and thats y u get 49 since the ASCII value for 1 is 49.

Hi all,
We are using TortoiseHg(Mercurial) as a sub version control in our project currently, we are now planning to migrate the sub version control to TFS 2013.

  1. is this possible without the loss of any revisions that are exisitng.
  2. is this possible without the loss of any logs or any kind of information that is there in the history.
  3. What are the pre-requisites when it comes to hardware / software / personnel for this migration.
  4. is there a tool which does this migration.

while was searching online, i got in touch with SVNBridge, but this actually supports TortoiseSVN, but am looking for TortoiseHg.

Any help appreciated.

but, i dont think you wil need a thread for this, in Start_Click event write your logic, in that have a loop which can read 50 rows, disable the start button until 50 rows are read, then enable it, again for the next click, read the next 50 rows.

When a button is pressed, the focus will be moving on to button,
you can do this,
once the operation on button_click is done, before the event exits, based on your logic call the last line for either textbox1.focus(); or textbox2.focus();
this should be a simple option.

it could be 3 hrs, 21 mins and 5 seconds...

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your inputMethod()expects a return, and the return statement looses its scope outside the if else condition. so there should be a method level scope that you should specify.

public static float inputMethod()
float temp = 0.0f;

            if (float.TryParse("1234.45".ToString(), out temp))
                return temp;
            return temp;


I hope u have placed the main Tab control on the Main form.

For ur Tab control there is an Event 'SelectedPageChanged';
Use this event,
It ll work every time u click the either tabs.

if(Tabcontrol.SelectedTabPage == searchTabPage)
if(objSearch != null)
Add this to your code.

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are you sure you tried to insert a floating value to the int column while you wrote the oracle query..?

well, u got the answer with you, it is because you are passing a floating point value to integer u r getting the overflow exception.
check the column in your database, make sure what data type your backend is following, and then also make sure what are you in the text box, also make sure you are converting the same to what data type it is specified in data base.

Thanks, once this is solved, make sure you mark this thread as solved.

in this thread I have explained the process, if u face any problm, get back.

If it is solved, dnt forget to mark this thread as solved.

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am sry, i forgot to add a condition between., find the proper code below...

dtDisp_changed = objBusiness.Display_Inv_dtl(invoiceNoTextEdit.Text.Trim());

if(dtDisp_changed.Rows.Count > 0)
for (int i = 0; i < dtDisp_changed.Rows.Count; i++)
if(i == 0)
sum = Convert.ToDecimal(dtDisp_changed.Rows[0]["AMT"]);

sum = sum + Convert.ToDecimal(dtDisp_changed.Rows[i]["AMT"]);



dtDisp_changed is the DataTable,
["AMT"] is the column that you want the addition to be done....

Please mark the thread as solved once this works.


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