I think the object of school assignments is that you do them yourself

You are best to use a mac. Download xcode and start from there. there are some excellent tutorials on iTunesU

Create a dataset using a SQL statement to combine your multiple data and then use this as the recordsource for the datagrid.


No switch takes an integer you need if then else if construct

if ([textfield.text isequaltostring:@"someCase"]) {
    // do something
} else if ([textfield.text isequaltostring:@"anotherCase"]) {
    // do something else
} else {
    // do yet another thing

That is not a label that is a text field. Drag a label across from the object library, it will have type of UILabel. If you are using the latest version of xcode you should be putting an underscore on the front when referrring to them locally,

[_label setText=@"Hello World"];


self.label.text = @"Hello World";
NSArray *dateFormats = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"dd/ mm / yyyy", @"mm / dd/ yyyy", nil];

NSString *selectedDateFormat = [dateFormats objectAtIndex:formatSelected];

Yes, you do not need to synthesise them if the setters and getters are as simple as above. In recent versions the "_" on the front is for the internal representation of the property. You also do not need the statements on lines 3 & 4.

Properties are the external attributes of you class coffeeShop. When you create an instance of this class you can then set these properties.


coffeeShop *myShop = [[coffeeShop alloc] init];
myShop.coffee = @"arabica";


I would check out the Stanford Uni lectures by Paul Hegarty on iTunesU

This thread is closed, please start a new one. Also you I believe you have the information you need above. It is for you to write the code.

The chart wizard in Excel should be all you need. just add a chart to your spreadsheet and step through the wizard

on line 16 you should have


however it looks like the employeeId is the primary key to Inventory file which seems somewhat strange.

see here Click Here

if you are using ARC then yes

you can probably buy VB6.0 on eBay. .Net is available for free from the microsoft website.

if you double click on the control it should generate the appropriate handler for an click event.

I presume you are talking about IOS,you need to investigate core-location and map kit however as of the release of IOS 6 a few days ago Apple is using its own mapping not Google.

Nothing really it is just a matter of personal taste, you can use either as you wish.

I am not sure why you have declared input and i as arrays, this seems wrong. and the * before i in two spots on line 11 should not be there. an int is a primitive of the language and not referenced with a pointer.

so what has this to do with VB6

you could perhaps add another column called "selected" to your employee table which is a Yes/No value that users can check. Then have a piece of SQL to insert the employee ids of the selected values into the other table, somethings like

INSERT INTO newTable (EmployeeId) SELECT EmployeeId FROM Employee WHERE Selected=True

it looks very much like homework you should be doing yourself.

the if statement does not make a lot of sense it probably should be something like

if not isnull(datagrid1.col(0)) then


if datagride1.col(0) <> 0 then

if there are 7 rows there is going to need to be 7 addnews one for each row with an id of 1 2 3 etc and scores from each text box.

also you might like to consider using SQL INSERT statement to insert the rows rather than an addnew.

If you don't know how to create a module, I suggest you take a tour of vb first and get an understanding of how VB works prior to commencing such an abitious program.

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You could do this but you probably won't want to. Word is not designed for storing data and really excel isn't either. Store your data in a database and use word or excel to display it.

This is not normalised properly, Time, Date and Day should all be housed in the one field using a type of Date/Time. When you display them you can choose to display the one field three times for each of the values.

you already asked this on the VB.Net thread which are you using

post some code and the error you are getting

I think you are jumping the gun here, for example the decision to save your records is a decision for the technical design. At this stage you don't really even have functional requirements tied down, let alone a functional design. Start with a needs analysis, ie a detailed understanding of the need you are trying to address and from that derrive the functions that the software must perform. You can then start looking at how you are going to implement those functions technically and I am thinking it is probably not going to be a text file. Unless, of course, this is a student assignment in which case you should be writing it yourself.