Sorry about that I must have misinterpreted that post. But it looks like whatever it is, it has gotten the best of his machine since he hasn't replied back to you yet...

Well broadband providers will plan on accomidating the ever changing bandwidth needs of their customers, when a subscriber is paying 30 - 60 dollars for high speed internet their not going to settle for low bandwidth. Currently Comcast is upgrading their cable technology to DOCSIS3 to allow their small business subscribers to recieve 50mb/s connections and at the same time upgrade their residential customers to twice the bandwidth at no charge (my 6mb becomes 12mb... like i'll ever need it).

Yes corporate competition always seems like childsplay to me, just instead of sticks and stones, they use million dollar marketing schemes and lawsuits.

When it comes down to the success of a mobile phone company it usually comes from stocking the latest toys and features, allowing some time to free roam the companies features (30 day money back) and superior customer service.

When I worked for Sprint (stay far away... far far away from a Sprint store) I overheard that T-Mobile had the best rated customer service (Sprint has the worst, might as well outsource the jobs to india if the only alternative is dead beat 18 yr olds..) but when I applied for a possition with Verizon Wireless and was turned down because I didn't have any college education I wondered how damn amazing their customer service must be if they all have bachelor degrees...

[QUOTE=jholland1964;1049671]Yes[B] RipperZ[/B] things are proceeding well I think. The poster posted that older MBA-M scan because we requested the original log. If you note other scans have now been run and all were up to date. By the way, there is no need to turn off anti-virus programs when running MBA-M if that was what you were talking about when you said the av hadn't been turned off. As for the online scans some require they be turned off and others do not, depends on the scan. If they require they be turned off the user will get a warning to do so and also some scans just won't run if the onboard av is enabled, so they usually know this.

Now I am just waiting for that final HJT scan to be run before giving final instructions.[/QUOTE]

Ah I see, thanks for the update.

[QUOTE=scraddock;1046874]Thank you r1pperZ,

If you noticed the HJT log, you will see that I have used Malwarebytes, Spyware Doctor, SuperantiSpyware, Ad-aware, CCleaner, Spybot, Bitdefender online and Panda online and AVAST antivirus scans and the infection is still there. The HJT log posted was after I had done all the aforementioned scans.

I appreciate the help all of you can give. I have tried everything I know to remove the infection, whatever it is. Neither of the scans listed above now find anything. I did remove quite a few before this HJT log.

Please help. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Yea I noticed that but previous scans are irrelevant if you didn't update MBa-m or ensure all other AV programs were disabled. I noticed the scan you ran yesterday was severely outdated even. But it looks like Judy got you taken care of.

Hey redrum, sorry I forgot all about this thread. I have found a couple of PSU's that I think would be good for your system, seeing your components are far from the cheap side I figured you should look to the best to power them to avoid futur issues and leave you room to throw more components in without a worry of power.

Correct malicious software such as trojans alter the systems registry which is why they're so effective in messing up your computer. If all the issues have been fixed then you should be clear. One thing I have to recommend is loosing mcAfee, there is a reason why they are one of the cheaper name brand AV and they are partnered with companies (such as Comcast). mcAfee virus scanner is less than par and the firewall is completely unreliable. To avoid this issue in the futur I recommend finding a new internet security software. I had to remove a registry trojan simular to yours and I found [URL="

Looks like you got rid of allot of nasty stuff there, thing is you will have to run the scan again since MBa-m was out of date when you scanned. Open MalwareBytes and click "update" it'll quickly update to the latest version and after that run a full scan and ensure all other AV apps are disabled before you run the scan. After that if you don't notice any other issues you should be set. If your not sure you might wan't to post a HJT log possiblyin a new thread to ensure the real techs here review it.

Another thing, you need to run a [B]FULL[/B] scan, the quick scan only searches things like high traffic areas or places most likely to find viruses but the goal of a virus is to embed themselfes deep into a system where they are well hidden so a Full scan is crucial to find all the infections. Perform these steps and you should be good to go.

[QUOTE=pimpwack;1046647].. where can i post about cpu fans and atx power supply issues on here?[/QUOTE]


In most cases MalwareBytes Anti-Malware does the trick with that issue. [URL="

Try disabling all your av programs and download MalwareBytes anti-malware. Update MB a-m then run a full scan and remove all the baddies it finds. Maybe it will let you install and run MB, it might be a good idea to rename the file when you download it so the malware on your computer doesn't flag it. It it runs and kills some malware then post that log here.

Obviously you have an assortment of infections, you can get rid of the redirecting issue and quite possibly fix the IE crashes by running a full scan with [URL="

Your laptop might have collected a few viruses over the years, try downloading [URL="

Bojo, WPP uses rootkits to replace the trojans usually at reboot. Untill the rootkit is killed you will be deleting the same trojans back and forth, it's unfortunate that Mb-am doesn't run because I don't know if there are other anti malware programs that are as effective as MB?

But one things for sure you will need to follow PP's instructions step by step until this is taken care of or it will just get worse. Try to do ONLY the things he advises and if you want to do anything else ask him if it wouldn't affect the progress he is trying to achieve.

Did you update MB A-M prior to running a [B]full scan[/B]? The download is a later version and new version come out every couple of weeks. MalwareBytes usually helps issues such as browser redirects since malware is usually what they use to infect your browser.

Try that and also try using Firefox, FF is more secure and actually is a much better browser anyways.

49 My typing style is kind of odd though, making it hard to type out random words.

With WPP you should be able to Ctrl/Alt/Del and end process on the WPP app. On my system it stoped for about 5-10 seconds before loading itself back up but this should be enough time to double click Mb-Am or your a/v software. Once you get the antivirus software up even if Police Pro pops up you will still be able to run a scan, the scan should get rid of the malware app for the time being giving you the ability to take the further steps to completely remove the malwares rootkits.

Hello Asezat and welcome to the thrills and spills that are WPP, unfortunetely I have been in this same position a couple weeks ago. I was able to get my system back to normal and im no computer specialist so don't panic.

The thing is though from the sound of things your system seems to be reacting differently after your malware removel attempts. You might have made things worse since it seems you have removed the anoying pop-ups but the system sounds like its pretty much locked up.

In order for the people here to help you, you will need to explain every step you took to remove the processes so far. The first step is to post logs so we know whats going on but if your unable to gain acces to those we will need to know how to get you back to that state.

Best of luck, -R1p

Didn't know packard Bell still made computers, I don't think they ever had that great of a track record. Kinda like the Dell of the 90's or something.

My wife told me that electronics in GB were really cheap compared to what we pay in America (she's british) 400 pounds equates to about $600 and with those specs it wouldn't be that great of a deal in the US let alone Europe.

1st step ditch mcAfee, it's garbage. Secondly update MalwareBytes and run another full scan. Then download a better a/v firewall software, I recomend Comodo free version, it will allert you whenever your system downloads a file or attempts to change system files where mcAfee lets anything happen without alerting you at all.

This should stabalize you out, once one of the spyware killers round here (mods or master posters) can get in here they should be able to help you further.

Now the major trojans should be gone so your PC should be ok, if you want a more extensive cleaning philliephan can walk you through a few more steps to ensure it is clear. But the most important thing is to get a reliable anti virus and fire wall.

I ran full scans and removed countless trojans with mcAfee, but turns out mcAfee is complete crap, also tried Spyware docter with the same outcome, the viruis always came right back like it had some hitted file that would never get removed and it would copy the virus software right back into the place it was deleted. The only way to my knowledge you can remove this virus comepletely is to use MalwareBytes Anti-Walware, it is free and very effective. After that I havent noticed any signs of viruses, I now use Comodo it has a free version with an internet firewall which prevents this from happening.[URL="

With Police pro I was able to ctrl/alt/del the software but it would come back up in 5-10 seconds but long enough to open up my a/v, once you get a program up it should stay since the virus blocks .exe files from starting but they seem to opperate once their up.
The second one (security tool) was a little trickier to gain acces to programs, it would block the task manager aswel so once it would run at startup nothing could be opened. What I had to do is double click my a/v program shortcut the second it poped up at start-up before the malware software opened.

Was infected with the same virus just 2 weeks ago, my wife was searching for free video converter sites and she said she clicked on one 3rd from the top of a google search and after that the computer was full of malware. The bogus a/v pops up saying you are infected and need to pay to use the included software to get rid of it, obviously that is not the way to get rid of it. What I did to first gain access to my pc was to Ctrl/Alt/Del the software to get into my real a/v software and run a scan. Thing is this virus is pretty complex when compared to most others so after mcAfee, my a/v (at the time), "cleared" the tojans I thought all was good until the next day the same thing poped up but was called something else. If I remember right first once was Police pro then the second one was called Security Tool.

-Power supply calculator-

This only gives you a minmum wattage requirement, however, the amperage on each of the rails is what's important, and one must keep in mind that for most power supplies, one can't max the current capacity of both the 5v and 12v rails.

Ok now before you go charging off to go get the 500 watt power supply for 12 dollars on ebay there are a couple things to think about. You want to check to make sure that the PSU is made by a well know company (we will get in to that later). The PSU must be AMD, Intel & UL listed. What’s UL? Google it. Last, and very important, the PSU must supply at least 18A on the +12V rail.

I don't want you to be mislead by the calculator I provided above. While it does add up your total power consumption during peak use, it does not help you in picking out the correct power supply. I can not emphasize enough do not base you decision on wattage alone.

That said what else can you do to ensure you will live power trouble free? One of the easiest ways is to stick to the quality brands (which often means more money but less headache). So what are the quality brands? There are quite a few but to name a couple: PC Power and Cooling, Enermax, Sparkle, Antec (TruePower).

A couple of things to distinguish the big boys is temperature and efficiency which ...

He already changed the outlet he uses for the comp, what else could he try? lol
From what he explained this all started after a virus scan, if that is the case I don't understand how replacing hardware would do anything aside from swapping the HDD and re-loading Windows.

First PC game was Starcraft followed by HalfLife in 98, still my favorite games today. Can't remember what my first console game was.

Yea I mentioned this issue with my lappy lcd display to a few friends with more hardware exp. and they were pretty sure it was shot. I think your best bet is to look into a replacement.


First, u need to goto Start, then run. Type in regedit in the box. Next, goto the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\VxD\MSTCP
Now, find the string DefaultRcvWindow . Now, edit the number to 64240 then restart your computer. There you go. High speed cable modem now with out dloading a program. Original value is 373360.
In my PC, I cannot find the VxD/MSTCP thingy, so I not sure whether it will work or not.[/quote]