As old as this thread is, some people are still posting to it. This is just a followup to end this thread on a completed note.

A few weeks after the initial problem I posted about, the problem happened again. In the end, I ended up declaring it dead.

When running the system (no video, again), I noticed it was getting VERY warm near the top of the keyboard, off to the left. I shut it down and dismantled it to find the cause, keeping in mind where I was looking. It looked like a couple components on the board, covered by the heatsink, were causing this. When I tried to remove the heatsink, I noticed a crack in the solder holding one of the components to the board. I'm not generally rough with these things and while old thermal compound can work almost like epoxy, I've never managed to break a solder joint removing a heatsink before. The other, identical, component next to it was undamaged and didn't budge under pressure.

My diagnosis is that this was a video component that had failed, or was failing, and the heat it was producing weakened the solder. I'm not as knowledgeable about core electronics as the components they comprise, so I don't know what that component was specifically, but it was obviously a core piece of the display system.

The heatsink and fan worked fine, as I'd cleaned them out already, so I think the heat was the result, not the ...

Sawyer: the problem with that is hijacking usually redirects you to another site. That's not what's happening here.

Also, my experience is that if you have an infection, a restore point usually won't help. Chances are either it'll fail or, if the AV already handled the main I fection, it'll re-infect the system. Most malware I deal with isn't something they JUST picked up, it's something that's been there a while, thus it may affect many restore points.

[QUOTE=DoEds;1323509]Is it okay to apply patch even if the Conficker Virus was not remove?
I tried scanning using MSRT v3.9 but nothing was found yet still have the problem on visiting a websites.

When view my "Network Connection" there is a new connection "Internet Connection" appeared. I tried disabling it but i can't.


If you've tried all the removers and scanners with no results, it may be less a virus and more a system configuration issue. When removing anything malicious from a system, there's a good possibility it will leave problems behind due to altering aspects of the system setup.

Google "Dial-a-Fix" and download it. Then get "WinsockXPFix". Dial-a-fix comes zipped and contains both the program executable and secedit.exe in a folder called Dial-a-fix. WinsockXPfix should be a single, stand-alone executable with a big red cross icon. Neither requires installation, so if you manage to get one that tries, DELETE.

Start Dial-a-fix. Before running the main selections, go to the additional functions window (button at bottom, center, has a hammer on it) and run "Repair Permissions". If using XP Home, you may need to copy the secedit.exe in the Dial-a-fix folder to your Windows\System32 folder. Running this should take a minute or two, but can be much longer, depending in your system.

When that's finished, scroll down and run SFC purge. If you're running a pre-fab system and it has a recovery partition, or if you have an i386 folder either on your root drive or in your Windows ...

[QUOTE=annamarie;505444]Hi Everyone: After my last message last week about having the same problem and including the hijackthis log you don't mention how to delete the adaware line. I'm sorry to bother again but for me this is not resolved can you please look at the log and let me know what to finally do. Thank you and sorry to be persistent. Have a good day and thank you for your kindness and patience with me!:S[/QUOTE]

If you're referring to the "Adware Alert" program, you just need to uninstall the program from the Control Panel, "Add/Remove Programs".

Is the program causing conflicts or errors? If not, I doubt it's the cause. It's a legitimate program, from my research and shouldn't be a problem unless it's giving specific errors.

Honestly, deleting that line doesn't take it off your computer. It just makes sure it won't load the next time you restart Windows. On top of that, as has been mentioned before, this does NOT sound like a virus problem. It sounds like a failing hard drive.

I wouldn't bother with Hijack This any more at this point as you don't have any infections showing up. As gerbil said, your log is clean. There's nothing suspicious on it except your home page, but I checked it out and it seems legitimate. Other than backing up your data to an external device and replacing the hard drive, I'm not sure what else to tell you. I'm about 95% certain that this is NOT a ...

Although I agree it sounds like a loose connection, I couldn't find anything loose at all. Nothing burnt, nothing cracked (that I could see), and nothing out of the ordinary. As for integrated vs separate, I've never heard of a laptop shipping with anything but integrated video. It shares the system memory and is not something you generally hear of being replaced.

If the on-board chip is bad, then yeah, the motherboard would need to be replaced and that's just not worthwhile. I just didn't know if there was another test I could run or any other way to be sure, since I'd never run across this particular issue before.

I've spoken with the client recently, and he's had no further trouble with the screen crapping out, so we're figuring this is resolved for now. That is, until he finally replaces it (which he's been considering.)

Thanks for your help, but I think this thread is due to be set as "solved".

Glad we could be of help, Thor. Again, sorry about the thread hijacks, but hopefully you were able to get some useful information from it.

I'm glad you finally got someone who knew what they were talking about. I know it's frustrating when dealing with people in sales who don't know all the facts...or conveniently forget certain ones...

Take care!

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;503329]I will get a new power supply in either case lol.Becoz i have two SATA hdd and 6600 gt does take a lot of power.I dont want to take risk now.[/QUOTE]

Good man! :)

Just remember to check back with us as to how it goes! Also, don't forget to mark this thread as "solved" once you're sure it is.

Happy I could help.

@gerbil - thing at a time!

You're right about chkdsk, the only thing is, the /f switch won't work while Windows is loaded. If you try it with the /f switch, it will tell you it can't run now, but can run when you reboot. At this point, say yes and accept. Close the window and reboot.

@annamarie - Once again, I HIGHLY recommend you back up your data onto an external device of some sort (I love USB flash drives, personally). As I said before, and as gerbil here mentioned, it does sound like a HDD problem. It doesn't have to make noise to be bad. That's only one indication and often means a hardware failure (the mechanical parts). In this case, it sounds like parts of the data are being slowly corrupted. This can happen for many reasons, but in the end, your only option is to do a backup so you don't lose your data, no matter what ends up being the cause.

The fixmbr program works, but it [I]can[/I] cause problems if it's interrupted or, for whatever reason, fails during the rebuild. If the drive is going bad, this will increase your risk. I suggest the chkdsk /f first and make sure you BACK UP YOUR DATA!!!!


Good luck and let us know how it goes!

[QUOTE=hughv;502824]Sorry. The thread has gotten so long it's hard to keep track.
Both my testers have been very accurate: i.e., computer fails , PS tests bad,. Replace PS, computer works.
I do have a volt meter, but i use it very seldom since these things are usually very clear cut. Testing takes time (Money) and I'm not really an electronic tech.
I'm sure the example you cited is possible, but I've never run into it.
Of course, I've only replaced 10 or so PSs, so I bow to your greater experience.
Question: in some instances, with a bad PS fan I've just replaced the fan. This is usually when I'm working with a cheapskate, or for free. Is that a standard practice, or a bad idea? It hasn't bit me yet, but I've wondered about it.[/QUOTE]

I actually [I]have[/I] had a problem with a power supply that "tested" as working with a normal tester. It turned on, fan was quiet, etc. The problem was, the computer kept restarting. It did that at the post screen for a bit, then finally booted. About 10-15 min later, it shut off. I replaced the motherboard and processor, but it still happened. I'd never heard of this kind of problem, but saw a diagram that showed how to test the various leads. I tried it and got my answer. The voltmeter was showing the 5v lead was around 4.3v, but as I kept it on, the number crept up higher. It eventually went to ...

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502747]yeah lol but i did mention that its one and a half year old PC.I will give u the update tomorrow whether its working fine without gfx card or not.You have helped me a lot.I hope my problem solves now.Otherwise i will buy new power supply.:@[/QUOTE]

If it's under warranty, you don't have to buy a new anything. Just tell them yours doesn't work right, and they should send you a new one, no? Even the power supply is under warranty, so take advantage of it! Why buy what you can have replaced for free? You can buy a new one for use in the meantime, if you need, but let the warranty cover whatever it can.

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502735]lol its still under warranty.:)[/QUOTE]


You failed to mention that as well...

/me bangs head on desk.

My brain hurts...thanks, DarlingNikki...

@Thor - not sure how it happened, or who started it, but sorry for the thread hijacking.

Good luck!

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502720]yes lol power supply i hope its gfx card,and it hasnt freezed for the last 10mins or so.I will try to test gfx card now,i will change its PCI slot also.
My system is one and a half years old.
Pentium D 3.0 ghz,
intel 945 mobo,
1gb ddr2 kingston
6600 nvidia,
450 watt power supply[/QUOTE]

You hope it's the graphics card? want me to be wrong that badly? :p

You do realize that a new video card is more expensive than a power supply, right?

Well, either way, I hope the problem is solved. :)

Let us know!


Do us all a flavour and marked this damn thread as SOLVED![/QUOTE]

Aye, I'll second that.

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502702]Yeah lol i am kinda fed up with this problem.
And now i have disabled my gfx card.And i am on onboard gfx.Lets see whether it hangs now.Then i will change the power supply.But look at this link


so many people having this problem.But noone knows whats causing it.Thats why i am confused which hardware component should i replace.[/QUOTE]

Keep in mind that all the data there is outdated. I don't know how old your system is, but that thread was last posted to in October of 2006.

Between the kinds of errors, the seemingly random nature of said problems, and the lack of Windows error messages linked to it, I can't think of anything else that could be causing the problem. Like I said, the video card is a possibility, but it's unlikely the cause. If it is, wonderful! If not...well, you know what I'm gonna say. :p

[QUOTE=DarlingNikki;502686]You are allowed THREE legal uses of one Microsoft License. No more. Vista allows ONE use per license.

And once again, read my reply to previous.[/QUOTE]

License agreement, page 1, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (retail)

"1.1 Installation and use. You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Software on a single computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other device ("Workstation Computer"). The Software may not be used by more than one processor at any one time on any single Workstation Computer."

Source: [url][/url]

'nuff said.

You just rolled a '1' on your "BLUFF" check. FAIL. ;p
(sorry, cheap D&D jab...was worth it)

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502616]I have Autodesk Maya installed in my system.So i think this haspnt.sys has something to do with it?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Darvus;502531]Ok, it seems the haspnt service has to do with a hardware key generally required for high-end development programs like Auto-CAD (also an Autodesk product). If you have to use one of these for Maya, this might be the source of that error.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502599]Is this responsible for system freezin?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Darvus;502531]I don't think either of these errors is necessarily directly related to the freezing original diagnosis stands unless we can get a proper voltage reading that says otherwise.[/QUOTE]

I don't mean to be blunt, but I did already answer both questions prior to either being asked. :p

[QUOTE=DarlingNikki;502673]You can NO LONGER buy a laptop without Vista. Sorry guys. Just left a year of employement with Microsoft in Vista Support. haha. XP is slowly being forced out, and Microsoft wants NOTHING to do with it anymore. Including offering it, or the support for it. If you want a laptop with XP you will now need to do it manually, by removing Vista, which actually isnt too bad, and then configuring the laptop with XP. Which also isnt too bad if you already have a version of it. XP product keys can be used on up to 3 computers, where as Vista can only be used on one, so you can use a previously used product key on your new laptop for the newly configured laptop.[/QUOTE]

That's funny, because my impression was that the EULA specifically stated you can only use any copy of their operating system on ONE computer. If you move it, you have to remove it from the old computer. The 3-install thing was regarding activations...more than 3 in a 90-day period (or somesuch) required activation by phone, but before that, you could technically install it on different machines without raising any red flags at Microsoft.

I really don't care what anyone does with their copy of Windows, just wanted to make sure you weren't promoting illegal usage of a software product on a moderated forum. I'm not a moderator and I really don't care, but I think this is an inappropriate place to say such ...

Ok, it seems the haspnt service has to do with a hardware key generally required for high-end development programs like Auto-CAD (also an Autodesk product). If you have to use one of these for Maya, this might be the source of that error.

I don't think either of these errors is necessarily directly related to the freezing issue. It's possible, but I don't see how. I'm not sure how to get rid of the haspnt errors other than reinstalling the utility that confirms presence of the dongle (key). My experience in this area is limited, at best, so you might have to ask someone more knowledgeable in a thread related to 3D programs.

As for the freezing, my original diagnosis stands unless we can get a proper voltage reading that says otherwise.

We'll get this fixed eventually! :p

Ok, the w32time event is, as I suspected, network related. I've gotten errors like that randomly when my internet was acting up. Other times, it didn't appear to have a cause, but it was usually an isolated incident, so following up to find a cause was pointless.

The other one, however, I can't seem to find anything about. Would you mind posting the entire error message here? Also, do a search for "haspnt" in Windows. Let us know where it's located to give us a better idea what it's from.

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;502472]@Darvus my hardware vendor said that power supply is ok.He checked it but not with voltmeter.
Also i am now getting

w32time(event id 17) and haspnt(eventid 3) errors in eventvwr and system is freezing again.[/QUOTE]

Ok, you had neglected to mention that earlier. I assume he knows what he's doing, but I don't know what kind of tester he used. If it was just a standard tester (usually has a green LED to indicate "working" and turns it on), then that only tells us the 12v line works. It doesn't tell us if the 3.3v or 5v lines work properly. If he's never come across a bad power supply like I did, he may not think to check the other lines. If that's the case, you need to get it re-checked with a voltmeter or a better tester. If he used one with an LCD readout, however, then we can assume it's ok.

I've not seen this kind of problem from a bad motherboard/processor or video card, but that's not to say it's impossible. Check the condition of each (processor notwithstanding...if that's bad, you'll never tell by just looking at it) and make sure there are no bulging or "leaking" parts. Capacitors (little plastic-covered tin cans sticking up from the board) have a tendency to do that over time...then all kinds of problems start happening. If everything looks fine, though, I'm kind of at a loss. I'll see what I can come up with on those errors, though. Might be ...

[QUOTE=hughv;502468]You could settle this with a power supply tester, available at many stores-I got one online and I've seen them at Office Depot and Radio Shack for $10.00-$15.00.[/QUOTE]

That's a good point, hughv, but I believe I covered this earlier...

[QUOTE=Darvus;496508]...I've experienced problems with a power supply that tested as "working" using a standard tester...[/QUOTE]

The cheap ones simply don't give enough information unless you know how to use a voltmeter with it. Some of them will tell you what leads to test, but most people don't have a voltmeter (or multimeter) handy. If this is not the case, then I apologize. Please do test it for correct voltage on all levels. Otherwise, the better testers are about the same price as a new power supply.

[QUOTE=gaurav_indian;501314]If its becoz of power supply then why it didnt hang for 3 days?Thats why i am confused.I got my replaced hdd today and i have installed xp on that.Gonna check it for another 3 days and then i will go for another hardware change possibly power supply.:(And i have seen many people coming up with this problem on several forums.God knows whats the reason behind that.[/QUOTE]

Ok, I'm going to assume that I simply don't know the whole story and that your replacing the hard drive was necessary for reasons not posted here.

I'd still like to know why you're hesitating on replacing something so relatively inexpensive when I've already explained why/how it could be causing problems like you described. Although I can't call this a "sure-fire" fix, I'd say it's a 75% chance or better. Why the hesitation? It's certainly easier and less troublesome to replace than a hard drive...

My advice and experience are only as useful as their application. I can apply my experience to the situation to give you advice on a likely solution, but if you don't want to take it, there's little more I can do.

If you do decide to finally replace it, and by chance it's NOT the problem, then I'll be happy to work with you on another solution. As I said, power supplies can be returned to the store for a refund with little trouble, so there's no risk involved. On the other hand, if you still insist on ...

That's how we got into who said what on the telephone. For what my opinion is worth, you should put together the configuration you want on the web site and order it from there.[/QUOTE]

Just to be clear...wasn't that what I said 2 weeks ago? :p

[QUOTE=Darvus Laan;502185]I wouldn't bother talking to anyone on the phone. Order it through the online custom process. That way, you won't get some idiot in sales who doesn't know XP from OS2.[/QUOTE]

Good luck, Thor! Avoid salesman stupidity...order ONLINE! :)

I really don't see anything out of the ordinary. I see no reason to believe it's malware related. If, by chance, it's viral, it might not show there. Honestly, I still think you need to replace that power supply, which I'm assuming you have not yet done.

Yes, 450W is fine...but if it's failing for any reason, it would definitely cause the problems you're describing.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

gaurav_indian commented: thanks-gaurav_indian +1

[QUOTE=MidiMagic;498218]It's a Pentium 4 running at 1.8 GHz.

I figured it is just greedy ad software stealing all of the cycles. It was the cause of the scrolling problem I reported in the DaniWeb Community Feedback forum last summer.

I shouldn't add extra software, because my computer is used for special purposes which are time critical.[/QUOTE]

All the more reason to stop those damn ads!!!!!! No ad should EVER take up that much processing power. I've got an AMD Athlon XP 3200+, which runs at 2.19GHz (not much faster than what you have) and I NEVER have that problem. Something's wrong and that's what I was saying we need to fix.

I can't say regarding IE, but if you're using Firefox, you NEED to pick up [URL=""]NoScript[/URL] and maybe even [URL=""]Adblock Plus[/URL]. They will stop all the crap from even appearing. They are free extensions for Firefox, so they take up very few resources. NoScript needs to be configured page by page, but just remember to "allow" each domain you visit, leaving the others blocked (like "google-analytics" and whatever others.) They work REALLY well. If NoScript doesn't stop an ad (due to there being a link instead of a script), then Adblock Plus can be told to step in.

With ABP, when you right-click an ad to block, it gives you the full address. Just highlight everything past the directory slash after the .net or .com or whatever they use and replace it with a ' * '. That means ...

[QUOTE=tommotommo;497414]I have AVG and I run a full scan every day, thanks for the time though!! john[/QUOTE]

So, you mean AVG 7.5 Internet Security suite with antispyware and firewall? Or do you mean AVG Free antivirus? What else do you have running? You really should have an antispyware program installed as well. The AVG one is ok, whether the separate program or the built-in one on the IS suite, but I wouldn't use that alone.

Windows Defender is free and runs pretty invisibly (for a MS app, that is). [URL=""]Spybot S&D[/URL] is a good freeware one, and [URL=""]Ad-Aware 2007[/URL] should be worthwhile as well. Although I also have [URL=""]Comodo BOClean[/URL] installed, I really don't know if it's doing much, but I know it's monitoring my system memory every time anything tries to access...maybe worth a shot? It's not a traditional scanner, that's for sure.

Try those. If any of them give you trouble, let us know right away. Make sure you're detailed in your description of what happened and any error messages you get.

Good luck and have a happy holiday!

[QUOTE=mwshuffy;497244]It basically checks everything is ok, which it is. Then goes to the next screen. And it just sits there and does nothing. It has information up the top like what is primary master ect that is all fine and just below it has. A flashing "_".


I wouldn't think video...the drivers wouldn't have kicked in yet by that point. It's sounding like a hardware failure...but which component...that's difficult to say.

You can boot from the XP CD, which means the processor and motherboard should be ok. Installation on that end completes, so the hard drive seems fine. I don't know of any memory errors that would stop the booting dead like that...

If you have 2 sticks of memory, remove one and try again. Then, if the same problem, switch them out. That will at least eliminate the memory as a cause.

Next would likely be either a boot CD (dos or linux) or the Recovery Console. The former would be attainable online (in ISO format, of course.) The latter involves the Windows install CD. If you go through the initial steps, the first selection you can make should let you access the Recovery Console (unless it's the OEM version...bastards took it out, if I remember.) Either way, once you have a command prompt, you can run a "chkdsk /f" or, better yet "chkdsk /r", though that second one takes a LOT longer. If the /r comes out clean, then the hard drive is pretty much eliminated as ...

[QUOTE=MidiMagic;497308]I can't open the favorites menu while a moving ad (of the type found on DaniWeb) is on the screen, until the ad stops moving. The ad is using up all of the CPU time, leaving none for mouse operations.[/QUOTE]

Either you're running a Pentium Pro or something's wrong. I'm inclined to think the latter.

Pick up NoScript for Firefox. It's a very popular tool, so it should be easy to find on the extensions section of the Firefox site. Once installed, just click the lower right hand "S" that has the circle/slash over it and tell it that "" is ok, but leave the others blocked. This will at least kill the ads. (Sorry, Dani...not trying to kill your income stream, but sometimes these things are necessary...)

We can go from there once we have that done. Trust works well. Just don't forget to allow any sites you normally visit because by default, ALL scripts are blocked.

Unfortunately, it's past my bedtime, so thinking isn't something I'm going to attempt right now. Perhaps tomorrow...

[QUOTE=brinella;497118]i don't have the 2 wire modem, but it appears not to be a hardware problem becausei can send & receive .docs if i use IE, so the problem is my browser (mozilla-firefox), no one has yet responded in their support forum[/QUOTE]

Ok, thanks. That's what I needed to know.

I'll see if I can come up with any thing else. I'm sure one of us can get this solved for you...

Have you checked the "Error Console" under Tools? There's usually stuff in there anyway, but it might be worth checking. Might give us a better idea as to what happened.