It is a flexible and relatively low cost method of promoting your website and generating interest that can help you achieve your company's targets. However, there are some drawbacks too of this advertising.

Does Google actually pay anyone when users sign up for AdSense after clicking the "Ads by Gooogle" links on top of every AdSense? I thought about this when I heard that has this kind of affiliate system built right into their ads, which is cool for webmasters...

TO gain more traffic to our website

I would think it would be less valuable to pay for traffic with the intention of a sale only to direct them to your page about the sale which directs them to a sales page of the product.

It seems redundant even, unless of course you have some hardcore know-how and your review is really on par. But, that would mean your advertisement would have to be very specific.

If I click an ad that claims this product can cure nipple aches or whatever, only to find myself on a page with a review of a product. I might just hit my back button and go to the next entry.

I guess it would be interesting to see some cross-testing.

It looks like I should have started it long ago. 7search have modified its policy and put an end to being the most popular second tier PPC engine for arbitrage: one site per account, 1000 keyword limit…

It is difficult to say why they made this step, even Google ‘allows’ this technique, but wants a bigger share of PPC arbitrage market and introduced its ‘landing page quality score’.

The experience that I have got within these few last weeks with PPC arbitrage makes me search a 7search replacement. I will test MSN AdCenter and probably Google AdWords, but I think it is harder with these two.

Open the properties for the printer, select security and add all the users, giving them rights to manage the documents/printer. The next time they connect, they will already be authenticated and be able to use the printer.

I had this EXACT problem tonight and after about an hour of digging through Google links I found a solution that was not so much steam-based but permissions-based within the registry.

Open Regedit and find your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\steam key. Click it, and after it tells you that you don't have permissions to view it, right click the key "folder" and select Permissions. You will probably notice that the list of allowed users under Groups or User Names is blank. Click the Add button and add any user groups you want to have access to Steam (I added "Administrators", "SYSTEM", and my user name). Then select Administrators, and make sure that group has full read/write access to the key. Click OK. If the interface gives you guff about not having permission to save because you are not the owner, Click the Advanced button, select the Owner tab, and make sure Administrator and any other users you added are listed as owners (I omitted SYSTEM as owner, and it worked fine for me).

Once you have permissions to the key you will see the values are there, Now do the same for all the other keys.

One odd thing to note, after giving myself permissions for the Shell key, I couldn't see the Shell\Open or Shell\Open\Command keys. As I was creating a new key under Shell to make my own "Open" key, it suddenly appeared and I could edit permissions on that key. Same deal with Shell\Open\Command. A simple refresh might work, I ...

What kind of motherboard is on the PC? Be as specific as possible. Maybe there is some info somewhere about clearing the CMOS with jumpers.

Another option is to open the PC case and look for a round battery (about 2cm in diameter). It looks like a flat silver coin, or an oversized watch battery. Hopefully your PC is not so old that it has some other type of battery.

If you find the battery, remove it for a period of time (a couple of hours), overnight might even be better. Make sure the PC if off when you do this, and that you are properly grounded.

Removing the battery should clear up all the BIOS settings.

Also, try using the bootdisk once again, and entering FDISK at the A:> prompt. Then select: Display partition information. See anything there? Is the partition set as active in Status? (The hard disk is not startable unless a partition is set as active.)

It sounds like Vista does not have a driver for your drive controller. This would be provided by whoever made the motherboard in the PC.

A lot of drive controller drivers are integrated into the Vista install disk, but not every one of them. Vista needs this driver to detect the hard drive during install.

I think Asus website might helps your problems.

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