogrammer]It all depends on how you look at it. Here's Macworld's analysis:[/QUOTE]

You can do no damage to OSX while logged in as a normal user. Its UNIX origins don't allow you to make changes to vital parts of the system without having root privileges.

The problem is that some muppets just type their password in whenever the box pops up - thats how it spreads.

Its not clever, it doesn't exploit the system in any advanced way, it exploits dumbass users who deserve what they get. In my opinion it shouldn't be classed as a virus. Argue away at malware, etc, but if people have to acknowledge that its being installed its not a virus.

It probably gets the same crowd who gave £3,000 to Mr Henry Onwonku personal aide to the former bank manager of the Royal Bank of Nigeria so that he can obtain the safe key to the deposit box containing $12,140,423 (Twelve Million, One Hundred and Forty Thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty Three Dollars) and share it with them.

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