Nice post again, happygeek! I could not agree more.

The media has certainly played a larger role in any perception fluxuations for Twiter than the company or application itself.
Is it not strange how we as humans go through the same process everytime new technology (or something reletively innovative, i.e. Twitter) comes into being: Oppinion leaders adapt in early stages, mass population amused by the new "toy" and starts getting involved, there after launch success and low and behold, someone finds a way to use the new technology/toy to exploit some or other weakness for selfgain. And at this very moment the media (now bored with covering a successful Twitter) tries to create (normally very sensational) doubt about it. In retrospect, while frustrating on a day to day basis (which is our perceptions) it does cause communication and therefore we have the opportunity the clear the air, a very healthy (and necessary) exercise.
So, Twitter = Yeah! and Media = *pinch of salt

Enjoy the article :) I know MS has changed their agencies all over the world without being able to change their "tone". I think MS should get someone to achieve the following: Get the most unlike MS agency (who does Mac?) and let them run with it. No input from MS!
BTW: who has sen the I'm a MAC and I'm a PC ad? result Mac +1

Like other forms of media (eg email) you have basically 1 or 2 opportunities to "spam" your content. Thereafter, your friends and followers start ignoring your input. And if you continue, you could be blacklisted (email), or loose friends and followers in your social networks. Hashtags (eg #moonfruit) seems to have potential in terms of a successful twitter campaign. But, with such a vastly dynamic communication tool I am sure such campaign styles will become boring (even frustrating) to twitter users fairly soon.

I am also nvery new in the blogosphere, but enjoying it entirely. Information overload needs to be managed though. I have a blog (<URL SNIPPED>CRMtutor). The most important things in terms of SEM, and specifically SEO, are tracking and reporting. Test you way to success.
I contribute to other blogs (like daniweb!) and link building at this (early) stage and have looked at the bookmarking sites, but that still seems pretty daunting to me. I realise however, it is something of value (and also freely available) and therefore needs to be put in practice, then action. Currently, I have managed to use Facebook and Twitter to contribute traffic to my blog.
My 2c's worth, enjoy!

We all know that Twitter has it's own (quite nifty) search facility.
But MS and Confederated Media decided to compete directly with Twitter. Classic. Why has Google not provided this function?

Ps> [URL="

Backlinks are very important in terms of Page Rank (PR). It is not the single biggest contibutor (who can say which is? - different strokes), but should definitely be one of your top priorities.

Here is a nice site to [B]assist in managing, growing Backlinks[/B]:

xfranco out

Okay, so you have a problem and you are looking to solve the problem. I would suggest working through the following articles:
-> [url][/url]
-> [url][/url]

If you are still having issues you might need to get a better understanding of networking as a whole. otherwise it will be a very difficult, confusing and frustrating process for you.

Best of luck

Moe, you have answered your own quesiton already:

Star topologies are easier to setup, requires less cable and is easily upgradable.
In the same breath, you will not have the redundancies that a Mesh topology have to offer.

Why waste time choosing one or the other when you can implement a hybrid topology using a combination of (Star and Mesh)? Yes, it is slightly more complicated, but it allows you have the advantages of both topologies.

Well in the "real world" you ask? My oppinion, in the real world you will not notice anything ever (until it is too late at least). In the virtual world though, your data is not just accessible through all your open ports but also susceptible to data interception when being sent over the net.

My suggestion: close the ports you are not using, use encryption for data transfers and get additional information from the "guy" who installed the hardware for you. It seems you have implemented this hardware due to safety precautions. So rather safe than sorry right?

Yes, the Dell has a onboard dialup modem. Check the device manager to make it is installed and functioning.

a network cable and a cross over cable looks EXACTLY the same. And most computers have one network port (RJ-45).
In terms of connectivity: Check Computer names, IP addresses and subnet masks. I have a feeling that your IP's are static, rather than automatic.

[B]RDP[/B] (remote dekstop connection) with local resources enabled. This comes standard and free with Win XP (and vista).

Alternatively, you could look at a purchasing a product designed for this (Goolge: [B]VNC[/B] or [B]Dameware[/B])

With the technology evolving (and the infrastructure and connection speeds ever increasing) I think it's a no brainer:
If you post something of value (personal or commercial) people will gladly spend the time and money to watch it. For example online product demo's. This in itself could be a cost saver in many ways? The people that put 2gb worth of non sense onto youtube will be waisting there money with only themselves watching it. We are a smart people, held back by a money hungry world.