"UPDATE tblUsers SET UserImage = @file"
What does @file hold there ?
probably it should hold the path i suppose, so the patch is usually like "C:\Desktop......", the best way to incluse the escape sequence in the query would be to add "@", you can actually read the file path and do this in your update statement,
SET UserImage = @"C:\Desktop....";

Try this.

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If you have installed Visual studio as said above, start the program -> File -> New -> Project / Solution.
This will take you to windows forms application by default, further there are options like class library, Windows Forms Application, console application etc, u can choose any of them based on the requirement.
According to what you have said above, I suppose you should select Windows Form Application and continue, it will take you to default form,
start designing and enjoy coding.. :)

please make sure, if ur txt1.Text does not contain any special characters, like +, - etc...
integer type will not consider them, probably that might be one of the reasons, u r not getting it right...

[QUOTE=S2009;933238]Thanks a lot for your reply!

I have to install the application to some other system and there is no SQL SERVER installed in that system. Then how could I add the database in my deployment process so that i can use it in another system.

Please help me out. I am in urgent need to deploy this with the database.[/QUOTE]

ok, i have done it in 1 way. but tats a long process, n this is the only way i could do, i am finding other ways to do the same n tats the reason i had some doubts on datasource = "localhost" n stuff like tat...

ok, look, this is a client server system as u knw.
so in order for ur client to work on it, he must have server instaled in his comp or u can make a connection over the internet n keep urs as the server.
let me xplain. there are 3 ways to go abt it.

  1. make ur comp as the server and give the setup.exe file to ur client and make a connection thru internet which is always open.
  2. if u want to install it in other system n that system is placed inside ur company, then, u can give a connection thru lan and keep ur comp as a server n make it work.
  3. if u dnt want to establish a connection thru internet, then follow this,
    try to install the sql server on the clients machine.
    after ...
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