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If you tried installating a new CMOS battery and this issue still persits, try updating your BIOS. You can search your BIOS in google and download the update file and flash it.

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Hey there, welcome! Btw, if you just want to learn and gain knowledge about computer science and programming (without any official certificate), check out the ones conducted by Prof. David Evans from Univeristy of Virgina at . Its free and its very informative!
Personally, I have checked out these udacity training videos and learned a lot. Just vist the website and check and you will understand what it is. Remmember, this is not actually a degree course or anything like that and companies may not value this course as such or give any credit for taking this course but It would surely help you understand programming and learn about computer science from ground up. They also have a course on Artifical Intelligence conducted by Prof. Sebastin Thurn(the guy behind the Google's Driverless Car). In my personal opinion, I learned a lot and that all I wanted and I am satisfied! :D

Also check out youtube for MIT course materials, they are also very informative and helpfull in understanding a lot of concepts.

Hope this helps! CheerS! :D