2mbps connection is descent enough for online gaming but I am not from philiphines so i dont know about your ISP. Have you tried playing online with the 2Mbps connection? Are you facing any lag?

I didnt undestand your question. Do u mean u need 2 traverse through the ui folder too? and btw, just out of curiosity, is the path correct ? ?

hello there! :D

Firstly, Telnet is kind of like a software which allows you to access any remote machine which has a telnet server enabled in it. To connect to that remote computer (in which the telnet server is enabled), you need to know the username and password which is given to you by the owner of that remote machine (or the Systems Administrator). So if you have the username and password you can connect to the remote telnet server.

If u meant if telnet logins can be hacked through the network. The answer is Yes! Telnet sends usernames and passwords without any sort of encrption through the network. So, if someone tries to login to the telnet server, you can sniff your network traffic(using tools like Wireshark) and get the username and passwords.