my advice would just be NEVER stop reading and NEVER stop certifying yourself and if you can contribute to the world by doing any open source stuff - why not
hope you enjoy your studies, reading and your work

your computer does not shut down properly - therefor there is something wrong with your windows (OS), do a repair of your operating system with your original OS cd, if you do not know how to do this reply to this post and also answer Riks question on what operating system you have

hey mina thanks for the bios beep codes but did you notice that the 2 beeps that mjoe has talked about is not there :(

it is ALWAYS a good idea for any teccie to have a working extra powersupply, i would buy one and use that to test the system and if it is that you have it and if it is not that you will have that spare that you WILL need laters anyway :)

unfortunately if a virus had opened a door or has done what it was intended to do there is in many cases no way for you to detect it unless you spesialise in security :( the only way to get rid of that kind of virus is to reformat your machine and start fresh, but let us not jump the gun yet ,
you should start eliminating areas of problem to make sure what you know is what you know

  1. replace the monitor with a well known working one and see if the new monitor does the same
  2. test the cable by replacing it with a well known working one
  3. test the card in a different computer and see if results are the same
  4. reset your bios to default (after making exact notes on how settings was done in the first place)
  5. replace your graphicks card with any pci card and restart your computer after computer has restarted replace the pci card with your original card

let us know

i can not imagine why Microsoft will keep and update on their servers that gives problems, however i am unskilled in SQL and therefor should probably not make any comments on that, mabe its time to upgrade to win 7 :)

thank you :)

i think lucky4you gave awful advice dont listen to it
rch1231' s advice sound good

test your video cable with a know good one
also test your monitor with a known good one
test your power supply with a known good one
hope it helps

hey, its a pity no-one answered you :)
it sound like you had a virus corrupt your video drivers
try using automatic updates from Microsoft website (not using express ) and see if there is an updated driver for you there
i sound that your card is working now with the Microsoft default drivers? , if so that is fine as well
if your card is not working your card could somehow got damaged
also go to manufactures web site and download a previous driver there
also make sure you did not set any new settings in the bios by accident refer to your notes if you made any
please let us know

or if it has a graphics card the card is busy dying

i never receive any funny mail in my g mail (touch wood) and had the mail account for couple of years now

that is the only way you can get a ip automatically is through a dhcp server/service

i also find that mails don't get to certain yahoo mails, at our own domain its like a ghost story some mail just never get to the intended recipient, it is not in the junk mail neither in any other spam related mail and there is no pattern to why it does not show, i would say 1/1000 mails just vanishes forever :)

i have never ever had any problems with my me@gmail account but my own domain emails sometime give me problems, rather i send a copy of my own domain to my gmail it works great and i am always on

how do you restart your crt monitor?
give more detail!
does your monitor go black with a blinking cursor if computer goes into hibernation or what are you saying

run ipconfig /all in the cmd and post the results

yes on laptop , remove battery and let comp run down completely , could be that there is also a small battery that you have to remove to, the above mentioned fixes should work

hey No-Problem
make sure your router has not used the quest account settings to your provider rather than your real login info.
most routers are suppose to also give you ip addresses, just double check on that for all your devices , also remember that you have to have a shared key and SSID for your wireless connections to be able to make it work and it has to be set in your router.
can you log into your router to check these things, also most service providers offer telephone help for you to make your connections work - the help-desk
i also like hibernating but it does definitely make things more difficult so do shut down at least once a week and everytime you do a system change


dear queen007
happy new year to you to ;)

interference or environmental problems

how about installing the netgear first - making sure everything is working and then removing the linksys

yes unless all the emails have been created by you and posts are posted by you in an alias

it seems you wanna go big, for a home network that is..
but it seems very nice if it is one of your firsts ,
i am from south Africa , so not sure how things differ but here we can get the cable broadband modem and the wireless as one item with 4+ ports switch build in to one, if you have all the equipment already GO 4 IT, otherwise see to get a all in one with maybe just a small hub/switch connected to it
enjoy playing like this , its great fun

also try just bending your monitor cable just a wee bit to the left than the right oe so but Rik from RCE monitor solusion sounds plausable

also try at command prompt : net stop dnscache, you will have to do it everytime you restart

make sure your graphics card are seated properly in the slot
it sounds like you got some sort of a spike on your graphics card , if you can try using another CRT monitor to rule out damage to you graphic card, if you are using onbord graphics try plugging in a graphics card to rule out damage to the on-bord system, if you ruled out the monitor and the graphic card the only other thing i can think of is that you have your cellphone charger or something like that near your screen
hope it helps

omg i did not see it shy ty

When i joined DANIWEB 18 months ago things where much simpler, it was easy to start a thread,if you started a thread in the wrong place some1 helped you out and you could easily get to your old threads and answer new threads, these days everything is helofa complicated, i have more than 20 years computer experience. When i create a thread it pure luck cause i don't know how i got to the screen where i could do it, if no one answers my thread i cannot get to it again, if you don't follow the instructions in certain topic's to the T the people are unfriendly (not that anyone can understand the instructions - seems you must be a computer professor to understand it, so i was lucky today to be able to start a new thread, it actually has nothing to do with what i wanted to post and asked but wont be able to get to the post anyway again, hope things get uncomplicated again one-day :)

your pre-installed office last only a certain time then you need to un-install it and re-install the software from the CD you bought, you cannot upgrade the trail version to a OEM version