please use for each loop in this case. Thanks

Please downlaod latest Jquery File from the official website and use it, its very simple issue.

use [CODE][/CODE] and put your code in between them on PHP Page.

also like this
[CODE]SELECT department_id, department_name FROM departments LIMIT 4,0[/CODE]

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Please use this code and make this thread Solved

function calculate() { document.form1.elements.totalbox.value = (document.form1.elements.productvalue.value * document.form1.elements.NoOfProducts.value); } [/CODE] Hope this will work.

Use this code and mark this thread as solved , Thanks.

PHP Test

This is an HTML line


When you copy from books it put qoutes not like this "
please change qoutes with these "

This is a code which is available [URL=""]FPDF Website[/URL]

Here u can find many PDF Examples like this.

You need to download fpdf.php from this above mention website.


$pdf=new FPDF();
$pdf->Cell(40,10,'Hello World!');

May be you get some idea.

please search in google about OCR Control.
I hope you will find it.