you are so unlucky and little late before Christmas i have donate two computers of my company to students if you tell me some early then i will able to help you may be next i will so something for you.

I can't say anything about it. Do you have any answer with proof?

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Have a very very happy Christmas and happy New Year to all of you. May this year bring more and more success in your lives.

hahahah, its funny i really enjoyed it a lot, i am also looking forward for more jokes.

You have written very well, i am happy to read this out, i think it will be good for you if you take writing as a profession, i am sure you can write very well.

I dont care what people think about me if i am also participating here. :P

I have done so many things but we can not call them worst because i never did anything to hurt someone, it can be worst for me.

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It looks horrible, i dont know how many people have experience of this but..........................

Today is my best friend Allan's birthday. I just want to say happy birthday to him. Have a very nice day buddy.

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800 post.........
oh my God. Its really very tuf job. I can't do this. But i 'll try my best to reach this level.

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I think your account is not activated or expired. You need to contact the administrator.

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