Does anyone here know the deafult setting for the ReadyBoot(not ReadyBost)?
I tweaked its settings a year a go and I want to restore it to its default setting.
I cant find any sources around the web.

I will appreciate for any help will come.


hericles is correct, it is returning an empty set, try to check "cust_id", it might be that the value of the cust_id is not in the database.

And could you do me a favor, please use parameterized query, that could solve many issue, that might be you will encounter in the future.

i will give you an example
rather that using like this

public DataTable run_sql_query(string query)

do it like this

public DataTable run_sql_query(string parameterizedQuery, Dictionary<strin, object> paramters)
    ///you can iterate on the dictionary
    ///and add the parameter value

that is just an example, you can make it better to fit in your preference.

but i thought if it reached a certain timeout, it should be killed to free-up a connection slot.

In the term of the manufacturer, yeah you right, that is good for their business, but what we can do? but i think it still good to calibrate at least if you feel that the reading is not correct, rather than if you are in the presentation and you thought that you still have enough battery juice, but suddenly your laptop shutoff in the middle of the session, that could be frustrating.

And not just high number of battery cycle make the battery died, but one the biggest factor is the heat, that will degrade you battery life very fast.

I also have HP machine here, and the battery charging was controlled by the laptop very carefully, it doesnt even allow to fully charged the battery, even you plug-in the AC overnight it will not reach full charged, and until now it is still kicking.

even you disagree about the calibration, but still you did it once last year.

when i tried to revisit your site it show me this.

To allow use of this page to automatically repair database problems, please add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Once this line is added to your config, reload this page. define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

one more suggestio if your databse login credentials is correct and there is no wrong invalid config in your configuration file and your database is Ok.
you could test your wibiste to your local machine, and you can play everything there, so you have more flexibility to find out what causing it.
as you mentioned above you still have access to your ftp and phpmyadmin, try to download it.

i think it could be an invalid authentication credentials in your db. just have a look in your wp-config.php file, the codes there is not that hard to understand.

yeah that is a bad thing to do on Li-ion, but it is recommended to do after 30 cycles or every 3 months. so do you still have a good battery reading.
as qouted from here

In reality, you likely don’t have to do this that often if you’re not too worried about your laptop’s battery readings being completely precise. However, if you don’t calibrate your battery regularly, you may eventually find your laptop suddenly dying on you when you’re using it — without any prior warnings. When this happens, it’s definitely time to calibrate the battery.

The key to calibration is allowing the battery to run from 100% to almost empty and then charging it all the way up to 100% again, which may not happen in normal use.

go to that link
I hope that will fix the issue.

I have this in my my.cnf


but when i execute

show processlist;

I have processes that still running more than 4500sec even they are in 'Sleep' command.

please help about this, thank you.

:) yeah your right it is a pretty old laptop. but guest what it is working like a new, it doesn't even get to hot, it has just an average 45C on a very hot day, i can even throw heavy app on it, like running two or more instances of VS and PS at the same time and have a a browser a lot of tabs open, including the dev database server running at the background. i have other boxes here but this i my on the go pc, i just like it beacuse this my first box.

BTW go back to the battery, this is the second battery replacement i bought, and it is ok now, i just completely drain it power twice, and its working normal now. the only downside is that its capactiy losses around 500MAh, so now i can just make it fullcharge to around ~7100MAh, maybe as @rubberman said it has a faulty battery cell.

@rproffitt sorry i think you didnt get it.
hmm the laptop doesnt come with any utilty for the battery like that on Sony Vaio or the features of hp that will not allow you to hit full charge, i just used this application to make notification if the certain level of charge reached.

the problem is when charging, even turning off the laptop the charge LED indicator will tell that battery is fully charged, but if you remove the AC the charged will drop to around 70%. the big fret here is that its just a week since i recieve the battery, and now its giving me an invalid battery charged reading.

I have a new battery pack for my acer aspire 4750 laptop, it hust a 2 weeks old, actually it is working pretty good.

I use batterycare to check charge level, so while i am charging and it reached 80% I remove the AC, then recharge it again at 40%.(the batterycare will show a pop-up if I reached 80% or 40% of the battery charged level)

But since yesterday i got these problem, the batterycare and the windows battery indicator notifying me that the battery is already full charged, but when I unplug the AC adapter, i can see the batterycare report and windows battery monitor that the charged level my battery is just 78%.

It doesn't even reached the battery care notification for 80% charged level.

Any idea about this?

I will appreciate for any help will come.


Thanks you so much, i will gonna try it out

becuase the client need to update the main server remotely from with data saved in the local database server and there is a lot of clients from different places.

i just need the innodb tables for temporary insert to speed up the server update. then all the data inserted to the innodb will be transpered to myisam table.
I just need the transaction to verify that the client successfully uploaded the whole data. and there will be multiple client from different places that will upload at the same time. so my concern is if one client is uploading and i used transaction to veify if there is no failure during the upload, does the other client can do there transaction also?
I mean can we have multiple innodb transaction at the same time?

Thank you for the reply.

but i have another question:
if a client execute load data infile (lets say the transaction will take 1minute), does other client can issue load date infile query while the first client transaction is still executing?

It could be a dumb question, and tried to search for it and found nothing.

I been using mysql for years(not that to long) but i never had tried mysql transactions. Now my question is, what would happen if i issue an insert or delete statement from multiple clients using transactions? does it would lock the table and prevent other client to perform there query? what would happen if other client issue a transaction query while the other client still have unfinished transaction?

I appreciate for any help will come.

P.S. most likely i will use insert using a file or csv it could be a big chunk of data or just a small one.

anyone can give me an advice for improving this piece code, it give me a complexity of score of 10. There is something telling in back of my mind that it can be improve, but this is the best i can do. arggg

            public override bool Validate(Control control, object value)
                if (value == null && !_IsAllowNull)
                    ErrorText = "Please provided valid number without a decimal point.";
                    return false;
                    if (value.ToString().Contains("."))
                        ErrorText = "Decimal value is not allowed";
                        return false;
                        if (!value.IsNumber())
                            ErrorText = "Please provided valid number without a decimal point.";
                            return false;
                            if (value.ToInt() < _minValue || value.ToInt() > _maxValue)
                                ErrorText = "Value should not be greater than " + _maxValue + " or less than " + _minValue;
                                return false;
                return true;

I will appreciate for any help will come.

try this to restore the default windows services to default
Click Here

then you can, right click the diagnostic-performance then click "Save all events as". then you can upload that and let me see it.

just a little advice, if i were you, then my laptop screwed out for a long time, i will just gonna reformat my laptop. but be carefull, just backup first your important documents.

You can check shutdown performance monitoring at task category column.
then at the general tab on the bottom, you can see there what program causing the shutdown delay.

just let me know if you figured it out.

even it is plugged-in or not, it still doing the same.

i tried it to plugged-in and check several times and still the fan stop spinning.

you can try to look on to your event viewer.

also try to look at application and services logs->microsoft->windows->diagnostics-performance.

you can find there what is the program preventing you from shutting down

On the system cooling policy under the processor power management I set the policy to active.
And here is the scenario.

I have an acer aspire laptop, running a time consuming process or working with visual studio with mysql service running, I basically take reboot at least once a week. Then lately I just figured out that the processor fan will stop spinning if the processor and mobo temperature drops below 40C and will just spin up if the temp reach around 45C and that's good so i can save battery.

Now my question, what is the difference between the passive and active cooling? Because I thought that setting the system cooling policy to active will set you fan always spinning.

Thank you

Turning off the UAC will also allow standard user to execute program with elevation, and that is not an ideal solution.

Open local security policy, on the security option on the local policies, disable the "User Account Control:Admin approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account".

Hello, good day to all

I hope this the right section to post the thread.

I just upgraded my win 7 ultimate to win 10 pro lately, and i got a problem about UAC.

I have 3 user account on my windows 2 local user and the elevated built-in admin account.
I am using the admin account, but when i open programs thats need elevation, the UAC pops-up for confirmation.
On my old win 7 this doesnt happen before the upgrade.

And BTW when i copy-paste or modify files on windows folder or any folder that has restriction like system32, it will prompt me "youll need to administrator permission to blah.."

Is someone here knows the solution.

I will appreciate for any help will come.
Thank you

Thank you for all the replies.

On the time I upgraded the RAM I dont know the memory types supports my CPU, i just go to the shop and test some RAM and when i see it works so i buy it, not unitl yesterday that i found out what my cpu can only support.

BTW one more question are the max memory bandwidth of the processor and peak transfer rate of the RAM is related?

thank you

I have i5-2430M on an acer aspire 4750z laptop, then last year I upgrade the ram with DDR3-1600 CAS 11, now I am confused because in the it was stated that memory type should be DDR3 1066/1333.

Now my question is why the ram still supported by the cpu(core i5-2430M) that is not listed in the
and i was also planing to expand the ram of my laptop, does my cpu can support DDR3-1600 CAS 9 or DDR3-14900 CAS 10?

I will appreciate for any help will come
Thank you,

PS. sorry for my bad english

there is folder on a system protect on windows system restore and it has an active protection but it was marked as missing,
the folder is label "G:", i dont know how i can remove this.

can someone can help me about this.

thank you

@rubberman yeah maybe it just happened. But I wander if a LAN port can also act as a WAN port, or can be a WAN port.
But the thing i didnt get is why everthing go back after restarting the laptop? So weird.

@CimmerianX hmmm my modem doesnt have a built-in wifi

this just what happen a moment a go,
i turned on my wireless router(dlink dir-600) then turned my laptop, but the problem is i cant connect to the internet, so what i did is restarted my router(BTW my wimax modem is connected and has good signal strength) but i got the same result and still have no internet, then it just came in my mind what if i will insert the modem line into lan port instead on the wan port, then it just like bingo i have an internet connection(what the heck happening here),
so also tried transfering it to the remaining 3 lan ports and ohhh internet is still there, but when i put the modem line to the wan port of the router i lost the internet. so what i thought maybe there is a hardware failure. so what i did next is to turn-off the router and turn-on, but it just still the same.

but here the thing, when i restarted my laptop then connect to the wifi again. everything back to normal.

so here is my question, if my laptop has the problem why is the router react like that?
its look like i have a defected laptop and i have quadropole wan router, LOL.

is there someone here experience lik this.

ps. sorry for my bad english

for example i have

public enum PrescriptionTypePrint
  PrescriptionOnly = 1,
  InstructionOnly = 2,
  Both = PrescriptionOnly | InstructionOnly

how i could make it simplify replacing the || to | on the code below

PrescriptionTypePrint pp = PrescriptionTypePrint.Both;

if (pp == PrescriptionTypePrint.PrescriptionOnly || pp == PrescriptionTypePrint.Both)
  //execute this block

becuase i think this would not work

if (pp == (PrescriptionTypePrint.PrescriptionOnly | PrescriptionTypePrint.Both))
  //execute this block
// the goal of this if pp has a value of prescription or both it will execute.

thank you so much for the some one who shed me some light

Beacause the Max() extension will not work on multidimentional array, so first you need to flatten it.

Then the Cast() can do it for you.

Look at this.

foreach (var item in a.Cast<int>())