[QUOTE=AirForceOne;1013082]Right, so we should pay more attentions to the long tail keywords while we are optimizing our sites.

[QUOTE=stephen186;1013454]It is always advisable to choose long-tail keywords than short tail keywords. They are easy to rank and also good in conversion...[/QUOTE]

Really, it is not the case!

A small number of broad terms account for a large proportion of searches but an equally large proportion of the searches are made up of millions of more specific search queries.

The big problem is only the competitiveness of those short tail keyword!

Wow, nice intro here, know u better!

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I voted for C++.
It is the most common one imo.

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should we start a BING subforum
after all the discussion abt the yahoo google and bing
i was wondering if it time to start a BING subfourm and start to discuss how to rnk high in BING
what do u guys say?