Thank you so much for the welcome! I'm excited. This forum looks like it can be a LOT of help to me. I'm always fidgiting with my computers in some way or another. Right now I've got 2 crashed, so I'll be asking for help soon ;-)

KimmyLA Newbie Poster

Name: Kim
Nickname: Kimmy
Height: 5'8''
Weight: not nice to ask a woman her weight ;)
Hair: blonde
Eyes: Brown

Location: Southwest Louisiana in hurricane zone (NO - not New Orleans! Contrary to popular belief & what the news shows would have you believe, the damage in New Orleans wouldn't have been as high if the idiots would've built the levees right - OR, how about this one, NOT built the entire city below sea level! Anyway, Katrina was 6th on the list of most intense Atlantic hurricanes & Rita was 4th. Regardless...hurricanes SUCK!) :angry:

Age: You can tell me Happy Birthday on September 27th :twisted:

Hobbies: LUV MY CELLPHONE(S) & texting, music, music & more music, reading, finding old / new friends online & chatting, spending time with my children & hubby, deer hunting with my husband, I've got an extensive movie collection b/c I LOVE watching movies, playing with my little dogs (3 rescues & 1 surprise puppy that came along inside one of the rescues - 3 minpins & 1 yorkie/chihuahua mix), computer games, watching tv, luv cartoons - I'm still a big kid :cool: , I enjoy travelling especially when it brings me to a beautiful beach, riding my 4-wheeler, tanning, I'm sure I could go on with this all day...

Relationship Status: married since 1994 to my high school sweetheart, was separated briefly for 3 1/2 yrs., but all together we've been together over 22 years :*

How many pets do you have: 4 dogs, ...