OK.... sounds like BootManger has tied itself to XP HDD (not sure why). Reconnect everything, boot Win7, hit Win+R and type "msconfig". Go to the Boot tab and select the XP OS.... hit Delete. This will not actually delete your XP install but remove its entry from the Boot Manager.

If no issues on reboot, then you should be AOK to format the XP drive and move on :)

Yup, you're right.... I did let it get to me at one point and snapped at a few ppl as a result. Got rightly pulled up for it too - ironically by someone [I]else[/I] who'd also made the same errors at one point :/

Fair enough, you are new.... not biting :)

Alright, enough of the back-slapping guys and back to work.... you got a site to run you know :D

@ the above three responses:

If these up/down votes are of such little significance, why bother with them at all? Better yet, why tie them to ppl's profiles in the form of an active report?

If these votes are of such little significance, then why the hell has DaniWeb even bothered with this system at all? Either it is meant to be of some value, in which case users have the right to object to unexplained, or apparent misuse; or it has no real value, and should be promptly dropped, due to unnecessary confusion and upset.

Can people please make up their mind so we can get this sorted out one way or the other.... as the system currently stands, it's looking kind of broken!


TY S(.)(.) much for link... been cacking myself all evening :D

[QUOTE=MosaicFuneral;1004153]First you people want a non-destructive rep, then you got one, then you hate it. Make up your minds people! :P (j/k)[/QUOTE]

Funny Funny HaHa (j/k) :D

Who exactly asked for this, especially for how damned migrated this "voting system" is becoming on a day-by-day basis??

To analyse;
[]first a voting system to agree/disagree with opinions/posts
]then we see on profiles a "notation" of neg v's pros votes
[*]now we have the entire tracking of voted posts
[I][B]All while the voters remain cloaked!![/B][/I]

Now all this is fine and dandy, but consider this. On the old system, rep-hits/comments were not anonymous, so one could evaluate hits based on who was was doing the "repping", as well as reviewing said comments. This means two things:
[]ppl looking up another's profile could evaluate the credibility of rep comments
]ppl being maliciously targeted could report the offenders
[B][I]This new system is blind on all fronts.[/I][/B]

Now I'm looking at my own threads - and yes I know I know am capable of ruffling a few feathers when I set my mind to it - and have taken hits on posts/threads that, while being [URL="http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread205637.html"]completely harmless[/URL], simply wasn't up someone's alley. As a result, public rep goes down a notch for nothing. Given the feedback, can see I'm not the only one who has concerns over new system. While "votes" remain anon, while hitting the target's credibility, it is wide open to malicious use.... [B]not happy Jan![/B] If ppl want ...

Sorry, thread title a little melodramatic, but making sure is noticed :D

Seriously though, when tags initially rolled, individual "tags" were separated by a [B]comma[/B], rather than by a [B]space[/B] (although commas still seem to work as well). The problem is that this updated format disallows a two-word tag, such as "Windows 7" - the space btwn the two creates [B]two individual tags[/B]... the [I]original[/I] tags rollout had no such issues.

Is there a reason for the changes, or is it possible to go back to the original tag format?


Have been using [URL="http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/"]Comodo's[/URL] free offering, but you might find the system protection a little verbose.

Also, [URL="http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html"]Avast[/URL] and [URL="http://www.free-av.com/"]Avira[/URL] both offer excellent free offerings. All three x64 Win7 compatible :)

Now as to Vid Card, are you using the [B]latest[/B] drivers for Win7 - with some of the AMD cards, older Vista drivers are know for causing blue-screens.

Will hold of on further advice till get an answer on that one and know whether or not we are dealing with x64.

Try this one - [URL="http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/"]QTTabBar [/URL]:)

@Jbennet - not in anyway criticising new system (can see the appeal), but just see a need for clear clarification, as seems to be causing more than a little confusion.

Should the voting be annon, as leaves open for ppl to simply down-vote ppl for more petty reasons due to anon set-up. Even poll-votes are not set as anon by default are they?

WaltP commented: test rep +0

[QUOTE=cscgal;1003541]Yes :) It's I guess kinda like a Digg-inspired thing only it integrates with our rep system.[/QUOTE]

OK - forgive me if I'm having a blonde moment, but is this new "rating" system a [I][B]replacement[/B][/I] or an [I][B]accompaniment[/B][/I] to the current Rep System? At the end of the day, any new system is only as effective as the general understanding of how it is used.

That aside, have to agree with AD's request. Sometimes a "no hit" rep remark is sufficient for the task.

EDIT: a little slow on the comment.... just noticed further explanations in above response from Dani, which helps a little. It is interesting to note the confusion to the new system however, as goes to highlight how the general [I][B]understanding[/B][/I] of any new system has much to do with how effective it can ever be :)

NB: I am left wondering how many rep adjustments will be handed out while ppl "fiddle" with those new buttons :D

[QUOTE=serkan sendur;962761]i need AVerTV USB2.0 (M026) driver for vista x64.

Could you please provide me with the download link if possible?


Can be DL'ed from [URL="http://members.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=840670"]here[/URL], and following is info related to actually getting it installed in x64 Vista:


When you plug in AverTV USB 2.0 (M026) Tv Tuner, Windows Vista tries to install the necessary drivers. It installs the AverTV USB 2.0 Sound driver automatically and then asks for AverTV USB 2.0 Capture Device driver.

Select browsing your computer for the driver and point to this driver folder. The driver will be installed.

After installing the driver, open the Device Manager, go to the Sound and Game controllers tab and click update driver by right selecting AverTV USB 2.0. Select manuel install and again point to this driver folder. Select the AverTV USB 2.0 driver and let Vista install it.

In the end, both hardware, AverTV USB 2.0 Capture device and AverTV USB 2.0 Sound Capture device can be seen under Imaging Devices tab.

Install also the application provided by Avermedia with the TV Tuner's original Xp driver and restart Windows Vista.[/quote]

As to any [I][B]official[/B][/I] support from Avermedia on device more that roughly 3yrs old, good luck on that one. Is why I dropped their products after own experience with them when moving to Vista... their up their with Creative on HW/device support!

Since the MBA-M, ESET Scanner and your own anti-virus program have removed the infected files you should now run HJT again and place check marks next to the following entries if they remain:

O3 - Toolbar: CouponBar - {5BED3930-2E9E-76D8-BACC-80DF2188D455} - C:\WINDOWS\CouponBarIE.dll (file missing)

O8 - Extra context menu item: &AIM Toolbar Search - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AIM Toolbar\ieToolbar\resources\en-US\local\search.html
Now you java program is way, way out of date.

Sometimes nice to know am not needed this early in the morning :) Exactly what I was thinking - was just in the process of seeing exactly what is current build of Java (am getting V6 - update14 as latest build on this end)

Looking good otherwise Kevin - great work :)

BTW: using Winkey+R and running MSConfig - Windows Config should allow you to disable [I]most[/I] start-up processes, but sometimes the 3rd party utility will pull the more tricky buggers

Kevin392 commented: Helpful advice as the problem was worked through. +5

[QUOTE=avee_kothari8;960679]Can a 64-bit Operating System be installed on machine having a 32-bit processor??[/QUOTE]

No, Nein, Nie, Nada, Nyet!

On the other hand, just how have you determined you do in fact have a pure x86 processor? Info would be helpful, just to clarify/clear-up any assumptions.

Was advised on [I]several[/I] free and paid-for AV products, but instead chose to rely on the advise of a sales-rep who's main priority was making a sale (ie, getting your money), when no-one here charges a cent for time spent trying to assist you.

Given the abuse to those who have [I]tried[/I] to help you - often with little constructive feedback - personally think you can go jump!

Salem commented: Well said +36

[QUOTE=paulthom12345;946494]But see i dont agree. With most of the searches i tried i didnt get what i wanted at all in bing. It couldnt find the site i own. It couldn't get to some of the sites i like. It just didnt quite work quite as nicely as google.

And i like having lots of results. I know some people may not, but i like the choice it gives me when it comes to it.[/QUOTE]

Look, it may not be perfect, but you have to remember Bing is in early stages. I s'pose too, being a little old-school, I tend to use advanced search techniques in the manual fashion. An example of this being along the lines of:

[B]+"Three days grace" -religion -christianity +"one x" +megaupload -rapidshare[/B]

This is how I commonly use a search engine, and gets me the results I am after much more efficiently. Bing seems to adapt to the [B]+, -, speech-marks[/B] better than Google, which often gives me results that are s'posed to be excluded by use of the [B]"-"[/B] symbol.

scru commented: that's how i like to search as well. Pretty efficient. +6

You may well be, thus I ask the following question...

[B]Can you think of a new question?[/B] :D

Not sure really, but that test does look a little drunk!

[B]Can you can a can as a canner can can a can? [/B]

[QUOTE=VernonDozier;942904]Don't kid yourself. It wasn't directed at one person. You posted it in a place where everyone could see it. It was directed at all of us...[blah, blah, blah] (could you be more repetitive?) [/QUOTE]

No, it was posted on feedback board, which considering few ppl scan other ppl's profile to see what feedback is given, was fairly discretely placed... and given that no matter how the shot was fired it would have as likely been pasted in here.....

[quote]So did you cheer or not? You already said that you did. So did you make it up just to make us (like I said before, no insult involving 9/11 is directed at one person) mad?[/quote]

Cheered - no. Sympathetic - no. Surprised - no. You will no doubt not like hearing this, but given the way your country has been playing backyard politics in [I]everyone else's[/I] backyard, I'm highly surprised it has taken this long for something like this to happen. I may not approve of the actions they took, but can very much understand the anger and the blatant hostility.

I mean let's review... your government, funded, armed and empowered Bin Ladden because it suited their cause in during the Cold War and side-conflicts with anything USSR. Your country then cuts him loose, plays politics in his backyard, etc. When it backfires in the form of 9/11, rather than stepping back and figuring out how to break the cycle they actually began, they first prey on the fears of ...

shadwickman commented: Thank you for posting this. Bang-on about American politics and the lack of knowledge of its citizens, combined with their arrogant actions towards the rest of the world. +4

[QUOTE=tomtetlaw;941950]Wow already 4 pages! And I'm glad that a large majority of the people replying have voted against MS. Keep it up![/QUOTE]

Now this just sounds like the typical anitMS-bandwagoner tripe I come across in all the usual places. It's old-hat and am personally getting sick of it!

[QUOTE=Hiroshe;942027]>[COLOR="Red"]The issue is the poor security protocols in place to KEEP that data private.[/COLOR]
I don't see how Google is less secure than other online services. Not to mention the privacy data is processed offline, so protection is alot easer. How do you even know the privacy security protocols are unsecure?[/quote]

Well given that recent [I]slips[/I] were not even the result of a hack attempt, but a fault at Google's end, that one seems pretty obvious!

[quote]>[COLOR="Red"]if you use their products, consent is automatically given, not only to accept the adverts[/COLOR]
So your saying Google should stop their entire advertising campaign? How would they make money? What about the companies that advertize?[/quote]

Advertising is one thing... using ppl's private info to "tailor" said-advertising is another matter all together.

[quote]>[COLOR="Red"]I don't like the thought that ANYONE (either a real person or some automated application) can just sift through that email. [/COLOR]
So, you don't like it when an email service has a built in antivirus which scan's through your mail? If you don't want a program to process your mail, I'd sugest snail mail. Even than, packages you send maybe put through x-ray machines, and looked at by real people, who also see ...

William Hemsworth commented: Well said. +13

Well I wouldn't say it was purple.

[B]Can you read this?[/B]

[QUOTE=goldeagle2005;939728]I still haven't understood the whole "bundling issue" debate. If someone is bundling a browser with their OS, what's wrong with that? If a person wants to use Firefox, they'll simply install it on the OS and use it [I]despite[/I] having IE on the system. I know a lot of novice computer users who switched to FF simply because they had read somewhere that it was better than IE. They were in no way wavered by the fact that the system came preinstalled with IE. They just used FF because they wanted to. What's the problem here?[/QUOTE]

[B]Exactly![/B] I know the Microsoft of the nineties and early millennia, was a questionable force unto its own, and in know way do I support that behaviour. But people can't seem to move on, or even the fact that others seem to have taken up the mantle.

Yes MS bundles IE into Windows... con [I]someone[/I] give me a [B]single[/B] example of an OS which [I]doesn't[/I] bundle a browser, or who would even be willing to install an OS which didn't come with a browser out of the box?? Apple bundles Safari - with all its quirks - yet just like Windows users, one can install an alternate browser (even though some of the options available to Windows and Linux users have no OS X build available), but no-one mentions a word. I recently caught a post the Nintendo's Wii uses [B]OPERA[/B] for their bundled internet browser, with NO alternative available (ironic, given the ...

William Hemsworth commented: Well said. +13

[QUOTE=Aia;933475]kaninelupus> I always laugh when the Yanks go on about democracy, when:

I always wonder of laughing none-yanks with high opinion of themselves. Ready to express their opinion, showing everyone how well informed they are.[/quote]

[I]It seems of all the posters, you yourself have done a better job of that than anyone else (not the high level of sarcasm)![/I]

[quote]kaninelupus> A good chunk of your population never votes... they just b1tch about things when the elected govt doesn't cater to their whims

What an astonishing revelation it would have been, if it were not for the little "inconvenience" that it is just your own speculation. Nonetheless, let me increase your extensive knowledge of the form and behavior of the people of this land in political matters.
Opposite to other forms of government, the freedom of voting or not, doesn't hinder their right to bitch at any time. That right is obtained by paying taxes.[/quote]

[I]According to statistics compiled off your own Bureau of Statistics, [B][URL="http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0781453.html"]58%[/URL][/B] of the eligible voting population actually voted. So unlike you, I rely on [B]facts[/B] not [B]blind speculation!![/B][/I]

[I]" That right is obtained by paying taxes." What utter [B]CRAP!![/B] Even citizens of Communist states pay taxes in one form or another. The right to b1tch and whine is NOT earned by simply paying taxes, but by involving oneself in the democratic process... ie, VOTING. If one does not wish to involve themselves in the process of electing a political leader they have NO right to then ...

Have been looking for some time for an alternative to Google's horror-show of a search engine, so maybe Bing will prove to be just that. Also a little disappointed at all the anti-MS rants, when Google has long been a privacy-wh@re and is showing to be the new tyrant on the block! Google actually reminds me of Microsoft ten yrs ago

Now yes I'm sure there are jokes for "Wintards" etc, but thought these were funny. Not all Mac users are Mactards, so is in no way aimed at the common user :)

Cleaned these up from [URL="http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mactard"]original site[/URL], but you'll get the gist ;)

1) An Apple computer user who takes any opportunity to advertise to the world they are 'better' than everyone else because they use a mac, even if this statement has nothing to do with the current conversation.
[I][B]User 1[/B]> Does anyone know why my P4 is having heat issues when I use (program)?
[B]Mactard[/B]> HaHa Use a mac!! My mac is better than you're PC anyday! I am so cool because i have an iPod!
[B]User 1[/B]> Anyone else? Anyone who isn't a mactard? [/I]

2)A computer user with 3 fingers and a thumb stuck up their butt, and therefore only needing one button on the mouse.
[I][B]Frank[/B]: "I can't cope with all these buttons on yer mouse"
[B]Steve[/B]: "well pull the rest of yer fingers out 'yer butt you MACTARD" [/I]

3)A mac user who has no understanding of computer hardware, engineering or what makes computers fast, and thinks their mac is the best computer ever because it has a finely polished GUI.
[I][B]mactard[/B]:My mac is soo fast because it uses all of its resources to render the shadows on my window buttons.
[B]Listener[/B]: Wow. You are mactard. [/I]

4)Mac users who think they are better than people who use PCs, and think they know ...

Menster commented: Wicked sick dude. +1
ahihihi... commented: ^.^cool +2

[QUOTE=dusharn;933155]Guy's try this place ive found them realy handy. [COLOR="Green"]linkmeplease.com[/COLOR] they have the 4 tops antivirus atm and update when new info is avalible. btw if there is somthing you want added to the website just send them an email and they do it in about 48 hours . its why i find them handy. not many sittes make it to my favs folder but this one has. good luck i hope the 4 antivirus programs they have on there are of help. good luck Tanya[/QUOTE]

OK - I ignored you the first time, but now look out!!

[B]"Top Four[/B]?? According to whom??? AVG - the very WORST AV on the block - so many false positives and an inability to temp disable for app who NEED it off, NO ability to over-ride or remove reclaim files it pulls out.... forget it!! BitDefender?? Another piece of crap!! Norton 360?? Symantec make fantastic corporate AV's... their "Home" rage consists of BLOATWARE!! The ONLY decent offering listed is Kapersky, and even that is not what it used to be.

For REAL info and comparisons on AVs, look to links below.


Oh, a hint with Adoebe updates... the updater NEEDS to run as Admin (set through properties window) unless the UAC is set right down low.

Go to [B]C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6[/B], set [B]both[/B] [B]Adobe_Updater.exe[/B] and [B]AdobeUpdaterInstallMgr.exe[/B] to run as Admin (set for all users). This is just due to the fact that Windows file protection prevents from running otherwise... holds true for a number of application updaters :)

[quote]It's seems crazy it has gotten so much like that these days. It's like everybody's going up to like 4 - 8 gb instead on just a basic system. Shoot back in the day that was kinda rare, people with 3 or 4gb's you thought to yourself, "damn" that thing must be bad ass or fast, or wow that's one heck of a system. lol[/quote]

True, but given that many end-users expect to pay $500-600 for a computer and then be able to watch all their HD movies, and open a g'zillion tabs in their browser, streaming YouTube and the likes, filesharing and mobile-phone tools.... as well as having a "pretty" computer OS, RAM and Vid card specs [I]HAD[/I] to go up just to keep up with it... not to mention running all the extra crapware the OEMs are forever throwing in!

@AIA - Here's the dunces cap - now go to your corner!

I always laugh when the Yanks go on about democracy, when:

[]A good chunk of your population never votes... they just b1tch about things when the elected govt doesn't cater to [I]their[/I] whims
]Most haven't even got a clue of how their own parliamentary system even works
[]You have a system where-by, no matter [I]how[/I] well a president does his job, he cannot serve more than 2 terms... almost NO other nation has this system
]On top of that, despite the state of things in [I]your[/I] country, your govt is forever telling other countries how they should operate!
Yes elected governments are representative of the people... ALL the people. Keeping that in mind, how many different needs/requirements/opinions does that leave us with?? A president/prime minister NEEDS to be a [B]leader[/B], showing decisiveness, ingenuity, intelligence/understanding, etc. NO elected official is going to make everybody happy, all the time. Your opinions on a given topic will be different from the next person. A [B]LEADER[/B] is elected to sift through the chaos and decide the best path to take.

Having Leaders doesn't have to make you or anyone else a follower. If decisions are made that you or others disagree with, there are a multitude of means to stand up and do something about it. That being said, you're not [I]always[/I] going to able to change things - as inferred above... a leader has to try and consider ...

zandiago commented: agreed +7

[QUOTE=jbennet;926466]Well vista had vastly improved wireless compared to XP. With regards to windows 7, i dont think the network stack has changed at all since vista.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure as to your [I]exact[/I] meaning on "network stack", but have noticed a few improvements from Vista

[*]Homegroup makes the authentication process much simpler, at least btwn Win7 machines (now how gimped this gets in Home releases remains to be seen)

[*]Sharing of files/folders/libraries also been simplified (which is great for wife, who isn't all that technified)

[*]Improvements to media streaming (although opinions out on some of the other so-called "improvements" to WMP12)

[*]Wireless out of the box, trouble-shooter even better than Vista (come in handy dealing with wife's Acer notebook!)

To concur with [B]jbennet[/B], yeah is not the break-through build that Vista was, but in all honesty, does anyone want that?? There were enough complaints over the change of hardware requirements with Vista. And given the MS has made clear their intention to go x64 only with Win8, I'd say we'll be waiting till v9 for next break-the-mould type OS build from MS

jbennet commented: good post +36

Really, at the end of what the day, it is going to come down to the individual user, and what suits them the most. Personally am very happy with Win7 in [B]most[/B] respects (security [I]still[/I] has loop-holes), but still room for improvement.

I'm sure Win7 is going to prove too showy for some people, and I'm sure some will complain about MS not making it easier for people to dial these new features back - although I do have to say that most of these "glammy" feature really don't consume much in the way of resources, which was my main issue with Vista. I s'pose in that regards to Win7, it is stuck somewhere in the middle - most Linux distros (with the exception of Ubuntu perhaps) have prided themselves on giving the user maximum customisation without the security compromise, where at the other hand we have OS X where Apple has this "take it as it is... it's already perfect" attitude. But, given how MS fought every customisation app in XP, is definitely an improvement. Not fully satisfied with the current position however.

I know many are still lamenting the seemingly forgotten WinFS - to be honest I think we can forget that. Given that MS is playing with two alternate OS builds (Singularity and Midori), we may well be waiting till "Windows" hits the trash-can before a new filing system hits the ground... maybe 2020??