What's the data type for your student_code field?

You may want to store a delimiting character between each set of numbers. This way you can use the explode() function so you don't have to know exactly where one substring ends and another begins. For example, let's say you choose a comma , as your delimiter, your code is:

$output='01/07/2015,21/08/2016,91754.0'; // note the addded commas
$stringParts = array();
$stringParts = explode(',' $output);
// You can now access the parts at $stringParts[0], $stringParts[1], and $stringParts[2].

The :hover function is working. Your overflow:hidden; rules are keeping the dropdowns from appearing below #navsearch

On regstate.php line 2 you have


But according to line 81 in reg.php your variable is called id. So line 2 in regstate.php should be


Try using Y-M-D format, see if that works?

SELECT startDateTime, endDateTime FROM jobs WHERE startDateTime BETWEEN '2013-11-19' AND '2013-11-20'

If you follow ibrahim.alzein great revision, I'd replace any echo('<script... window.location = pageurl.php ...');. No reason to use JS for the redirects. Replace with:

header("Location: pageurl.php");

Adding to the post above, now on your welcome page the first thing should be session_start();, and you can thereafter access the user's name with $_SESSION['name'].

Line 47, why are you using $_GET['Username'] instead of just $username?

Not related to the solution, but you can probably get rid of line 42.

You'll need to use an exchange rate API, then parse/decode the results. Google and Yahoo each have APIs (a quick search should turn up more info), and another resource I found is https://openexchangerates.org/

EDIT: Just saw diafol's response. Sorry, had this tab open for a while before I got to it.

I think diafol is suggesting you update your existing query. In your SELECT query, replace time with FROM_UNIXTIME(time, '%H:%i:%s') AS time. I'm not sure why you would need to change anything else.

My only additional advice is to use this to set classes for your TDs instead. This way you can change the actual appearance in your stylesheet.

If I'm understanding you correctly, then yes, you would need to follow JorgeM's instructions. Keep in mind that for most intents and purposes, elements in a browser are all rectangles! Your image takes up a full rectengle, even if it doesn't look like there's anything in the bottom-right corner. So the text will float along the straight edge of the box.

If you want the text to look like it's fitting the contour of the hand in the image, you'll need to position the text accordingly manually. There are a number of ways to do this. You can use a graphics program to type the text into the image, but then this text can't change without changing the whole picture, and you lose the SEO value of the content. Another option is to use absolute positioning to place the text just so, but you'll need to fiddle around with this manually.

Honestly making the text part of the image is probably your best and easiest bet.

Not sure I understand your meaning of "wrap around the image". Do you mean to put the text on top of the image?

I'd output the xml tag in an echo statement. My guess is it thinks the <? is opening PHP tags. Try:

<?php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'; ?>

Try adding var_dump($row) on line 38, let us know what it outputs.

First off, you've created 9 <th>s but have only 8 fields you're pulling from the DB. You're not outputting anything to your Generate Bill column.

My recommendation is rather than a foreach loop for outputting your fields, do it the long way. I.e.,

// Inside your loop...
print "<tr>\n";
print "\t<td>$a_row['slno']</td>\n";
print "\t<td>$a_row['refno']</td>\n";
//etc., etc. Don't forget your Generate Bill column!
print "</tr>\n";

Now it's also easier to follow pritaeas' advice. Decide which column in your table you want to contain the clickable link to go to the View page. You might use the Serial No column, for example.

// replace the "slno" line I put above with:
print "\t<td><a href='/view.php?id=$a_row['slno']'>$a_row['slno']</a></td>\n";

That done, you create a script called view.php and add a line with:

if(isset($_GET['id'])) {
    $id = (num) mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['id']);
    // Add to code to search your database for an entry with this serial number

Wrong forum???
That aside, it would be difficult to answer this without knowing any of the schema, structure, and code of your program.

Glad to help! Please mark the thread solved if we're all set here.

paulkd -- np, I do it all the time :)

Where is your data for $_GET['location'] coming from? Your form submits via POST (line 1), and it doesn't have any field named "location". You should change line 4 of the form to:

<input type="text" name="location" id="location" class="form-control" placeholder="90001" required>

Then in zip-checker.php, change $_GET to $_POST.

One other tip. No reason to use the $location variable, just drop the header() function calls right into the first if-else blocks.

For completeness, the HTML5 docs allow "Phrasing content" as children of <legend>. The span tag is listed as such, so yes it's valid.

I have to agree with paulkd, are the checkboxes really necessary? Can't you just check if the value in the input box is not empty, and greater than 0?

Also, please provide your HTML and form processing code so we can see where you're having a problem.

Did you forget to include http://develop-platform.co.uk/css/vertical_menu_basic.css ? I see you have dcverticalmegamenu.css but it only has two lines of styles in it.

Glad it's fixed, though I can't spot the error. Anything simple to explain?

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You should review the validity of your HTML. While it might not solve the issue in this case, it often helps ruling out other items. Try using http://validator.w3.org. Some errors I see of the bat:

A) Your TEXTAREA tags are self-terminating, yet are followed up with a closing tag. Textareas should not self-terminate. Line 18:

<textarea rows=\"5\" Cols=\"22\" name=\"VacancyDescription\" style=\"display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;\"/> </textarea>

PHP would print this out as

<textarea rows="5" Cols="22" name="VacancyDescription" style="display: inline-block; margin-left:10px;"/> </textarea>
                                                                                                       ^ Note this slash. That's a problem.

B) You should not have more than one occurrence of an id on a page. If the value needs to be used more than once, you should be using a class. So instead of id="window", id="title_bar", or id="box", use class="window", class="title_bar", class="box". Do the same for any other such examples.

C) As mentioned above, in you open DIVs on lines 63 and 66, but on lines 83 and 84 there are a total of four closing </div> tags. This probably ends up closing 2 container divs, which would throw off your whole layout.

Just a note. For debugging something like this it's also useful to see the container DIVs and their CSS, considering your usage of widths, borders, margins and floats for layout.

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Sorry, I'm missing something. I don't get how OP was hijacking the form at the top. The "reload" function only happens when you change the SELECT. It seems to me like the point is that on reload it correctly updates the prod_price field with the value from the db. Then the form gets submitted to updprod.php (as opposed to upd_prod.php), where I assume the price is updated in the DB.

@sanbhu2105, what happened to your <form>, and more importantly, the <select> element?

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Yo're asking for $_GET['prod_name'] but you're sending the form via post, so it will be $_POST['prod_name']

I don't think this is upd_prod.php. I think he's using the $_GET to get the product name from the URL created when onchange=reload() runs from the SELECT menu.

Just a note: A Notice is not a fatal error message, and should not stop script execution. If you're still not getting the result you expect, the issue is probably elsewhere.

On line 57 you try to access $row. The variable you used in your loop was $row1, $row doesn't exist.

Glad to help. Please mark the thread as "Solved" :-)

I used to use https://gomockingbird.com/ back when it was in beta. I was pretty happy with it.

Add position: relative; to ul.products li (Line 21).
Then if you add an <img> with class "new" to the appropriate ul.products li element, you can assign position: absolute to img.new, and push it around with top:, right, bottom, or left as desired.

See jsFiddle for example: http://jsfiddle.net/LEt7Y/ (Note I used a <p> element, you can of course replace with an <img>)

Can you show the HTML, and indicate what you're trying to show/hide?