[QUOTE=iamthwee;1008500]If there was ever a time to use a goto statement. That code just there. In post # 1.

Yep, that would definitely be an essential use of the goto statement.

[QUOTE=neithan;1008502]It would make your code much more readable and clean to convert those multiply and divide lines into two shiny functions.[/QUOTE]

I plan on using methods but for simplicity of my first ever program written in any language other than java I consider a "quick fix" rather than full declarations to be more efficient as they relate back to Batches which I was probably writting before you were in your daddy's balls!
you'll find I'm experienced in solaris, unix, linux, windows all the way back to 3.0, and I have even done assembly for the Amiga right up to 64 bit AMD architectures...sorry but flaming from a script kiddie like yourself is quite pittiful, show me something you have done...seeing as I helped secure government machines in networking to protect them from false injection at the age of 12.
but o na positive note...which is everything "iamthwee"(how immature) isnt, neithan brought up the point I plan to do next, thanks

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using namespace std;

int main ()
bool a = true;
cout << ("Multiply = 1 or Divide = 2 ?\n");
cin >> a;
if( a = "true")
goto Multiply;
} else {
goto Divide;

double x;
double y;
cout << ("Please Enter The First Number ");
cin >> x;
cout << ("Please Enter The Second Number");
cin >> y;
cout << (x*y);
return 0;

double x;
double y;
cout << ("Please Enter The Larger Number");
cin >> x;
cout << ("Please Enter The Smaller Number");
cout << (x/y);
return 0;

errors everywhere, using code::blocks on Ubuntu using g++ compiler...I think I just need to sort out the goto, all help greatly appreciated

create new project in it, and right click the package name on the left hand side and make new "Jpanel" or "Jframe" and this will give you a GUI based GUI builder...any success compiling with it, then look at my thread on making my own taskbar
any corrections via pm greatly appreciated

VB6 is the last I used Visual Basic but feel it would be very usefull, Java is mostly a databasing and command-line language from what I have seen so far but am not experienced enough to give a definite answer.
but I feel if you are using Microprocessors and controllers you are best using C as this can be ported between the various architectures.
if this is just a visualisation for studnets, look at Java, VB or possibly Python.
any corrections to any post I have, please pm me as I am here mostly to learn but like helping wherever I can