I can't seem to find anything about the fan in the BIOS settings and yes with the case open I can hear the fan better.

Since yesterday I have been using the laptop with the case closed (for at least a few hours) and haven't had any problems.


Typing this from my laptop now, in Ubuntu.
The fan seems to be spinning nicely; the laptop case is still open though.

I'm thinking about buying some thermal paste just to make sure.

Thanks for all the help.


This morning I tried to keep the laptop on again (with the new fan) and this time I made sure I could see the fan (laptop was open). And all of a sudden it works just fine :-)

I kept it running in Windows XP though because I can monitor the CPU heat there; maybe tonight I will try to keep it running in Ubuntu.

Thanks for all the help.

btw if I mark this item as solved can I put it on unsolved again when the same problem pops up again?


Yes, I also read about that but the problem is that the fan doesn't even go to full speed (if it is running at all).
So I don't think adding transfer cream would have much use.

Any other suggestions?


Thank you for the quick answers.

Maybe I should be a bit more specific about what happened and what I already did:
A few weeks ago when I wanted to start up my laptop (which I had for about 2 and a half year) it made a strange noise. It was my CPU fan which stopped working after 5 seconds while making somewhat of a strange noise (maybe it touches something).
I didn't trust this so I shut down the laptop and the next morning go to the local pc repair shop to have a look at it.
They took out the fan and cleaned it with compressed air but this didn't have any effect. I asked them to have it fixed (by replacing the fan) but apparently they can't do this and I have to send it to Acer.

A few days later (after setting up a backup PC + backing up my files) I file a repair case at Acer. But because they can't give me any indication about how much it was going to cost me + I don't like to send my laptop by mail I try to fix it myself.

I ordered a compatible fan and received it by mail a week later. Replaced the fan (only included the fan so had to connect the heatsink myself) and started up the laptop.

Same story... after 5 seconds the fan shuts down but it didn't make that strange sound anymore. So I thought maybe this was ...

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When booting up my Acer Aspire 1690 laptop the fan starts but then quits after about 5 seconds. The system starts up nicely (OS starts up) it just doesn't have a fan anymore which basically renders the laptop useless.

I already tried to clean the fan with compressed air and I even ordered a new fan, but to no avail.

Anyone who had a similar problem? Or any idea how to fix it?