I have a dell inspiron6000. Not long after i got it the wireless card sort of died - it still looked as though it was working to the system but neither sent nor received - sounds like yours? Eventually i got a replacement (a Broadcom) card and installed and no more issues. I'm pretty sure the transmitter/receiver part of the card died. The only way i could test it was by replacement, not convenient at all. By the way, Broadcom cards are not automatically installed in linux 9.10 either. i'm relatively inexperienced with linux and it took me 4 hrs of hunting to get instructions for getting, and installing the proprietary drivers using fw-cutter.
good luck - try the ubuntu community forums maybe if you're sure the card still works.

OK, this is fixed i think - been browsing for 2 hrs now with no problem. Fix was the SP3 service pack - not the way i originally fixed it i'm certain, cause no way did i download a 300MB+ file over my wireless modem. Oh well, fixed is fixed...

I profess to no particular expertise, however is it possible you could do a system restore to an earlier time before you experienced this problem?
it reminds me of a nasty i got a year ago which prevented me accessing the internet at all, disabled my antivirus software and sadly also in that case deleted all my restore points - i ended up needing a full format and install, but maybe you can still do a system restore?
good luck.

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3 months ago I installed a mobile wireless broadband modem (usb port) and started getting "generic host services for win32 services" error message linked to SVCHost.exe. My internet connection drops, I cannot reconnect until i reboot. The error seems random but occurrs after 5 to 25 minutes online. The frustrating thing is I fixed this 2 months ago after browsing the internet and trying many 'solutions' including installing a program that closed off various ports, modifying the registry, downloading and installing a 350MB windows SP3. I really dont want to spend another day trying all those solutions again, but one did work It seems a common problem..I'm here because it has been suggested this is a trojan or virus. I use AVG Free and Adware - anyone help with this?
I should have said, I had to do a system restore (winxp) to a time prior to fixing the svchost.exe problem and lost the fix!! Help!