Oh, u can try not to push yourslef so hard, and U can just leave it aside, and don't think about it!

[QUOTE=itzAB;995429]Hi friends,
I am having a blog with considerably good revenue.Now I am trying to make it a revenue sharing website.
I have put Ads in my blog using my personal adsense account.Now I am going to add one of my friends as it's another user.The problem is that If he starts putting posts using his id in my blog, I want him to be able to put his ads in 'his posts'- that is just two ads, My ad will remain in the side of the page.
So I cant find suitable plugins for the same.I am using WordPress 2.8.4.
Someone please help me.[/QUOTE]

I just curious how can u apply several adsense accounts in a blog?