It's the old story, "Different strokes for different folks". Some people will think I am nuts and I don't mind that but I enjoy seeing how different packages work. I have worked my way through many different ones over the years and I'll admit that many are now sitting on the shelf gathering dust. However, over that time I have gained a feel for software in general that allows me to use most packages without using a manual. Win 8 has been the same way. I started using it back in April on an old laptop. My first suprise was that it would run on it as Win 7 wouldn't. Yes there are many things I still don't know all about it but you know what, I won't probably ever use a lot of it's bells and whistles.

As I read this thread I get a sickening feeling about how inflexable many of the poster are. I am a couple of months shy of 70 and I don't have as near the issues that many of you have with running Windows 8. You want the Desktop, you only need to hit one single button. If you run an application such as Quicken, you tap the metro icon and it starts the desktop and the application. If you are having such a big problem with Win 8 you better not buy a new car because things are changing there to.

You will have to obtain a PDF editor. I use PDFill, I think it cost about $20.

I was working on a Dell Lititude D400 recently and had similar issues. I was letting Windows control the connection. I found that Dell had its own program for controlling the connection and when I used it the problems went away. You might look in the control panel to see if you have a similar program.

If I understand you correctly you have multiple PCs that are all showing the same, "Open with Media Player", but when one is removed and attached to another workgroup it shows up okay. Since they all have the LAN in common. I know what I suggest is crazy but what I would try is to shut the workgroup down then recreate it from scratch as a starter.

I can only say that each person usually sticks with what they are most familiar with. I myself have been running Win 7 on two rigs for the past 10/12 months. I am also running Win 8 since about April on a laptop and have a rig which is running Ubuntu 12.04. I have found Win 7 easier to network between Win 7 & 8 plus it is more stable. I can also run XP in virtual mode. I began running Win 8 Consumer Preview to find out how I would like it. It has its strengths and weaknesses but I found it to be more responsive. I started checking it out because I want to pickup a tablet. The iPad is nice but I think The Surface with Win 8 Pro will be a better fit. I will be able to run Quicken and have the ability to work with USB drives and high capacity SDXC cards. The problems I have with Apple is that their business model is about controlling the environment thus no USB/Card access. If you are not having any issues with Xp stick with it however once support stops you will no longer have security updates which will leave you open to issues beyond you control.

Thanks for the info.
I don't need VM as I am only running Window 8 Pre Release on this machine. Nothing else as I just replaced Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Thanks again.

Looking to find ANY information on upgrading an old Sony VGN-FS980 laptop HD to an SSD. All help will be appreciated. I am trying to speed the system up. I currently have maxed out the RAM and shut down most of the garbage software and Apps. I am currently using it to review the Windows 8 Prelease.

With 3 Destops, 1 Laptop, 1 Notebook running 4 different OSs. I can see how a good windows tablet with USB, HDMI and various different cards supported could blunt the iPad juggernaut. A lot of people of which I'm one just don't like how Apple controls the usage of an $800+ machine. For those who only use their tablet as an appliance for social media the iPad is probably the way to go. The ability to run full size applications such as Quicken or other non main stream software will push the others in my opinion to one of the new tablets running Windows 8. Again, it depends on MS not pulling a Vista.

You might want to load the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your machine. I did, as I wanted to know if I will be able to run Quicken, so far it running without issues. Just keep in mind that this is only a preview version and things will change.

I have recently use a Exit For within a For Next Loop to exit the loop later the procedure returns to the same For Next Loop. I noticed the control does not reset. Is this what is supposed to happen?