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Hello everyone,

I have recently been confronted by two problems with my computer, which I purchased two years ago. These are my specs

Quadcore Intel i7 860 @ 2.80Ghz
ATi Radeon HD 5770 1GB
4GB of DDR-3 RAM
500 GB SATA hard drive
600w PSU
Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Whenever rendering videos (Adobe Premire & Sony Vegas) or playing games (Battlefield 3) my computer suddenly shuts off.
I thought it might be a heat problem so I ran Real Temp while playing BF3, and saw that the tempereature on all cores was hitting 99 degrees celcius. This is of course pretty dangerous and so I decided to clean the fan and heat grill, but this didn't help.

Do you think such problems and high temperature have damaged my CPU? I really hope not... Please advise.

I guess I might need to add some thermal paste, as it seems very dried up and there are only a few patches here and there. I ordered some online but it might take a while to arrive.

The other problem is that my graphics card seems to be a bit outdated and I cannot play games such as Battlefield 3 on maximum settings, which is a bit of a problem seeing as I purchased this computer for gaming.

Now my question is, do you think it would be wise to simply buy two more sticks of 2GB ram, and upgrade the GPU instead of ...

Oh of course they say it supports Windows 7, but it only works some of the time and it doesn't work on 64 bit systems (which is my case) so I had to use a work around which isn't exactly stable.

[QUOTE=caperjack;1282115]save your self a lot of BS and go out ad buy a new up to date router[/QUOTE]

Yea well the router is not the problem, the adapter is. And for your information, this IS the latest model, that's why I bought it.... Netgear just haven't made any drivers for windows 7 yet, that's the problem.

Sorry, what exactly is the mini-dump file? Where do I find it?

I didn't clock anything, if you mean overclocked any hardware.



Hi everyone,

Here's a picture of the BSOD message : [url]http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/6654/dsc01882ah.jpg[/url]

Almost every time I download several files at the same time, could be normal downloads (without an accelerator) or in a torrent client, I get the blue screen of death.

This only happens when one or more files are being downloaded at relatively "high" speeds, such as 150 - 400 kbps.

I'm using a Netgear WN111 USB wireless adapter and I think it's causing the problems because Netgear did not release any drivers for Windows 7, so I had to use a work around and place the Vista drivers somewhere in the system32 folder (I think) and well it makes the internet work so it's a good fix I guess... I'm just not too happy about the Blue screen of death.

How can I fix this?




My specs (nothing overclocked)

Intel i7 860 Quad core running @ 2,80 Ghz
ATI Radeon 5570 1GB
4GB DDR3 Samsung Ram running @ 1600 Mhz

Thanks for the info!

So I guess I should find 2 more 2GB sticks... Meaning I'd have 8GB total memory - not bad!

I'm guessing this is not indispensable but however good to have?



Do you play Project Reality Caperjack? I have the impression I saw you on a server earlier today.

[QUOTE=caperjack;1241374]im not a ram expert fur sure but i read this in you link .

  • "To reach DDR3 2200 MHz and above, you are required to use with Intel Core i7/Core i5 CPU without HD Graphics and install a discrete graphics card."

so if you want good graphics you will not be able to use the pc2200+
and there does seem to be pc3 2200 ,higher i think would be achieved by overclocking the ram .

So my ram is not so bad then? I mean I can't exactly afford to pay 200$ for one stick of 2GB... That's a bit overboard lol

I've still got 2 slots of RAM left however, maybe I should look into buying 2 more sticks.

Would I be able to use 2 x 2GB and 2 x 4 GB ? Would that configuration work?

Thank you

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Gamers PC and I'm very happy with it, however I'm wondering about the transfer rate of the RAM, and not too sure if it's good enough... I'm running Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, and the specs are as follows :

  • Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5
  • INTEL Core i7-860 (4x 2,80GHz) 8MB 4,8GT/sec Box SLBJJ
  • 4,00 GB HYNIX SAMSUNG DDR-3 PC1600
  • 500GB SATA-2 HDD 7200rpm
  • Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3, H55 EXPRESS (dual PC3-10667U DDR3)

Now I went on Wikipedia and from what I understand, PC 1600 is the highest standard of DDR3 ram? Is that correct? I remember the highest being PC 3200 for DDR2...

I decided to check out my mobo's specs on the Gigabyte website, here : [url]http://gigabyte.com.tw/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3444#sp[/url]

And apparently it supports DDR3 2200+/1800/1600/1333/1066/800 MHz memory modules.

Is there really a DDR3 PC 2200+ ? Or am I confusing transfer rate with Mhz...

Thanks for the help,


Well I downloaded this codec pack called All in One codec pack and now I can view video with Real and DivX player, but I can't with Windows Media Player, which is my default player. Help :S


A few days ago I read a guide and disabled a lot of services to make my comptuer run faster (which did not work). I made a restore point a quarter-way-through because I forgot to before starting. My problem is that I cannot play any video with any type of player. I have tried playing streaming content and videos saved on my HD with WMP11, Real Player, DivX Player and VLC Player. I get sound but no picture what so ever. I have tried playing around with the settings but with no result.

I also, cannot record any video through Logitech's QuickCam software or Windows Movie Maker. I followed all the instructions to fixing the QuickCam error, but it just didn't work. And in Movie Maker, it said that another program was using the camera, which is not true, because I checked the processes in task manager and saw no program which could be using it.

I tried restoring the system to an earlier date, twice, but the restoration was always unsucessful.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what service I have to re-enable or if there is a fix for this.

Thank you very much in advance,


Erm, I talked to a friend he thinks that it's a power issue, and I guess he's probably right, why else wouldn't it work? I think it needs more power when the drivers are on. I bought my vista on the internet from windows market place so it isn't OEM, and I don't have any licensing issues anyway. As I said before I'm doing all this on XP in any case, just to be safe.

Well it's not just Vista, it's XP aswell. I can see the Post BIOS screen and stuff, and basic VGA drivers do work, but while installing the forceware drivers the computer crashed. So I rebooted it and it would lock up with artifacts sometimes at or after the login screen. I had to use safe mode to remove the drivers so I could access normal mode without the forceware drivers being loaded. I tried installing it last year aswell, but even after 2 windows reinstalls it didn't work, so I don't think a reformat would be the solution.



My ATi X300 SE (PCIe) packed up yesterday someone screwed it up by accident and I need help installing this other graphic cards that I have. I've got an nVidia GeFore 6600 GT manufactered by MSI or whatever they're called. So I put it in my computer and turned it on. Everything was kind of laggy at first but I was able to use the computer with basic drivers. I downloaded the latest forceware drivers from nVidia and while I was installing that screen flickered, went black and came back but the mouse was stack and there were a few lines across the screen. I waited about 5 minutes, and nothing happened, so I decided to reboot the computer. I rebooted and about 20 seconds past the login screen it got stuck again. I rebooted again and I get the same result except it's at the Windows loading bar. The same happens with both Vista and XP. (And when I installed I was using XP, so don't blame Vista).

My computer specs are
2,5 GB RAM
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
80GB Maxtor HD running XP MCE 05
200GB Baracuda HD running Vista Ultimate
And graphics card obviously the nVidia GeForce 6600 GT

Please help me fix this.. I really want to use my computer again.

Thanks in advance,


Actually I checked it again and it says :

Invalid BOOT.INI file
Booting from C:\Windows

Isn't boot.ini just in XP?
Really have no idea what to do.

Ok well I've just tried it. I got the menu at startup but when I selected Windows XP it said ''Booting from C:/Windows and then nothing happens, just a black screen appears. I set it to boot from F:/ because that's where I have the XP installation. Vista is on the C:/ drive.
What did I do wrong?

Ok, just finished downloading it. Thanks mate. I'll reply when I've tried it.


[QUOTE=joshSCH;344830]So you installed vista after xp? Vista changes the MBR and makes itself the default boot.. you need to use bootcfg to change the boot menu and add XP[/QUOTE]

Well now I have Vista on the 200GB HD and XP on the 80GB HD, but when I turn on the computer I don't get a boot menu asking me if I want to use Vista or XP, it just boots Vista by default. You're saying I need to use bootcfg to change the boot menu so it adds XP to it and asks me what I want to boot? If that's so please tell me how to do it, I've been in a windows-struggle for the past week, it's taken a part of my soul. Fuck those gay windows programmers.


I have 2 hard drives on my computer, both running Windows XP MCE 2005. I will install the Vista upgrade on my 200GB hard drive later and leave XP on the 80GB HD, so I can dual boot (that is dual booting right?). I would like to ask you for some help because, I can't access the 80 GB Hard drive. I was only able to access it when I loaded windows on it, but after I rebooted I couldn't figure out how to get back in. I thought there was supposed to be a boot menu asking me from which hard drive I want to boot from, right? Please help me to get this menu up. I tried pressing F2 but that just boots up the BIOS (like del) and F8 asks me if I want to boot windows with safe mode and crap like that.

Thanks in advance for the help,


Wow erm... I have a lot of crap in there. Erm.. there are lots of Red Icons called Error for Service Control Manager, there are some called ftdisk, System Error, NtServicePack, DCOM, Windows Update Agent, SideBySide and Dhcp.

Sry for the double post...
I added the 2nd hard disk and when I turned on the computer it didn't ask me from which one I wanted to boot, so I restarted it and went into the BIOS. I found that the BIOS had not detected the new hard disk yet, so I selected refresh, and still nothing. Yet when I opened windows explorer I saw that it has detected the hard drive, and I can browse it (except my documents; it says access denied). How can I get the BIOS to detect the new hard drive? Do I need to change wires in the computer or what?


:-| Erm..

I think you've got it wrong. I reformatted the hard drive and put on XP. And everytime I start the computer I get that error message.

Hi guys,

I have a couple of questions. I reinstalled XP because of Vista not being able to start after a system restore undo (All I got was a black screen and the mouse everytime I started my computer, ALT+CTRL+DEL didn't do anything). Ok so now I have XP MCE2005 on my 200GB hard disk, and I don't want to install the Vista upgrade over it, but put it on another partition or hard disk. Now my question is, if I want to be able to dual boot XP MCE05 and Vista Ult. do I need to install XP on the partition/HD and then the Vista upgrade? Cus I bought the upgrade online, so I'm guessing as it is an UPGRADE I need to have XP installed first, right?
And the other question if I do want to do this, would it be better to have them both on the same HD (2 partitions on a 200GB HD) or to install upgrade to vista on the 200GB and then install XP on the second HD which I believe is... 80 gb... I can't remember.

Thanks in advance


Hi guys,

I've got a problem. After undoing a system restore in Vista, and coming to bootup with a black screen and just a mouse pointer, I decided there was nothing left to do but to reload windows XP and maybe then later install the Vista upgrade. I installed XP fine and everything works, but everytime I start my computer I get an error message saying Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to restart. Something like that. Anyway I click on the button.. I think it was.... OK, I forgot, and it reboots explorer.exe . How can I stop this message from coming up everytime I start my computer?

Thanks in advance guys


Thanks a lot mate, but I reinstalled windows a few days ago :S

I just have one question though, when I reinstalled windows, everytime I rebooted it changed back my res. to 800 x 600 or something and I'd have to reset it to 1280 x 1024. The problem's gone now but I'd just like to know what was wrong.

Ok yesterday norton told me I had trojan.nebular or something and I couldn't install or use the recovery console cus when i would boot up with the windows disc and press R it would reboot my pc so I just deleted all winrk32's registry entries and it's .dll (and yes I DID backup my registry). Then I wanted to uninstall norton systemworks 2002 (yes I know, i'm a moron for using norton, thank you) and install norton systemworks 2005. I did that and it worked fine then, I uninstalled norton personal firewall and installed norton internet security 2005 but it wouldn't let me activate because it said my activation key might have been stolen, so I reinstalled personal firewall. Now here's where the problems started. I tried to make a dedicated server in counter strike source and whenever I tried to connect to it, it would crash and tell me "Engine Error" - something like that- So I tried to reinstall my ATi catalyst control center along with the drivers and everytime I tried to a shutdown dialog message would come up and tell me that it needs to shutdown my computer because.... I dunno I wasn't paying attention, I was just trying to open up RUN and type shutdown -a to stop it. ;) . Although I DO remember that the shutdown was initiated by NT Authority.
So I tried that many times and nothing worked... Then I did it manuallly I uninstalled the drivers with device manager, removed ...

[QUOTE=aeinstein]How are you resetting the router?[/QUOTE]

Well I use a needle or something thin to reset the router at the back.

Please Help!!!

[QUOTE=chrisbliss18]Can you load up your router configuration screen from your browser?[/QUOTE]

no :( oh how i wish i could

[QUOTE=chrisbliss18][url=http://kbserver.netgear.com/inquira/default.asp?ui_mode=answer&prior_transaction_id=2003352&action_code=5&highlight_info=16777254,408,411&turl=http%3A%2F%2Fkbserver.netgear.com%2Fkb_web_files%2FN101450.asp&answer_id=202587952#__highlight]Reset your router back to factory defaults[/url] and then run the wizard again.[/QUOTE]

Unfourtunatly i've already tried that and it didn't work :sad:

We bought this router about five months ago and can't get it to work. After running the setup disc that comes with it, we got it to work - well the only problem is I didn't know it at the time. I went to my PC to check if I was connected but I thought I wasn't - the light in the config. utility was red but i was connected - I thought there was something wrong, so I logged into the router's configuration site ( and I changed the settings - I assigned a specific IP to the router (which I forgot - how stupid I was.. :eek: ) and ever since then when I plug in the router my dad's PC doesn't recieve any packets. Even after running the setup agin, and again, and again, and AGAIN it always finishes with the SAME MESSAGE "Connection to the router is unavailable" something like that. I'm then told to click next and it tells me to make sure all the right cables are plugged into the right holes etc.

I REALLY REALLY need help, PLEASE help me - this thing has been driving me MAD for MONTHS! :mad: Currently I'm using a Netgear MR814 v.3 (11mbps) with a WG111T wirless usb adapter which can do [B]108 MBPS[/B] - THAT'S why I want to get the new router working!! We had this problem with the MR814 v.3 router - I have NO idea how the HELL we got it to work.... ...