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[QUOTE=Lungfixer;144762]IE (version 6) will no longer connect to the internet, I must use Mozilla Firefox. This problem appeared after I installed "Zone Alarm Pro" firewall software...that's when my "Konfabulator" widgets ("Stock Ticker" and "The Weather"...ones that require an internet connection to operate), "Streamload Downloader" and "Gmail Notifier" programs all stopped working as well. I can still access my accounts to Streamload and Gmail through Firefox, but the Gmail Notifier and Streamload Downloader give me an error message that they "cannot connect to server". To be fair to Zone Alarm, this problem could have been from when I installed "Avant Browser" (just before installing ZA)...it was recommended as a better/safer browsing alternative to Firefox, but I uninstalled it immediatly...I hated it. Everytime I used it, Firefox wouldn't work unless I changed the setting to "Automatically detect Proxy settings")

I have uninstalled Zone Alarm Pro as well, but the problem persists. Apparently my Windows connection or permission settings have been changed and I dont know how to restore them. I attempted to use Win XP's System Restore and go back to a point in time before both programs were installed, but each restore point I chose failed (which has been an issue ever since I installed XP SP2, it has nothing to do with THIS issue).

The strange part is, ALL these programs (including IE) work perfectly from my daughter's profile (on the SAME computer)!! What could cause THAT?? What could have been deleted or changed within MY profile to cause these ...

[QUOTE=bquiban;461236]Hey all,

I'm having a problem with my Internet Explorer. Every time that I try to use it I simply get, "The Page Cannot Be Displayed"/ "Cannot find server or DNS error". However, despite this my Mozilla Firefox works without any problems. What seems to be the issue at hand? I really appreciate the help.


You can just update to IE 8.

You can remove useless programs from startup.
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Don't load too much too much programs on startup.
You can check the start up by click start, run, rype MSCONFIG

How much memory do you have installed on your computer??? It would be best if you have alteast 128 Megs of SDRAM 133 to run XP without any glitches. I generally feel that something is taking up too much memory in your computer, look at the startup folder and also the taskbar and clear out any programs not required like real player, jukebox etc..

Else write a script that will check the size. If you're looking for GB, -h option on ls might help.
Use ls and cut / awk to find the size.
Use expr to compare.

This Stop message is typically due to faulty or incompatible hardware or software.
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Did you try safe mode?
I think you get registry error.
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