Can anyone out there tell me why my Windows Live apps refuse to upgrade? Error message 0X80004004.:@ All of the windows Live apps used to work. Now, all I have left is WXL Mail, which I never use anyway. This has been an ongoing problem for over a year. The WXL Team doesn't or won't answer my queries, but they send me surveys on how well they performed in answering them! This is rude and screwed. Anyway, There is nothing wrong on my end, I have checked and rechecked. My PC and Security are fine.
Sorry for going on so long, please see if we can find a geek to help me. Peace and Happiness to you all.:*

Amen to that! All those things are already (in Vista anyway) integrated and of course in real time. If you want sidebar they have the CPU and RAM gadgets too.

[QUOTE=kaninelupus;929232]And even has a cpu gadget pre-installed as well... wonders will never cease, lol. But I guess some ppl just like the novelty of downloading stuff :D[/QUOTE]
While that may be true, Gadgets use incredible amounts of memory, and Task manager has all of the basic info and much more! Also it lets you make the choices of which things you wish to monitor, and then access them, or simply view them.

[QUOTE=Asphodel;924447]For Vista and 7 users: found a very useful free sidebar gadget. It shows the most resource-heavy processes in real time. Can be downloaded [URL="