[QUOTE=beyondcr;886064]Ok I looked all over for the phenoix bios beep code 1-1-1 and nothing exists (one soft beep then two louder beeps) Some one said its a VGA error but then why wouldn't this be documented some where with Toshiba or phoenix..... The laptop is giving me a error that dose not exist... and Toshiba tech is no help at all.... all i need is to be sure of what to replace...... i mean come on if you make a tool for trouble shooting please have some kind of documentation some where.... any knowledge on this issue will be appreciated...[/QUOTE]

It's possible that the soft beep is the post message, then something goes wrong and the actual error message is two beeps. Have you found an error code for two beeps?

[QUOTE=ChrisYard;886294]OK, after restarting the PC 100 + times in safe mode, normal mode, and all the other modes there is I finally got it working. I have now discovered that I have A virus on my PC. WinAv.exe and by searching on Google it looks like it might be a nasty little one, Kerspskey does not find it at the moment. I have a very small window at start up to do anything before the Virus kicks in and stops me from opening any thing. Whish me luck.[/QUOTE]

Your best bet is to recover you important files and reinstall.

Once a virus has been allowed to eat an os to the point it wont start, it's all down hill unfortunately. Save yourself hours of frustration

I would have thought 550 corsair would have been up to it. It is a little less than you would want running two hdd + after market cpu cooler and a dvd drive. 650-700wts would be better.

Have you actually observed the fan on the gpu running with the case side off? I have had this problem with a couple of cards and the fan starts up all right and registers with fan speed programs but it can fail at any moment. It only takes a couple of mins for the temp to skyrocket and the system will shut down.

I have always taken the poxy factory fans off my cards and cable tied on a case fan pluged straight into the psu, this way the fans always going independant of the card and it pushes alot more air over the heatsync.

Sounds like the ps2 connection may be failing. If it's a physical hardware problem with the connection then everthing may look rosey to the os. Tell him to get a usb mouse and see if that works.

I've had that prob a few times, try to remave the device then reinstall through hardware nmanager, if that dont work then perhaps a reinstall. If a reinstall doesn't fix it then it's all down hill from there. Some mobo's go bang! and others seem to die a painfull slow death!

[QUOTE=ddanbe;882628]Did you hear me say Wikipedia is the thruth and nothing but the thruth? Another tactic of persons like you, besides saying I have something intresting but I'll show it later(If at all:yawn: ), is not responding, avoiding or ignoring a point in the discussion, like my point on the newspaper.[/QUOTE]

Well actually I'm busy trying to save my mariage atthe moment so avoidance is not the issue.

Now funny you should mention the newspaper, Lets do a deal since your so hung up on the equidistant lettering code.

You get one page of your local paper and produce me more than a handfull of meaningfull equally spaced either vertical horizontal or diagonal letters and I'll show you a page of hebrew scripture that not only has dozens of meaningfull sentances but some that will blow you away because they relate to events that have already taken place.

Not only that but I will show you mathmatical properties of some parts of the english translated (aramaic) new testament that are so precise that they are outside of the ability of a normal human with a computer to concieve.

And as soon as my information arrives I will also post it up in regards to the ten dimensions.

The problem you are going to face is that the newspaper will yeild next to nothing and the hebrew is so unique thatas I stated earlier there is a joint governmental computer program that runs absolutely anything they can imagine entering into it. ...

Salem commented: yeah, that's the cop-out of all you "predictive types", you find stuff which has ALREADY HAPPENED! -6
iamthwee commented: interesting 10 dimensions! +21

[QUOTE=n.d.brown26;883698]Hi I want to install more RAM on my laptop but not sure how much/if it will be recognized since Im running a 32-bit OS. Heres the specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL-62 2.00 GHz
Ram: 3.00 Gb
Os: 32 Bit Vista
Maxium Memory: 4096 Mb


The maximum memory is 4 gb with 32bit vista

If that doesn't work I'm thinking it may have something to do with the fans, as it only happens in idle. There may be a configuration or short fault with the hardware causing a reboot signal. try taking the reboot switch of the mobo and see if it will idle.

[QUOTE=ChrisYard;882503]Thanks A1, I have tried to startup using last know good configaration but that did not work, I have not check BIOS yet. What I have done is make this hard drive a slave on another PC, When I tried to explore the drive it said that the drive was not accessible or corrupt does that mean that the drive is really really dead ????
By the way the Master O/S is Windows 2000 and the Slave (Broken Drive) is XP Pro.. Would that be why I could not explore the drive ??[/QUOTE]

Due to the missing boot files I'd say your file tables are corrupt.

Some things to try:

Hdd gurus find and mount: (use this to recover and back up all your important files before messing around further)

Check disk: run check disk and attempt recovery of bad sectors (i
m not sure how affective that would be with 2000)

Get an os disk: Get your hands on the os install disk, make sure you use the right one for your coa, xp pro, pro oem, home and home oem. Use the disk to run a repair.

You can do this either by finding a local computer repair shop and talking nicely. Or downloading the iso image and burning it off.

You may want to consider a fresh install, as this could very well be virus related. Keeping that in mind do not run or install any files you recover untill you have had a chance to ...

[QUOTE=ddanbe;881875]Of course! You are only interested in your own holy version of the thruth. Not a very scientific or logic way of handling things. But perhaps you are in to the more esotheric ways of living(new age, QBLH etc.) Well try this : take your todays newspaper, pinpoint ANY large enough article(or let an innocent hand do it), bet you find some "secret" messages in there too.[/QUOTE]

I'm not even interested in the 'thruth'

Wikkipedia is a load of crap, It's been proven that even the media buy into and report falsehoods deliberatly posted up on it to fool them!

[QUOTE=GrimJack;881700]No, they did not leave out the peer reviews - they covered that pretty fully.

You are too busy? You do not have a link? You do not even offer the name of the Rabi? This is a light forum but we do not suffer fools gladly (well, not exactly true, I am still here but you get my drift). Why did you even bother to post here?[/QUOTE]

The peer reviews I was refering to were the ones reqiured to get into the 'American scientist journal

was this a brand new laptop or second hand?

If it was new, take it back to the shop!

If it's second hand, Can you enter setup?

Somethings to try first:

get into your bios and make sure your hard drive is healthy

try booting in safe mode

turn on machine and shut it down a couple of times, see if you cant get it to detect a failed boot and choose "last known good configaration"

Does it ever do it while your using it, our is exclusive to sitting idle when it reboots?

If anyone else has this problem, It is more than likely caused by CONFICKER. If you cannot access trusted antivirus sites then this would certainly be the case.

[QUOTE=GrimJack;880601]What are you smoking? I want some; sounds better than some of the acid I did in the 70s. If you have something to show us, do so - so far you have just been blowing smoke. Which 6th cent. rabbi said what about how many dimensions? That equidistant only really works when you 'after the fact' choose the spacing. I think this 'stuff' was circulating quite a whild ago - look [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_code"]here[/URL][/QUOTE]

I'm not interested in the movie (or the wiki ) version of events.
What they have omitted to mention is that the eqiudistant lettering system was published in the american scientist, Only after being subjected to no less than three (yes that's right x3) peer reviews.

Normal procedure is for 1, they dont want there to be anything in this anymore than you do.

I will present the findings of the 6 century rabi soon, as at this moment I am quite busy and this is after all, only a tongue and cheek light forum.


[QUOTE=ithelp;880677]Ok please explain to me step by step how can I create matter/energy out of nothing ? If by following your steps I am succeed to do so I will accept the cosmic code.[/QUOTE]

Answer: You cant!

[QUOTE=ddanbe;880914]What about a bible translated in Russian, Portugese, Chinese?
All the same code? Or does it count only for Hebrew?
The original was in Greek or Armenian I'm not sure. Never mind, my question is why should one language be preferred over anotherone to derive "meaningfull bible codes" from it?[/QUOTE]

My main point of focus is on the Hebrew because that is tghe really freaky stuff. It is written from right to left (not that that matters) and it is continuous, just like code. It is code!

You can find stuff in all the translations , but nowhere near what is evident in the original hebrew text's, thats the really amazing and scary stuff.

[QUOTE=sneekula;880953]The Bible is full of rules to live by, not secret code!

If someone claims to have discovered secret code, then it is only to pull ignorant folks nose for financial gain or influence peddling.[/QUOTE]

Absolute nonsense:

Send $9.99 to find out why!

Salem commented: And so we see the true nature of religion - separating fools from their money - send $9.99 NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW -6

[QUOTE=Jupiter 2;881056]The second core is more of a booster than anything else. It was designed for high end gamers and video editing. Anything else is a waste of money and time.[/QUOTE]

The second core is there to be utilized by programs that you want to run, so you do not have the os taking away from it's power in order to run essential background services and processes which are run seamlessly on the first cpu!

As the coding develops further on 64 and 32x2 platforms, single cores will become obsolete! The future of programing will involve more complex processes utilizing anywhere between two and three processors at once, this is called mutlithreaded code. It will speed up computing by another leap.

So the guts of the matter is that you will have to go dual (at least) or be left behind by the software!

[QUOTE=niek_e;880363]Perhaps you should scan it and put the text in [noparse][code][/code][/noparse] tags. That should make the code more readable.[/QUOTE]

It's already being done as we speak. There is a joint governmental program that has a program running equidistant lettering configurations twnety four seven.

These 'predictions' have been acted on numerous times.

I find this usage rather childish. Prediction or prophercy is just a side issue's that arises from the supernatural origins of the text.

What is of more interest is how a sixth century Rabbi can write a detailed paper on the existance of ten dimensions, all from just studying the first scroll of Moses! Without a computer and in the abscence of modern quantum physics!

Work that one out. The text are only code because of thier origin.

All coders and and computer geeks should take this very seriously.

The ancient hebrew scripture and large sections of the bible are actually code. Thats right [B]CODE[/B] I can and will prove these claims over the course of this tread.

The major question is who, what and where?

Now before you dismiss me as a God freak or Bible basher I want you to think about this very seriously and would like to open up honest intellectual discussion on the mater, becasuse the subject is engrossing and if you dare to engage, you will not walk away unchanged in your views.

I promise!

iamthwee commented: I like esoteric prophesies. +21
Salem commented: http://clusty.com/search?query=bible+code+debunked&sourceid=Mozilla-search -6

[QUOTE=blackcloudbd;879218]guys I don't know how & why???? but pc is now working properly!!!! After "A1 data nz" told me to check with two 256MB, I tried that and it worked normally. Then I used all of my three sticks and the PC is now running smoothly....... in fact i m posting 4m my pc now. BUT i didn't change settings in BIOS or in any other place!!!

But i m worrying if it is a temporary recovery. Can u pls tell me what happened to my pc??? will i have to face this problem further??

I have put two 256MB ram in the slot of same color and the 1GB ram in other. Pls Give suggestion though my pc is working.[/QUOTE]

Yes this will do it and you should be on your way to happy computing! Dont worry about the bios settings becasue obviously the default is working just fine.

When using two different speeds of ram on a computer with different colored ram slots then it is important to ensure that your using the right slots!

Please mark your thread as solved for people who may want to reference it in the future! Well Done!

We tryed the HDD in a secondry computer and it says it was corrupt.[/QUOTE]

Some freindly advice for the future:

Get rid of avg! it's a shocking program that causes more hassles than it stops, it's not really a serious antivirus! With 150 comp's you should be able to get nod32 at a good rate.

Second piece of advice is: the hard drive guru's find and mount.

I have used this free program a number of times and have been able to recover customers files from hard drives with corrupted file tables, I'm a lazy tech and just love nifty little programs like these that save my valuable time.

[QUOTE=amiga;878743][COLOR="Green"]Hey all! Wondering if anyone knows why my pc has the flashing green power light and I can't start it? I unpluged it to move it and now is dead:'( [/COLOR] Any ideas will be MUCH ApreciAted![/QUOTE]

It's quite likely the power supply. try plugging it in and leaving it for a while ten to twenty minutes, then try starting it up.

Let us know what happens

Ok I've had little look at your mobo.

Firstly you need to make sure that the right ram is in the right slots.

e.g: one color= 400
other color=533

the ram will work singly in either channel, but as soon as you mix it up they will need to be in the correct slots for dual channel interleave.

You need to ensure that the dram timing by spd is set to enabled in the bios as well.

Give that a go

[QUOTE=tkecherson;878104]I'm sorry, I should have been clearer. The student workstations are all running Windows XP SP3.[/QUOTE]

OH! simply marvelous, have a look at this:[URL="http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457006.aspx"]http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457006.aspx[/URL] Big brother is watching YOU! he he he

Hope it helps. You can use gpedit to set account restrictions in pro as well ('restriction policy settings')

[QUOTE=blackcloudbd;878341]My pc is working with any stick of the ram in any slot of ram in motherboard.

Thanks [COLOR="Red"]A1 data nz[/COLOR] the "A drive error" has been removed.[/QUOTE]

Ok It's a little unusual that they will all work individually but not together!

Try both the 256's together, does that work?

In order to run two different speeds of ram in your machine, your mother board must be able to 'interleave'. Some boards require that this setting by enabled in the bios! most do it automatic and some dont support it at all.

Maybe that due to the clearing of the cmos, you might need to enable interleaving?

Check it out.

[QUOTE=amiga;878736]hi there..just came in and joined don't know where to ask? unplugged the pc to move it and when i went to plug it back on it does not work, the green power light is flashing with a clicking sound and can't turn it on. if you would know why? I tried different power cords, same thing...different power soket, same... Thanks[/QUOTE]
Can you post a seperate thread? You'll get more help that way and it'll remove the confusion so we can get blackcloudbd's machine sorted first!

Go here:[URL="http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum122.html"]http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum122.html[/URL]

It's the yellow button: [B]start new thread[/B]

[QUOTE=ddanbe;878187]There were times in my life I saw some pink elephants. This is true, I saw them! Do they count as gosts too?[/QUOTE]

NO! the first time you saw them they were the real deal!

The next time you see them THEY will be the ghosts (it's called a flash back man!)He he he he