@asclinton & Labraat.

Could we all PLEASE stop demonising MS for winding down support for XP? NO other OS edition/flavour has continued to receive patches and support for even half as long as either XP or even Win2k (I really do dare someone to find one SINGLE sample to contradict this by the way). When any OS dev has to focus R&D and support on so many multiple OS builds, it is never good for anyone. XP & Win2K dev and support REALLY need to wind down so that the best efforts and ideas can be forward-focused.

At the end of the day, users have had PLENTY of warning that this day was coming. New PC buys since '07 have had to make a conscious choice in buying a new system either with XP installed, or willingly downgrading to the earlier Windows variant. Don't go complaining now that your decisions might not look so wise now. As to those enterprise environments complaining of systems simply too old to upgrade... if you are a business running mission-critical operations on a system THAT old, then you are already foolish! For a system to be completely incompatible with Win7, we are looking at systems at least 7 yrs old; upgrade cycles should be around 4-5.

So can you all just step down from the soapbox and moaning about completely unreasonable expectations... either that or switch to alternate OS's and get used to performing upgrade cycles even MORE regularly!

[QUOTE=ardav;1062403]Sorry, trying not to laugh![/QUOTE]

Sorry, but can't even pretend am not laughing. Wasn't Jbennet on of the big proponents of this new voting system :D

I don't know, I thought the message was loud and clear. If chicks [I]clearly[/I] as thick as that can use Win7, then anyone with a 30+ IQ score should be able to as well :D

[QUOTE=jholland1964;1056732]Not really sure why you posted this kaninelupus. None of this has been mentioned in this thread, AND in reading your link[B] none of the symptoms noted [/B]are ones mentioned by Childsplay so don't know that this even applies here.
The poster is a college student, their time is limited, let's give Childsplay time to report back here and let us know how things are working.[/QUOTE]

OK - let me clarify, as he did indeed mention a symptom, which does actually suggest the Places Database as one possible (yes there are others, but as have seen this one too many times since FF 3.0 rolled out, thought it worth mentioning before stepping back).

The OP noted massive performance difference btwn Safe and Normal browser modes... let me explain why the Places Database [I]may[/I] be a factor. Since FF 3.0, Mozilla has taken info previously stored separately, and combined them into one single file - places.sqlite Now the size to which this can cause that one file to blow out to (in my own case, at one point mine blew out to over 100MB before I knew of the files existence) can cause performance issues in its own right. But Mozilla made it worse with FF 3.5, and the introduction of the "SuperBar" - the URL Bar on speed! Now by default (but can be turned off), every time you enter a web address in the URL Bar, FF is now digging though that one file (ie, history, bookmarks, keyword searches) ...

[QUOTE=jholland1964;1056134]kaninelupus, realize you are offering help here but we are following the recommended steps given by mozilla. There is always a great difference between the action of Firefox and Firefox Safe Mode, so this is definitely not unusual.
In the end, yes, creating a new profile may be the way to go but at this point I would like childsplay to continue as we are. There are many other steps and checks to do before creating a new profile.

NP Judy - all part of the learning experience I guess :)

Would still be get some answers to previously ask questions (I did notice the OP never said what build they're using), as will largely determine the advice given. The Places database was only intro'd in FF 3.0 - both of you might want to read [URL="http://kb.mozillazine.org/Unable_to_delete_or_edit_certain_bookmarks_-_Firefox"]this article[/URL] over at Mozillazine if it comes to dealing with the "places.sqlite" file. One tip though - would highly recommend exporting bookmarks to manually back them up if you have to delete the places file altogether :)

BTW - if it [I]does[/I] come down to creating a new profile, can guide the OP on a handy little plug-in to save all his/her passwords.

Off to work now - best of luck guys :)

Just remembered G'n'R's own example of this, releasing "Don't Cry" in two alternate versions :)

Sorry to pop head in Judy, but if there is such a discrepancy btwn Safe and Normal FF mode, it may be quicker to simply create a new profile, and import required data only from old profile. If things are [I]that[/I] hinky, can be much less problematic.

@Childsplay - three questions for you:
What version of FF are you using?
What's the time-limitation on saving pages to History? (places.sqlite, which stores your history and much more can eventually become too large to be efficient if not purged once in a while)
How much disk-space have you allowed for caching/temp files?

LOL - OneCare was their first AV offering - only discontinued [URL="http://onecare.live.com/standard/en-gb/default.htm"]this year[/URL] :D

It does help (for future reference) if you mention your OS version, but anyhow. Definitely sounds like a codec issue - would be helpful if you listed some details as to the format of the movie you are trying to play... as the DivX codec does not account for everything.

He may have joined some time ago, but given the post-rate, I'd say he hasn't actually [I]been here[/I] for most of that time.

[QUOTE=displaced;1054856]Can you turn off sound for individual users in win7? Can you turn off usb ports or cdrom drives per user?[/QUOTE]

In all cases, YES. In fact, have been able to do most of that since XP Pro (not XP Home, as that came minus the Group Policy Editor required to do so). OS X is actually one of the last OS's - either proprietary of free/open-source [I]not[/I] to provide such functionality as far as I know.

As to your apparent baffledness over people actually [I]paying[/I] for, not only the OS itself, but also for the proprietary software as well, the answer is simple... for many of us - both at work and at home - Linux and open-source software offerings are simply not up to muster. As an IT and digital arts teacher myself, the open-source community simple lacks credible alternatives to the paid-for applications I need. Xara is getting there for raster/vector based graphic arts, but there is simply no application that comes even [I]close[/I] to 3DS Max for modelling/3D animation. Then there is the vast canyon btwn MS Office and either Open Office or Google's offerings. Linux and FOSS works for some, but not the majority of us, at least for now.

While I do respect your own preferences toward Linux and FOSS, this thread is open for ppl to provide their experiences with [I][B]Win7[/B][/I], and as such, really isn't the place for pushing your cause.

As has been pointed out, it is indeed opened with last tool utilised.

Over here is exam period for all the Uni students, so a dent there in free time for them.

[QUOTE=AndyRun;1050064]Certainly I need my favorite XP apps (a lot), which probably will NOT run at all on Windows 7 (there are of a lot of incompatibilities between XP and 7). In any case, Windows 7 "Clean install" is not for me - re-install dozens of progs from scratch?! . No, thanks.
Certainly I wish Windows 7 on my PC.
So, what to do? Double boot? It is Annoying...
I did find some solution - a product called Zinstall XP7 that simply embeds the entire old XP into the new Windows 7 (I guess some VM is here to do that). Then you use both new Windows 7 and old Windows XP at the same time.
Sounds to good to be true...[/QUOTE]

Clean installs are usually the better option - much easier to troubleshoot, for example in the case of a dodgy driver, or a software incompatibility. A pain I know, is a cleaner way to go about upgrading.

[QUOTE=Paul Thompson;1050414]A while ago i was like " I think there is some virus software brought out by Microsoft this time" and people were like nah, but i was right! :P[/QUOTE]

LOL - you mean other than that disaster called "OneCare"? The newer offering seems to be getting better reviews (quite good reviews it seems), but still not sure I'd be ready to put my faith in it just yet.

Try learning to read.... might spare you the confusion in future!

[QUOTE=Bob_180_Bob;1050173]P.S. Ensure that you remove any anti-virus program from your PC as they are worse than anything you can get on line. I have it directly from kaninelupus, an expert.
Sorry, this is is my last post about or to him.[/QUOTE]

I love how the self-confessed crippled geriatric adores taking ppl's post completely out ppl's context... about as mature as this drive-by sniping, accompanied by the whole "I'm not talking to you" routine... I'm sure he's only a little boy using a virtual cane to whack everyone with!

[QUOTE=Paul Thompson;1049238]Ha ha! I knew it. So i wasnt wrong all those posts ago :)[/QUOTE]

Huh? Care to enlighten the rest of us pagans?

In [I]his[/I] mind, probably everything :D

[QUOTE=jbennet;1050030]Okay, please ensure you have a valid, licensed install of XP (using your own, legal product key). If you dont, we cant continue to help you.[/QUOTE]

Valid point [B]jbennet[/B], but might be worth pointing out a couple of points:
[]Many turn to a "mates" copy of XP when their system fries (as well as their serial), not realising that the serial stuck on the side of their own tower is still perfectly legit, so long as the version of XP is the same as that which was per-installed (yes, I know the game changed with later Windows builds where SLIC keys came into play to complicate things).
]Legally speaking, when purchasing a copy of Windows, one is not buying the software itself, but the right to use it - by way of purchasing a legal serial.

Both these points are worth certain persons remembering. Given the fact that the OP did admit to obtaining copy from "mate", it may be worth considering he falls into the category of the first point. Maybe it is better to point in the right direction (ie, pointing to likely serial on the tower, or how to legally obtain serial) than simply summarily dismissing him... he didn't after all ask any assistance in breaking any law; only help in finding the right drivers (another indication he is likely on an OEM machine).

[QUOTE=Bob_180_Bob;1049637]Two open threads..possible pirate copy of windows!!! see..

Again "Bob", if you can't do anything other than preach over an irrelevant issue, then why bother posting. All he wants is help trying to track down the appropriate drivers for his PC's hardware!

@makaveli7 - please see your relevant thread for appropriate advice... no point in double posting ;)

[QUOTE=Bob_180_Bob;1047068]My statement about my age and disabilities were only expressed to inform Jupiter 2 that I also am aged and have disabilities and I know how it makes me feel with my situation so I do feel for him in his. I never offered my situation as an excuse for anything. Nor would I try to excuse what I did, I knew what I was doing, I thought and still think it was the correct action. I don't ask for or expect any sympathy for my situation. My disabilities are very restrictive but most times that I go anywhere, I see others much worse off than I am. I thank God that I am as good as I am. As you have expressed your feelings, as you did, in regard to my war injuries, I am very sorry that I ever mentioned them. I will keep my personal situation to myself in future.[/QUOTE]

Well boo-hoo to you!! There are a [I][B]number[/B][/I] of DaniWeb members who know what it is like to like with with chronic pain (myself included) or severe disabilities, and yes, most of us have had our moments where tolerance has dropped. But to even [I]suggest/imply[/I] that it in some way justifies thuggish our outright predatory behaviour?? Gimme a break! You are not so much the geriatric that you lack either the necessary mental functionality and/or the physical motor skills to involve yourself within this site, so your point is moot.

Sorry "Bob", but you've said you would ...

[QUOTE=Bob_180_Bob;1049628]Your friend has copied his installation disk for you and given you his product key. If he is still using his copy of XP Home, you can not load it to your PC. You will not be able to register or activate it unless it is a pirate copy.
I think you first need to go and buy your own copy of a Windows operating system.
If you have the only copy, he has uninstalled it from his PC and you have registered and activated it in your PC, please tell us the information Microsoft gave you when you rang them to activate.[/QUOTE]

Oh pleeease, you're not preaching again are you "Bob"?? Whether or not the OP is or isn't running a legit copy of XP is utterly and entirely beside the point. He's [B]not asking for a means of bypassing any Windows anti-piracy limitations (has not even expressed any such issues)[/B] so your rant is a time-waster at best.... "Bob"!

It sounds as if the OP has gone from using an OEM XP install (where all the HW Drivers would have been included; to now trying to source and install the drivers him/herself.

@makaveli7 - if this is indeed the case, you don't need to know all the HW models to get started. If it is an OEM (Branded, ie Dell, HP etc), so long as you know your PC's model, you can go to the manufacturer's website and look up your model in the driver downloads page - ...

jephthah commented: take your incessant whining and go somewhere else with it. -1

[quote=scru;1042719] (in reference to Rep comment). Yes am aware ppl are entitled to their opinion, but was not the point I was making. This is post gauging ppl's opinions/experience btwn XP & Win7. For someone to make a relevant response, one needs to have at least [I]some[/I] experience with both - how else can you compare them??

Not saying everyone will [I]like[/I] Win7, just as some of us never liked XP... was never my point :)

Not an expert in Excel, but still have to admit you may not actually be able to achieve what you are after, by the means you are trying to achieve. Let me explain.

To achieve your ends, you would need to assign values to "LA" and "DC", likely though a separate table/index; spreadsheet would then need the ability to call-up said values to align into the equation. To be honest, I'm not sure this is within the realm of Excel's capabilities.

You may be better off taking an easier approach, for example:
Column "D" would multiply a value in the corresponding Cell in column "C" by 109.75. Column "F" would multiply a value added to column "E" by 108.75. You would simply add the retail price (minus tax) to the appropriate column.... not the neatest method, but should work.

Either that, or opt for a proper point-of-sale program which should actually have the functionality you are currently trying to achieve in Excel :)

And the other 44 facts would be??

[QUOTE=Khashiguana;1046919]I installed it on my MBP (Dual-Boot, I don't like to install any other OS on my Mac, Just wanted to see how guys at MS did this time), You'll impressed by it fast installation, then Windows came up and I said "Wow, Finally Microsoft release a good OS" when I check the process, Then I want to change my Background click on Properties and wait, Then that famous spinning teal circle came on screen and the whole OS freeze, Then I completely remove Win 7 from my Mac! Just appearance and default process changed form other OS from MS![/QUOTE]

If you actually want a pleasant Windows experience, here's some advice.... don't install it on a Mac! Always found it suspicious how Windows (especially Win7) is able to run very well even on an old PC model, yet mysteriously crawls on even the new Mac models. Anyone sensing a little bit of sabotaging going on?? This [I]is[/I] Apple Corp after all, so it really wouldn't surprise me!

Would highly recommend [URL="http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/"]Comodo's[/URL] free offering. Sys defence a little whiny tho, so usually disable that part after install and just run the AV and Firewall components.

Never liked AVG - can't fully disable from the SysTray like almost every other AV on the market, which can cause headaches for those apps which require the AV to be disabled for a clean install. Way to many false positives as well.

[QUOTE=Bob_180_Bob;1040739]Hi all,
As I thought it best to ask the owner (Microsoft) and they got back to me as shown below...
This information is from :-
Windows > Windows XP Forums > System repair and recovery > Legal use of Windows XP installation disc.[/QUOTE]

I like the way you constantly refer to "replies" made by other people, yet never with any evidence to said replies. Note also that in this case, whereas Microsoft is the owner, and both Bill Gate or any other MS exec has legal right to any Windows or general MS product, all this s'posed "info" simply came from one of the official site's [I]moderators[/I]. Sounds impressive, but is hardly gospel; given that the Mod has [B]no legal standing and likely has no law degree to be fully educated in all the intricacies of the usual EUA that MS (along with many other software vendors by the way) is famous for attaching to their wares[/B].... but thanks for sharing :D

What is most poignant is the contradiction btwn points 2 & 3... you can't do a repair install but you can perform a full install of Windows... [B]WTF???[/B] So long as the "friend" has a [B]legally purchased serial/key for the appropriate version of Windows[/B], BOTH options a perfectly legal!

Here's a REAL kicker for you. One can not only DL the [I]trial version[/I] of ANY currently supported Windows build from MS (although usually only the [I]latest[/I] OS version openly linked) and register it with a [B]legally purchased[/B] ...

[QUOTE=Sandyblair;1045336]I have a problem with that too. On Monday my laptop crashed. Since then I can connect vis wireless or cable to the internet but Firefox won't run at all - tried removing it and re-installing. No difference.
Internet Explorer starts, but before my home page load it stops responding. Tried everything I can think of including a restore back, all to no avail. Strange thing is my MSN Messenger starts up every time I connect to the internet.
Any suggestions?


Could be as simple as a corrupted FF profile.

Close FF (use TaskManager to be sure the process is killed). Open Run console and type [B]Firefox.exe -p[/B] and set-up a new profile. If things work in new profile, you then know where things went wrong.

Simply re-installing FF, or using SysRestore would still leave you with old/corrupted profile, thus neither would have helped.