thanks a lot ill check it out,

edit: hey man this is exactly what i need.

mind helping me out by telling me if this can be intergrated into Visual Studio 2012?
also i really dont know where to start, there's so many downloads like the installer the zip etc. idk which one to get and how to setup a default wxWidgets app.

i think that will work?

well i didnt really want to use excel or java..
i just wanted something like the pic below is showing.

What type of project should i make and with what settings to achieve this?

Hey guys,
I ran into a small problem,
I need to make a software that does some basic calculation and saving to a custom file.

To make this software i don't know how to start, do i need to make an MFC Application? and if i do then what settings must i choose if i want the software to save small spreadsheets into one big project file with a custom extension.

Just looking for a guide on how to start making a program like this, something with settings of the MFC app (if i do need to make an MFC app).

Once im done with that i'm good to go cuz i know C++ quite well just will need to get famililar with new API

could someone tell me how though?
ive found a console program that calculates certain values for a game and when i release it people won't download it because its 100kb, so i just need to make it larger by a bit to like 2-3 MB
could you tell me how it's done?

EDIT : I heard it can be done by filling the .exe with NOPs. Where should i put the NOPs, just after the last address in ollydbg or?

Hey guys i have a .exe file called game.exe and its only 1.4MB big.
i want to increase the file size to around 7MB and i have not got the source just the executable program.

is it possible to do this?


thank you sir.
i am going to go through that stuff!
ty again

aww man.. well game hacking isnt that bad at all.. and its one of the easiest ways to learn assembly its like practical..

and man i just want to learn to know how stuff works under the hood D:

Hey guys
i was just wondering if any of you have good links to sources that i can learn assembly from
all i want to know is what the CMP PUSH EAX... means.

basically i just want a reference to help me understand assembly language like in OllyDBG.


hey guys
im just trying to learn software hacking and i realised a major part is memory editing.
that out of the way, i just wanted to ask if anyone knows a simple book or something of the sort to help me learn.

basically i just want to figure out what all the PUSH MOV EAX stuff means and how to manipulate this and change these to edit certain values.

well basically are there any guides out there that teach you to read assembly language like the one in memory view of Cheat Enging or OllyDBG and preferably related more to hacking software.


hey guys so im making a preloader for my flash movie.

the .FLA files are attached at the bottom. intro.swf is the actual movie and introLoader.swf is the preloader and it loads intro.swf into it.

the problem with the actionscript previously was that itd start playing the external movie halfway through the preloader bar as if it was streaming... (please advice a fix to this after looking at my code if there is)

however i found a workaround that doesnt really work.. i used xyz.stop(); and; functions to control when the external movie plays.

The problem with those functions is that i need a check for them i.e if(percentage <100) etc. which causes problems like if the flash movie is already watched once and cached and you reload the page it wont play.

if you could please help me out by either telling me how to stop the external movie from playing without using a check (eg. if(percentage <99) {stop movie}) or if you could just fix this in anyway it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

All replies are welcome.
Thanks :D


hey guys i have a file called index1.html on my server and when i open it, it shows [url][/url]

how can i make it so that it only shows when index1.html is open?

i tried looking but i only found rewrite for index.html and im not a pro at how its done but i tried to edit it to fit index1.html .. i failed..

thanks for the help :D

Omg!! I love you!! Thanks for all that time spent for you.. I really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot that helped!

for the css way, how can i make it so that it repeats itself for every record that exists in the database..

this way is just the layout for one record..

Thanks :D

Hey guys i have yet another problem.

i would like to know how i can display my mySQL database results on a webpage in a certain layout.

i want it like .. lemme just upload a picture.. it is attached.

i want to display that layout for every row there is where the pic is one column in the database and the rectangles next to the picture are data in more columns like description, price etc.

just want the layout to automatically repeat for all the rows in the database. is this possible?


Hey guys!

i appreciate all the help ive been getting from you around here.

I have a problem that isnt being solved by google D:

i like the frames in html its exactly what i need however i want to make a dropdown menu bar on the header frame and the problem is, the drop down doesnt show as it cannot fit on the frame.

i tried finding a work around and tried using divs and css but i dont like it.

The help i would appreciate is if anyone could guide me by telling me a work around for this..

is there a way to allow spry menu bars to overlap onto other frames?
is there a way to target a div so that a link opens a html page in the div layer?
should i use another way to create the same frame layout?
[B]is there another type of dropdown menu bar that would allow me to overlap frames? (flash,php,etc.)[/B].. this would be a good solution.

please help me answer these questions.
i am a complete amateur so if there is any coding explained please be noob-friendly :D

Thanks a Lot!! :D

Hey guys was wondering .. i want my website to be aligned center so that all computers can view it.

like there is a lot of space wasted on the right as the site is aligned to the left..

how can i make it so that the site is in the center of the browser?

the default page size i am using is 1024x768(?) idk the second part after the 'x'

thanks :D

omg THANKS !!!

Hey guys..
i need some help.. lets say i have a table and i have a column called 'brand'. Then for each record, for brand name i put say Nokia, Apple etc.

i want it so that i can create a php page that displays records with only brand = Nokia..

is this possible? if so, how?

thanks a lot :D

Hey guys!
was wondering if anyone knows anything about how to make a popup appear with an image as soon as the page loads.. lots of sites have this and i couldnt find it anywhere on google..

im pretty sure it can be done with java but i may need some help.
thanks :D

Hey guys!

i was wondering how some games and software have image files that are accessed from .dat and/or .bin files!

can i do this for a C++ program? i tried googling but had no hope so i posted here..

i would also like to know how i can make a custom file with custom extensions like .imr or something like that..

and lastly also how i can access images and data from XML files..

Thanks a lot :)

no man this is wrong even after i read your code it doesnt make sense .. have you read through the code in the Platform::set_clips() function?

also this code works when i put constant values and remove the arrays eg. [ICODE]levelOneX = 100;[/ICODE] for all the values so it is a problem with reading them that i can't figure out :o

Thanks for trying to help though.. appreciate it :)

ohhh!! lemme try that

ohhh! wow that helps a lot specially cause it relates to what im making ! thank you so much for the great help :)

there is truth in what you say .. im just trying to practice C++ in a more fun way so i decided to make a game .. i have not mastered classes or functions or anything of that sort

you have definitely helped me so much i cannot express it over a forum post :o

i guess if what im trying right now doesnt work out im going to sit down and first design my game out on paper .. i heard people advising me this but i did not want to waste time :P

now i realise that it can be a great asset to pre-design a program on paper


hey guys!

ive spent another 3 hours trying to find out what is wrong with my code! i tried many ideas that came into my head but they didnt work :(

here is my code.. ive narrowed my problem and shown where it could possibly be by enlarging and making bold the code.


[QUOTE]If I were you I would place the clips for the player within the stick class and the clips for the platform in the platform class. This way it is more like an object because those attributes belong to that class. [/QUOTE]

hmm okay fair enough..

but then does that mean for the level 2 clips i would have to declare another SDL_Rect in the class? and for the rest of the levels the same?

and i will have to make different set_clips() functions for the different level platforms?

is there no way in which i can use one function and SDL_rect to do the above?

one more thing .. i get this compiler error when i do


i put it at the top of my code after all the includes and variables

this could give you an idea of where it is
SDL_Rect runStick[4];

//clip dimensions for surface
SDL_Rect levelOnePlatform [50];

SDL_Event event;


class Platform

i get the following errors

[CODE]1>.\main.cpp(38) : error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int
1>.\main.cpp(38) : error C2365: 'srand' : redefinition; previous definition was 'function'[/CODE]

cant seem to make out what they mean because as a function it should not have a type specifier and i have not defined it before i searched the whole file..


ur a LEGEND!

i dont even know how to thank you enuf for this :o


whoops !! this aint solved yet!

i still need help

[QUOTE]well what im trying to do is get the value of the variable SDL_Rect platClip[j] but it is only declared in a function parameter in the class Platform in the function Platform::set_clips()
thing is that i cannot access it using an external function because it is not a class member.. is there any way around this?[/QUOTE]

i have uploaded the new source code that i have so far.. i have made bold and enlarged the code that needs adjusting.


okay.. i really cant think of a better seed but time is not cool..

[QUOTE]I'd love to hear how you determined this. Not that it's an incorrect statement, but a lot of people think rand() is insufficient through hearsay rather than proper testing.[/QUOTE]

i say this because using time as a seed, rand() generates the same number for like 2-3 seconds then changes .. causing me a problem...

a google search did not provide me with any reliable random number generators but thanks for the boost.random library appreciate it very much and ill see if thats what i needed ;D

thanks again :D