How to change the entry point of gcc compiler ?

I mean the code will look like the bellow one.


int entry() //this is the new entry point instead of main.
return 0;

thank you very much..

As char pointer takes only 8 bit .
int i = 258; int iPtr = &i;
printf("%d %d",
((char)iPtr), ((char*)iPtr+1) );

In this program the bit orientation is 00000001 00000010.
First char pointerCODEiPtr[/CODE]point a address where the data is 00000010
and next address is containing 00000001.
So we are getting output as
2 1.

[B]That's also not different from saying this:[/B]

char a, b; / Not necessarily contiguous /
char c[5] / Contiguous /

Its also has nothing to do with int , calloc or malloc.

I am not being childish, I am not understanding for what misunderstanding we are arguing on the same fact which we are talking about.

[QUOTE]Are you aware that the exact same code using calloc() has precisely the same result?[/QUOTE]

Yes i am aware about the fact.

[QUOTE][B]by me:-[/B]calloc() returns a block of memory which is contiguous[/QUOTE]
I was talking about:-
int p;
)calloc(5, sizeof(int));

I also want to mean that malloc() is not contiguous for different allocation.
/not contiguous/
int p,a;

Any way i am a newbie and just a learner while you are an administrator. I may have represented the thing which can may create confusions as I should write calloc() returns a block of memory which may or mayn't contiguous instead, but calling any one idiot in a forum like this may hurt any one's prestige and feeling.
I request you to kindly delete my account from this forum.:icon_sad:

[QUOTE]The bytes allocated by malloc() (and calloc()) are required to be contiguous.[/QUOTE][CODE]
int p,a;
here memory need not to be contiguous.

int p;

here memory allocation must be contiguous.

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which compiler you are using???

All the can try from internet as well as some good book of c programming language..

Yes we are always here to help you. you have to mention properly what is your problem exactly. I mean you have to submit your wrong code then we will help you in you way.

In C malloc() returns bytes of memory which is need not to be contiguous.
int a;
) malloc(sizeof(int));
It returns some bytes (4 byte in some compiler) which is uninitialized.
Let take the address of a is 1002. If we try to assign memory to some other int pointer it may not be 1006.
on the other hand calloc() returns a block of memory which is contiguous and initialized to zero.

realloc() use to reallocate the memory which is already allocated in a dynamic way.

Hi everyone,
I want to compile a simple assembly language program like helloworld.asm in visual studio 6. I don't want to use MASM as assembler.
I want to include NASM as assembler.
please help me out.

thanks in advance..:D

Thank you Mr. WaltP for your point of view. It will really help me.

you can write whole the code of your project in a single source file.but it will create problem at the time of maintenance.

so you should make a module for a particular will also help you at the time of debugging.

And try to use GCC compiler it is a standard one.
Never go for GOTO statement and function like getch().try to avoid the header file conio.h.

I want to compile an assembly program in NASM using MS visual studio 2010.


if we can know what is the expected out put
then it will be better for us to help you.

[QUOTE=netuse;1638038]hi... :).. I have to generate a Timetable project by useing C program. i do't have no idea how to generate the code.. so please send me some codes.. and tell some idea to generate..
with your help, i try and complete my project.

                              Thanking you[/QUOTE] 

Let you start your project.
Then if there is any problem this forum will you.
All the best for your project..:D

[QUOTE=devanshee;1638456]i am confused that when to use '&' sign in arrays.
some times in string array or in character array i got confused.
bcz array name itself is an address .so an1 can plz help me out of this??[/QUOTE]

In C when we take input using scanf() function we have to take the address of the variable.
Here is some Example .I think it will make you clear.
int a;
scanf("%d",&i); //address of the variable

char a[10];
scanf("%s",a);//a stands for the base address of the string.

int b[10]

scanf("%d",b);//b is also the base address of the array .

I have downloaded grub source code from [url][/url].
I have compiled that source code using ./configure then make command but i have not get any binary file.
Actually i want to use GRUB boot loader for my own Os.
please guide me.
I am very new here.

thanks in advance..:)