TCPView from sysinternals is a good tool to see if there is a process thats sending data that you not aware of


ok, figured it out.

the issue is the base64_encode. In PHP the md5 is returned as a lowercase string and C# returns the binary of the hash, using capital letters, so to get it to work, you have to tell php to capitalize the hash string before encoding it.

in short we where encoding
098F6BCD4621D373CADE4E832627B4F6 - .NET (after converting binary to chars)
098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 - PHP

so this PHP

$hash = base64_encode(strtoupper(md5($pwd)));

echo $hash


matches the output of
[CODE]Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile("test", "MD5"))[/CODE]

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Well i see a few things that seem to be missing,

1) What ddanbe said, but on all of them, to see if its between should be checking for > and <

2) I dont see where you set [B]numGrade[/B] to anything other then 0.
at the top of your button1_Click method i would expect to see like
numGrade = textbox.Text;

*just an observation, but don't need to use numGrade.ToString("F") to set the text of a textbox. just use textbox1.text = "F";

I don't want to give too much detail, cause this just has that, its home work feel ;)

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Actually I think the FileName and Arguments mixed up because the final command yours is running would look like
C:> perl
and is not an executable.

so i think it should be.
[CODE]p.StartInfo.FileName = "perl";
p.StartInfo.Arguments = " " + ipAddress;[/CODE]

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no idea if this is how, and am just thinking about it in my head but

shouldn't the line be

dr.BackgroundColor = Color.Blue;

since dr is the row you are working on.

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Hello, I am having the hardest time getting my strings to format right

I want it to only show the first 14 chars of the string. sounds simple, but I think ive been looking at the code to long to see where im messing up :).

here's the code I have

int fCount = mwReader.FieldCount;
for ( int i = 0; i < fCount; i ++ )
Console.Write("{0,-15}", mwReader.GetName(i));
Console.Write(" ");
Console.WriteLine("".PadLeft(80, '-'));

        while (mwReader.Read())
            string description = mwReader.GetString(0);
            if (description.Length > 14)
                description.Substring(0, 14);

            Console.WriteLine("{0,-15} {1,-15} {2,-12:C} {3,-12} {4,-12:C}",


the IF statement was my last attempt to use sub string on it but even that is not working.

Here's the out put im getting

Description ProductNo Price IsOnSale SalePrice

Heaven's Come To Eearth Today 080689016271 $1.60 False

Christmas Is Jesus 080689015274 $1.60 False
Child Of Light 080689014277 $1.60 False
You Love Me Still 080689008276 $1.60 False
You Are Holy 080689007279 $1.60 False
Worship Only You 080689006272 $1.60 False
Through The Fire 080689005275 $1.60 False
So Much God 080689004278 $1.60 False
Sing To The King 080689003271 $1.60 False
Sing 080689002274 $1.85 False
Praise To The Lord Almighty. 080689001277 $1.60 False

Jude Doxology 080689000270 $1.60 True $12.95
Berceuse and Finale 00137 $60.00 False
Tell My Father 02501096 $1.80 False[/ICODE]

I want it to look like

Description ProductNo Price IsOnSale SalePrice

Heaven's Come T 080689016271 $1.60 False
Christmas Is Je 080689015274 $1.60 False
Child Of Light ...

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Well only issue there is, the site is hosted at GoDaddy, so cant do anything like that.

I did come up with something that works for now, Because default.html was used to just redirect people into a subfolder (where the old site was moved to) i did this

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^71.211.xx.xx
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/tmp_site/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URL} !^cmas-email-flyer09.jpg$ //just becasue sales had just sent a mass email with the image in the root.
RewriteRule (.*) /tmp_site/$1 [L,R=302]

Hope that helps people if they run into a similar situation.

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